Principal's Message

Principal's Message

It is with great pleasure and a deep sense of responsibility that I would like to reach across to you. At the outset, I would like to reiterate the commitment of each member of the school towards our unwavering dedication towards the growth and wellbeing of our students. In this rapid paced and fast changing environment; our essence of resilience, adaptability and innovativeness have been crucial in navigating the many challenges that have come our way, particularly in the past few years.

Our school has always been more than just a place of learning; it is a vibrant and inclusive community. Together, we have successfully created an environment that encourages academic achievement, personal development and the exploration of the full potential of each student. It gives me great pride to state that Cambridge School, Noida has consistently been rated amongst the top schools at Noida, by various ranking organisations. I want to express my sincere appreciation for our teachers for their exemplary teaching and the support staff for their tireless efforts, each one’s ability to adapt swiftly and their unwavering dedication to our students. Their passion and commitment are the backbone of our school’s success. To our students, I encourage you to approach each academic year with enthusiasm and an open mind. Embrace each day as an opportunity to learn, to grow and to contribute positively to society and our country. Imbibe the essence of the school motto ‘We Learn to Serve’, and be sensitive, generous and help the people around you. Believe in your potential and take pride in your achievements, no matter how small or large. To our parent community, I would like to say that your partnership and support are invaluable. The collaboration between the school and home is essential in shaping the future of our students. Together, we can provide the guidance, love and encouragement they need to thrive.

I invite you to explore our school website, where you will find comprehensive information about our curriculum, extracurricular activities and the many resources available to our school community.

In conclusion, I want to assure you that our focus remains on providing a safe and nurturing environment, ensuring high quality education and fostering the holistic development of our students. We will continue to adapt and innovate to meet the ever-changing needs of our educational landscape.

– Preeti Sirohi

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