Workshops for Teachers

A workshop on STEM was conducted by Dr. Amitabh Sharma on 28.06.2019 at Delhi Public School, Sector – 30, NOIDA. It was attended by Mr. Angad Singh.
The program included hands-on activity related to human respiratory system, brief overview on the challenge : Automatic street light control system “; Follow Nature- Engineering Bio-inspired Protective Gear”.


A teachers training programme on inclusion of technology in education and administration was organised by Cambridge School Srinivaspuri on 30th May 2019, which was attended by  the computer teachers of all the sister schools. The resource persons were from NIIT Nguru. They demonstrated the software like One-note, office 365, kahoot, cloud based services for data management like It wizard classic available through

The idea of the workshop was to motivate teachers to use online software using cloud computing.



Aiming to provide intense training on teaching the English language at middle school level a one day workshop was held on 29 May 2019 at Cambridge School, Noida. The main objective of the workshop is to improve the capability, capacity, productivity and performance of the teachers as well as of the learners. The workshop was attended by the English Teachers of the Cambridge group of schools and the resource persons were Ms.Latika Joshi and Ms.Nandita Sinha Roy.

The first resource person for the day was Ms.Latika Joshi and she conducted a session on the short story ‘Two Brothers’ by Leo Tolstoy. She began the session with a discussion on the vision and mission of the Cambridge schools. She put emphasis on the core values promoted by Cambridge schools like integrity, perseverance, empathy, excellence and courage. After the discussion, she gave some handouts to teachers on which different methodologies of teaching English were written. She then asked the teachers to think which teaching methodology is best and why?  A discussion followed this activity in which the teachers expressed their views regarding the methodologies and how they can be modified to suit the needs of the learners. The teachers agreed that any single methodology cannot be used in all the classes, it will depend on different physical and psychological factors like the learning style of the learner ( audio learner, visual learner etc) and availability of infrastructure.

The resource person then gave a copy of the ‘Two Brothers’ to the teachers and asked them to draft a lesson plan of the same keeping in mind the vision and mission of Cambridge school, specific language objectives and the methodologies that have been discussed in the session.

The activity is followed by a discussion in which the teachers explained how they will achieve these objectives in class. It was indeed an enriching session and a great learning experience.

The second resource person for the day was Ms.Nandita Sinha Roy and she conducted a session on the activities that can be used by the teachers to engage learners in the classroom. She started with a simple activity in which the teachers have to draw objects on a sheet of paper through which others can guess their name. It was a 10 minutes activity and very helpful in generating the interest of the students in the class.

Another activity in which the teachers were asked to play a game of Name, Place, Animal, Thing for 10 minutes and then write a short story using the words they have written on the paper is conducted in the workshop. The resource person then explained how this activity can be used to teach different kinds of nouns to the learners and modified according to the level of the learners.

This was followed by different activities like ‘ My uncle’s buffalo’ and ‘ mint with a hole’ to teach adjectives and prepositions respectively. Other activities were also conducted through which the teachers can teach idioms, proverbs and vocabulary to the students in a fun-filled way. Through these activities, the resource person tried to emphasize that by encouraging learners to get physically and mentally involved in the learning process, they will help the students learn and retain information. If the teacher applies these methods in the class and allows the kids to work on their own or in small groups, it will help them to be independently inquisitive, think critically, and learn from their own experience. This self-directed learning process, in turn, supports their acquisition of knowledge outside (as well as inside) the educational environment.

The session was conducted very well. It was a great learning experience and also helped the teachers in making learning fun for the learners.


A seminar was organized by Cambridge School Noida on the curriculum of S. Sc. On May 29, 2019. The Resource person was Mr. Amitabh Pandey, a Post Graduate of Delhi School of Economics.

This was the continuation of the seminar held on May 24, 2019.

Today’s topic was Sustainable Development, which is a part of Environmental Economics. Mr. Pandey gave a brief outline of how can we conserve energy by reducing the carbon-emitting energy resources. These kind of energy resources also add to Global Warming, which is becoming a serious cocern for the entire world.

In the concluding session, he discussed about the causes of Global Warming, in which population increase is a major factor. He also mentioned some studies about how population can be controlled and its pros and cons.

The Seminar gave a lot of information and insight on the issue of Sustainable Development.



A workshop on Writing in English was conducted by Mr.Shantam Goyal on 28 May,2019 at Cambridge School, New Friends Colony. It was attended by Ms.Jyoti Agarwal and Ms.Pragati Sharma from Cambridge School,Noida. The workshop enabled the teachers to enhance their creativity in writing. It also helped the teachers to identify common writing mistakes and improve or define their writing style.


As part of teacher training program, organized by Cambridge School,two day workshop was conducted for Psychology teachers, Special educators and Counselors  of all schools of Cambridge,  conducted by Dr.Surabhika Maheshwri (IP College) on 27 May 2019 and 28 May 2019

The topics were “Psychology in classrooms” and “Ethics in teaching”, aimed at brainstorming and learning of successful practices in teaching psychology and special education.



A workshop on Limits,Continuity,Differentiability and its  application was conducted by  Dr. Monika Singh, Asstt Prof of L.S.R 28.05.19 at Cambridge School, Indirapuram.  It was attended by Ms Madhumita Ray and Mr Rohit Dhingra and all teachers teaching secondary and Sr Secondary of CSN,CSI,CSGN,CSS .

The workshop started with  a real life example and interaction about equivalence class.  Some of the topics of relation and function were discussed through some questions , animation, power point presentation and interaction. The other topics were also discussed with healthy interaction. It was indeed a subject enriching session.


A workshop on  social science pedagogical methods was conducted by Cambridge school, Noida   on 27th May, 2019 at Seminar room.  It was attended by all the social science teachers of Cambridge Schools from VI to VIII.

This workshop catered to the professional growth and development of Social Science teachers. Shamoly Ghose welcomed the participants and reiterated the importance of organizing such workshops.

The name of the first trainer was Ms. Anita Shukla from (CSI) the topic she taught was Interior of the Earth.

She laid importance on developing analytical and conceptual skills of the learners to enable them to understand the environment with emphasis on inter relationship between the natural and social environment. The next topic was Mughal Empire by Ms. Surbhi (CSS) Importance of sensitizing children towards social issues, developing skill of observation was the crux of this presentation. Last topic of the workshop was Aurangzeb and the decline of the Mughal Empire was presented by Mr. Jamal Asharf (CSN). Overall it was an enriching session. The workshop ended with a Vote of Thanks rendered by CSN.

It is sincerely believed that the outcome of these workshops would be felt by teachers during their class room transactions by transforming their enthusiasm into the realization of goals of education.





A workshop on Issues relating to curriculum in Economics was conducted by Mr. Amitabh Pandey on 24th May at Audio Visual Room,Cambridge School,Noida. It was attended by Ms. Shelly Baveja , Ms. Anikini Dhall and Mr. Jamal.
It was an interactive workshop which focussed on various indices of Human Development Index comparing developed,developing and underdeveloped countries.
Data from India was incorporated.



A workshop on Green School Program was conducted by Centre of Science and Environment on 23rd May, 2019 at Cambridge School, Srinivaspuri. It was attended by Kiran Sibal, Supriya Gupta, Susmita Dey and Areeba Sundus along with five students of class VIII.

It was an environmental education workshop directed to subtly sensitize students towards the environment. Through the program they promoted environment management system that audits, through students, the consumption of natural resources within school campuses and helps schools become good environmental managers by deploying pragmatic solutions to reduce wastage of precious resources. Overall the workshop was extremely enlightening for both the teachers and students.




A Math workshop was conducted by Mrs Sheela Shankar & Mrs. Padmini Ravi on 22nd May 2019 at Cambridge School, Noida which was attended by the Teachers of CSN & NFC and   Ms.Vasundhara Kaushik (middle school teacher & coordinator of VI-VIII (CSN) and Ms. Madhumita Ray ( HOD Mathematics CSN)

At the beginning of the workshop all the participants were distributed into 6 groups randomly. The workshop started with an activity based on Even Numbers & Odd Numbers. The activity was interesting and innovating using PPT and clay.

The middle part of the workshop aimed at problem solving (word problem) by using new methodology “MODEL MAKING” . In this method teachers were trained to solve any word problem without using algebraic variables. Class wise     (class I – class V) worksheets  containing 20 questions each were given to teachers to solve by the new methodology learnt . Teachers were participating enthusiastically to discuss few typical questions from worksheet.  The resource person explained the 4 components of problem solving:

  • Read and understand question
  • Device a plan
  • Implementation
  • Reflection

To enhance logical skill amongst the participants various pattern problems were discussed using PPT, matchstick and worksheet.  Teachers were asked to explain the logic behind the pattern which was observed by them.  It was very interactive session. The workshop ended with an interesting activity which drilled the brainstorming of the teachers.




A workshop on Cyber Security was conducted by  Computer Science department of Cambridge School , Indirapuram  on 21st May 2019 .  It was attended by Mrs.Preeti Khanna and two Junior wing teachers .  The presentation highlighted about e-services :  e-connect, e-commerce which make our lives convenient and how to keep information safe and secure online.





I  Richa Sharma and Varun Jha have attended “Hindi Workshop” on 20.05.2019 at Cambridge Primary School, N.F.C. A presentation was given by Dr Bharti Anand on the topic of Teaching of Hindi. The gist of the workshop was that How to teach Hindi language at primary level and middle level in an effective way. Pre Primary, Primary and Middle School Hindi Teachers from all schools participated in this workshop. She emphasized to make class magazine to encourage students self compose article for it.    It was a very good learning experience for us.




On May 16th, 2019, Ms.Kiran Sibal, along with 5 students of class VIII, attended the Theatre in Education programme held at Cambridge School,  Indirapuram, on the Biology topic, ‘Crop Production and Management’. The session was entertaining and interesting.


A workshop on  Stress Management  was conducted by Dr. Sanjeev P. Sahani  on 15.05.19  at  N.C Jindal Public School.  It was attended by Ms Madhumita Ray and Ms Sarika Sharma.

Dr. Sanjeev Sahani is expert in behavioural science explained   thoroughly the terms Stress, Anxiety,Depression. He also told that 0-7 years is the formative years of a child. Value, Moral, perception are formed in this age. He exlained scientific terms like Electro Dermal, Electro mygrphy, Temperature of skin, Breathing rate. At the end of the session he explained four different brain waves  Delta, Theta, Alpha , Beta and their significance.



Cambridge School, Srinivaspuri organised a Chemistry seminar on the topic ‘Is Chemistry Killing Biology’ on 10th May, 2019. Teachers of chemistry department discussed on various aspects like drug addiction or abuse, the gas cloud, nuclear disasters, mustard gas and their impacts on human life.

The objective of the seminar was to accentuate the erratic human activities which has caused irrevocable damage to the mankind. The seminar was attended by Ms. Mamta Rishi, Ms. Ayesha Khan, Ms. Arpita Paul and Ms. Bindu Muralidharan.




A workshop on Oral Hygiene was conducted by the Interact Club of our school on 2nd may 2019 in our school library. DR. Chaitanya Murti, having about 50 years of clinical experience was the speaker. Class 11th and 12th Interact Club members, school cleaning staff members along with Ms. Mamta Rishi and Ms. Kirti Sasan attended the workshop.

Dr. Murti explained the harmful effects of chewing tobacco, smoking and drinking alcohol. He explained how chewing tobacco can destroy the cell membrane of our mouth and cause severe damage to it. He also told us about different oral diseases caused by such activities with pictures. He also suggested ways on how to reduce smoking and tobacco chewing. This workshop helped the school cleaning staff members understand the ill effects of such activities and generated awareness amongst all.

The students also took feedback from the cleaning staffs about the workshop conducted and if they wanted such enlightening workshops in future.


Scrap out Scrap

The Workshop- ‘ Scrap out Scrap’ was  attended by Ms.Kiran Sibal along with 10 Students of IX-X .This workshop was a part of the ongoing solid waste management project, “ SCRAP OUT SCRAP”. It was attended by around 15schools of the NCR. In this session the students assessed the strengths and weaknesses of their respective schools in terms of solid waste management and tried to design an action plan to achieve the target of being a ZERO WASTE school by 2020.

Chemical Cocktail: Presentation by Chemistry Department

Chemistry department presentation on Chemical Cocktail : ‘An emerging threat to human and environment’ was conducted by Mrs Mamta Rishi, Mrs Ayesha Khan, Mrs Arpita Paul and Mrs Bindu.M in the Seminar Room of Cambridge School Noida on 25th April,2019 . It was attended by Dr Kalyani Roy, Col. Chaudhary, Mr. Vikram Roy and teachers and students from sister Schools.

They discussed about the toxins present in commonly used household products and also how to avoid their harmful effects.


CAPACITY  BUILDING PROGRAMME workshop on CAREER GUIDANCE was conducted by CBSE on 26 and 27 April ‘2019 at  Shri Krishna Public School, Bhangel,Noida.  It was attended by Ms Roomki Mitra, Special Educator,Cambridge School,Noida.

The workshop aimed at providing insight to different career options related to different subjects along with exploring various skills and qualities required to match the requirements of  desired career paths

 WORKSHOP ON ‘Delhi’s Multi- Faceted heritage’ by INTACH

A teacher training workshop on Delhi’s Multi- Faceted heritage and world heritage sites was conducted by INTACH on 16th April,2019 in their campus on Lodhi road. Ms. Jennifer de Castro from Cambridge school,NOIDA attended the workshop.

The workshop was interesting and gave an opportunity to focus more on creativity and imaginations. It also developed a sense of responsibility towards preserving India’s common heritage and spread the importance of heritage in education by setting up various activities in schools heritage club.


Cambridge School, Srinivaspuri organized a Hindi seminar on the topic ‘ Bachchon Ki Dus Pasandida Kahaniyaan ‘ on 25 January, 2019. Audio-Visual aids were used to present the seminar. Teacher narrated the stories and two of the stories were enacted by them.

The objective of the seminar was to enhance the story writing skills of the students and also to develop their interest in the same. The seminar was attended by Mr. S.P. Sharma   and Mrs. Seema  Dimri  from Cambridge School,  Noida.


Ms. Kiran Sibal and Mr. Praveen Nagar attended a two-day CBSE capacity building workshop on Health and Physical Education at ITL school , Dwarka, from 18 Jan, 2019 to 19 Jan, 2019.


Five teachers,  Ms.Kiran Sibal, Ms.Sunita Pandita, Ms.Sarika, Ms.Kakolee and Ms.Kusumlata attended an inter school collaborative workshop on evaluating class X board papers subjectwise, at Springdales School, Pusa road, Delhi, on January 11, 2019. The teachers were involved in assessing the previous year question papers and giving suggestions for the future.

Ms. Jaya Pathak was attended Spic Macay programme of Ustad Murad Ali Khan’s  Sarangi recital along with ten student on 18th December 2018, at Sarla Chopra DAV Public School, Noida.

National Teachers Science Congress (NTSC) 2018

National Teachers Science Congress (NTSC) is a joint initiative of the National Council for Science and Technology Communication (NCSTC), Department of Science and Technology (DST), Govt. of India.

The focal theme for 9th NTSC was ‘Design literacy for effective science communication by educators’. Vikram Sarabhai Community Science Centre (VASCSC) hosted the 9th NTSC during 14-16 December 2018 at Ahmadabad and the venue was Centre for Environment Education (CEE) campus, Ahmadabad.

Ms Rachna Arora represented Cambridge School, NOIDA presented her paper “Enriching Lives” on the sub theme “Science Education for All”. The paper focused on the current educational ecosystem which shapes the basic understanding of the concept of science of general masses & the various methods which can facilitate to  make “science communication” as a high priority for all citizens, helping them to be interested in and understand the world around them, to engage in the discourses of and about science, to be skeptical and questioning claims made by others about scientific matters, to be able to identify questions, investigate and draw evidence-based conclusions, and to make informed decisions about the environment and their own health and well-being.


A visit was made to Setu Shiksha Jyoti Kendra in Sector 31 ,Noida.It is an organization which has been working towards educating destitute children, focusing on education of the girl child,women empowerment and skill development programs. As part of the interact club activity,  a visit was carried out to reach out to the children in the school and identify various psychological and emotional needs of the students.

Themes like dysfunctional family, alcoholism in the family and related stress, rights of a girl child, Anger Management issues and career guidance came out in the session and subsequent visits may be carried out addressing some of these issues.

The Project Head, Ms Jyotsna mentioned that such interactions of volunteering help used to be carried out before and gave suggestion of letting the teachers to be part of the teacher training programs held in Cambridge . That will help them to guide the students in a more effective manner.


Ms Nandita Sinha Roy (VP Academics) and Ms Anubha Rawat (TGT-English) attended a workshop organised by the British Council on 5th December 2018 at The Leela Ambience, Delhi. The Resource person, Ms Jemima provided an insight into the British Council’s Continuing Professional Development (CPD) framework. The workshop focussed on professional values and practices, enabling skills and the importance of Leading teaching and learning.


Ms. Jaya Pathak along with 10 students of class XI visited DPS Noida to attend the Spicy Macay programme of Odissi Dance recital by Padamshree Madhavi Mudgal



TWO DAYS Capacity Building Programme on ‘Inclusion and Inclusive Strategies’ focusing on sharing ideas and resources for improvement in teaching learning process was  conducted by the CBSE, Centre of Excellence for Teachers, Dehradun. The training was scheduled at BILLABONG HIGH INTERNATIONAL ,Noida on 30 NOVEMBER- 01 DECEMBER 2018 from 09:00 AM to 5:30 PM.


Calligraphy Workshop organized by INTACH on 30/11/2018 at 9:00am-12:30pm in the INTACH, 71, Lodhi Estate, New Delhi 03 .Students of class IX and Ms. Jaya Pathak attended the Workshop.

This workshop has focused on Delhi’s culture and rich performing art forms. Students has learned the form of calligraphy in Urdu and English and was in collaboration with the celebrations of the World Heritage Week (19th – 25th November).


Md Jamal Ashraf from Department of social science spoke on the topic ‘Nationalism: The Past and Present in India’.The seminar was attended by Colonel Chaudhary from ERC, Vice Principal Ms. Nandita Sinha Roy, Various teachers and students of class 11th and 12th from the Humanities sections of Cambridge school Noida. A lot of questions were asked by the audience to understand the contradiction between Liberal and Conservative Nationalism.


A one day capacity building programme on Remodelled Assessment Structure for Classes IX and X was organized by CBSE Centre of Excellence at The Indian School, New Delhi on 15th November, 2018, which was attended by Ms. Mamta Rishi, HOD Chemistry and Ms. Kakolee Sengupta TGT English from Cambridge School, Noida. It was an informative session made interesting by engaging teachers through various activities related to the assessment structure.

Incidentally, the Restructured Assessment Model is already being followed in the school in letter and spirit. The resource persons emphasised that the periodic tests/ exams that are conducted in the school should be cumulative in nature and may be  as follows-

  • The First Pre- Board should cover only 75% of the syllabus.
  • The Second Pre- Board 100% of the syllabus.
  • The best of two of 4/5 exams that are conducted should be considered for internal assessment which is brought down to 10 marks.
  • Rubrics to be maintained for notebooks.

NIE Workshop 

A workshop on “Role of Educators in Modern Era” was organised by Times NIE group on 19th November, 2018 from 9.30 a.m to 2.30 p.m at the Kidzania Entertainment City, Noida. Ms. Jyoti Joshi and Ms. Bindu Muralidharan attended the workshop.

The Knowledge Meet was addressed by a panel of eminent personalities which included the youngest Astronomer Mr. Aryan Mishra, film maker Mr. Nilab Madhav Pandav, Managing Director of Shemrock Group of Schools Mr. Amol Arora, Co-Founder Director of Mr. Ritesh Hemrajani who discussed about the role of educators in shaping up the personalities of students in modern era.


Theme-  Distribution of paper bags made by students of Interact Club

Group of students of class IX who are members of Interact Club had gone to Indira Market, located close to school on  16 Nov 2018 and distributed paper bags made by them to the street vendors

This is an attempt made by students to create awareness among the vendors  about the use of eco friendly options and discontinue the  use of plastic bags.

Capacity Building Workshop 

Ms. Mamta Rishi and Ms. Kakolee Sengupta attended a One Day Capacity Building Programme on Remodelled Assessment Structure, organized by the CBSE Centre of Excellence at The Indian School, New Delhi  on 15th November, 2018

Capacity Building Programme for Business Studies teachers

A two day Capacity Building Workshop on Business Studies was held by CBSE at Cambridge School, Srinivaspuri on 30/10 & 31/10/18 with resource persons being Ms. ShivaniNagrath and Dr. C. B. Mishra.

The workshop acquainted teachers with new development and changes in the syllabus. Different teaching strategies and skill for effective transaction of curriculum was discussed in depth.

It was a very interactive session with lot of quizzes, role-play and discussion of case studies.

It was an enriching experience.

Capacity Building Programme for Polscience teachers

A two-day capacity building programme for Political Science PGTs was held at Army Public School, sector 37, Noida on 28th& 29th September 2018.

The training session was conducted by CBSE resource persons – Mr. Madan Lal Swahney and Mr. Dhiraj Singh master trainers and subject expert of the CBSE.

The resource persons laid emphasis on creating desire for learning, promoting out of the box thinking and to be ready for unpredictable queries by the students.They also discussed SMART, Bloom’s taxonomy and how to make question paper. “The language must be simple and disclose what is being asked.” The programme ended with the feedback session and vote of thanks given by the principal.



A workshop on POCSO was conducted on 27th September 2018 for all the staff members.

The objective of the workshop was to create awareness among the staff members about salient features of the act. The POCSO Committee made in the school will generate platform to create awareness among students to ensure their safety from the offenders, to address issues related to the Act.


Renowned Cyber Security Expert and Consultant Mr. Rakshit Tandon conducted two sessions on ‘Safe Surfing’ for parents, teachers and students on Thursday, August 30, 2018.

Mr. Tandon talked about the prevalent Cyber crimes such as Cyber bullying, online sexual abuse, online games, attacks, frauds, and online enticement. The workshop was an eye opener for one and all.


An Interactive lecture by Mr Varun Malhotra on The Power of Investing for Financial Freedom was organised by ERC at Cambridge School, Srinivaspuri on 21st May, 2018.

The objective of the session was to empower each participant to make the best of their financial  resources today for a financially secure future. It was indeed a very useful workshop by Mr Varun  Malhotra, a financial expert and alumnus of IIM Ahmedabad who shared some valuable tips and actually helped those present in the gathering to understand the power of investing.

The Society for the Advancement of Education (SAE) organized a four day workshop on Taking Social Science Out of the Classroom from 22ndMay, 2018 to 25thMay,2018 at Gazaar. Resource person for the workshop was Mr Harendra Chakhaiyar, Principal, Cambridge School, Indirapuram.
There were about 20 teachers from Cambridge School fraternity who attended the workshop. Four teachers viz. Ms. Puneet Kaur, Ms. Rachna Arora, Ms. Bindu and Mr. Zubair Ahmed, represented Cambridge School, Noida. The objective of the training programme was to make Social Science Curriculum interesting for middle and senior school by providing experience related to real life situations. The training programme was designed to encourage Field Survey Method as a teaching methodology. The workshop was very informative, educative and an eye opener as it helped dispel many perceptions regarding life in rural areas. It gave the participants an insight to introduce research based project which can be incorporated in teaching and learning process.

The National Progressive Schools’ Conference organised a workshop on Microchemistry in Maharaja Agrasen Model School, Pitampura on 27th April, 2018. This prestigious workshop was attended by Ms. Mamta Rishi (H.O.D Chemistry) from Cambridge School, Noida.