Cambridge School


On June 21st, 2022, a special yoga session was organized at Cambridge School, Noida on the occasion of ‘Yoga Day’, in which students, teachers, and staff of the school practiced yoga. Yoga instructor Shri Lakshya Negi ji taught students to practice Gomukhasana, Pawanmuktasana, Vajrasana, and Pranayama. On this occasion, everyone pledged to include yoga in their daily life. Mrs. Nandita Sinha Roy Ji, the Acting Principal, congratulated the entire team on the successful completion of the Yoga session and encouraged everyone to practice yoga on a daily basis.

As part of Yoga Awareness Week, a yoga session was organized on June 20th, 2022 at Cambridge School, Noida, in which yoga trainees were taught Vrikshasana, Trikonasana, Sarvangasana and light pranayamas such as Anulom-Vilom and Bhramari. The Acting Principal of the school, Mrs. Nandita Singha Roy, said that this yoga session has been going on continuously in the school from June 16 as per the instructions of the Uttar Pradesh government and will end on June 21, the day of “Yoga Day”.

On June 17, 2022, students, parents, and teachers at Cambridge School, Noida practiced Suryanamaskar as part of the ongoing yoga workshops for Yoga Day. According to yoga instructor Shri Jitendra Ji, there are 12 simple Suryanamaskars that can be practiced on a regular basis by anyone. Mrs. Nandita Sinha Roy, the school’s acting principal, stated that this series of yoga sessions will continue till June 21 (Yoga Day).

On 16th June 2022, in view of the upcoming Yoga Day (June 21, 2022), a Yoga Session was organized for the students, parents, and teachers of the School. Yoga teacher Mr. Jitendra started the session by explaining the benefits of Yoga. During the session, the Yogis’ practiced Bhujangasana, Vajrasana, and Light Pranayama. Ms. Nandita Sinha Roy, acting Principal of the school, while praising the yoga session, said that yoga is essential for a healthy life.

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