Workshops for Teachers Session 2020


A series of CBSE workshops was conducted for the month of August by Dr. Jagdish Sharma (Resource person), for the subject accountancy, attended by Ms. Shruti Khatri and Ms. Sumathy Raghunath. The workshop consists of topics which were taken up on various dates mentioned below:

  1. Teaching Strategies and methodology in Accountancy dated 4th August 2020
  2. Essentials of Lesson plan in accountancy dated 14th August 2020
  3. Project work practical work in accountancy dated 18th August 2020
  4. Assessment in accountancy dated 28th August 2020
  5. Common errors committed in Accountancy dated 31st August 2020

Session started with the facts about the accountancy subject and how a child can score better. Sessions also explained about case studies being helpful in explaining the question, writing the lesson plan including bloom’s taxonomy as well as keeping a good track of your syllabus is very important. The latest pattern according to which question paper and project file needs to be made by the children for session 2020-21, what are the mistakes a teacher can make while teaching in the class like overlooking the topics which are not important from exam point of view, not explaining the theoretical part etc was discussed. Emphasis was given on having practical knowledge that could be applied in the outside world rather than only having bookish knowledge. 


A workshop on “Teaching Strategies/Methodologies in chemistry” was conducted by Ms. Poonam Kumar Mendiratta, Principal , The Manthan School, Greater Noida on 03-09-2020 organized online by CBSE, hosted by COE NOIDA. It was attended by Ms. Bindu Muralidharan and Ms. Ayesha Khan.

Ms.Poonam Kumar Mendiratta started the session by discussing the difference in behavouristic and constructivist approach for learning strategies. She discussed about the student centred teaching methodologies and teaching tips for chemistry. Use of six thinking hats to explain chemistry topic was explained taking the example of iron metal. Inclusion of methodologies like simulation, data interpretation, mind maps, venn diagram, fishbone diagram, teaching with analogies, co-relation of the topic to everyday life makes the topic more interesting.

In the end, she concluded by saying a quote given by Alexandra k Trenfor “The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see.”


A workshop on “ Understanding Bloom’s Taxonomy in Biology” was conducted by Dr Sharbari Banerjee on 01-09-2020 organized online by CBSE (CoE Noida). It was attended by Ms. Susmita Dey.

The session started with a few queries from the participants on the misconception that many people consider Biology as a subject of rote learning. The resource person explained that the misconception can be cleared by incorporating different type of questions testing variety of skills in students.

She had explained different type of questions that can be framed to test different domains in students as per Bloom’s Taxonomy by taking topics of Class XI and XII Biology Curriculum as an example. She had also emphasized the importance of creating ‘Mind Map’ for each chapter by the students


An online presentation on “Introduction to American Fiction” was organized by the English Department of Cambridge School, Srinivaspuri on 14th August 2020. It was attended by Ms Anubha Rawat, Ms Shamoly Ghose and Ms Sobia Khan.

The presentation began with an introduction to Native American Literature. It further discussed the influence of Puritans in American Literature. The rise of Novel as a literary form in American literature was discussed in detail by the teachers. Works of authors like Mark Twain and Henry James were discussed during the presentation. The presentation also touched on the theme of feminism and identified exemplary works by authors who explored the concept of gender and identity in American fiction. The presentation concluded after a brief discussion of contemporary American Fiction. It was a very captivating and informative presentation.



A workshop on “Mindfulness” was conducted by Mr. Kapil Sharma on 14-08-2020 organized online by CBSE and hosted by COE Noida. It was attended by Ms. Vimal Tyagi and Mr. Vivek Kumar Singh.

The session started with a light conversation with the resource person and importance of mind. Moving ahead he explained about what is mindfulness, theory of mind, complications and mindfulness exercises. He also explained and discussed the emerging issues for mindfulness. For conclusion he covered various practices for mindfulness like: meditation, eat without distraction, take a mindful stretch break and choose a cue.



COE NOIDA -6 hosted the CBSE Capacity Building Programme on Effective Parental Engagement for Student Learning on August 6, 2020. It was attended by Ms. Kirti Sasan and Mr. Rohit Dhingra. The resource persons for the empowerment session was Ms. Monika Chawla (Principal, St. Joseph’s Senior Secondary School, Chandigarh). The training programme was focused on fruitful and healthy collaboration between Parents and Teachers for effective student learning. Parents and families have the most direct and lasting impact on children’s learning and development. A stimulating home environment that encourages learning as well as parental engagement in school activities is crucial for a child’s cognitive, social and emotional development. Building family-school partnerships and engaging parents as learning partners from the early years is therefore essential to improving children’s and young people’s development.The training session was attended by  more than 105 teachers from various schools in India.


A workshop on “Kohlberg’s Stages of Moral Development” was conducted by Ms Rupa Sharma on 22-08-2020 organized online by CBSE and hosted by COE Noida. It was attended by Ms. Vimal Tyagi and Mr. Vivek Kumar Singh.
The session started with a light conversation with the resource person and a brief introduction regarding Kohlberg. Moving ahead she explained about the Kohlberg’s Levels of Moral Developments with a brief description with 06 stages and characteristics of each stage. She also explained and discussed the difference between ‘ethics’ and ‘morals’.
She explained the role of motivation in transforming a child. Conclusively focus was given to transfer our best to the students to bring out best from them.


A workshop on “Experiential learning: Exploring Multiple Intelligence and Multidisciplinary links through KOlbs E.L. Cycle was conducted by Ms.Gurpreet Singh, Principal , Scholar’s Home School, Greater Noida on 14-08-2020 organized online from 11a.m to 12noon by CBSE, hosted by COE DELHI EAST. It was attended by Ms. Bindu Muralidharan.and Ms. Kiran Sibal.

Ms. Gurpreet Singh started the session by a presentation explaining the expected learning outcomes of the training programme. A video on experiential learning was shown as the ice breaking session. She explained that Kolb’s Cycle includes learning through reflection on doing. The cycle includes four stages- Activity, Reflection, Conceptualisation and Application to new areas. These stages can be applied in different subjects. In English, a story can be created by giving vocabulary to the students. Experiential learning takes place when a person involved in the activity looks back and evaluates it, determines what was important or useful to remember and uses the information to perform another activity.
In the end, she concluded by saying that “Every experience no matter how bad it seems, holds within it a blessing of some kind. The goal is to find it” .Experience is life’s greatest teacher.




The CBSE workshop on “Understanding Bloom’s  taxonomy and its application in Chemistry was attended By Mr Mrs Mamta Rishi and Mrs Ayesha Khan on 13.8.2020 . The resource person was Ms Poonam Mendirata. The speaker addressed on Learning Objectives based on Bloom’s taxonomy.. The Aim of experiments in CBSE has SMART goal according to Bloom’s taxonomy. The BluePrint of the question paper was discussed


A workshop on “Teaching Strategies and Methodologies in Economics” was conducted by Dr. Shalini Shukla on August 11, 2020, organized online by CBSE. It was attended by Ms. Puneet Kaur.

The training session started with a discussion on ‘Economics as a dynamic subject touches our daily life” It was followed by discussion on 10 skills a modern teacher must possess which includes organization, tolerance, story-telling, open for questions, social, geek, technology enthusiast, innovation, commitment, and preparation. The presenter shared the importance of creating a conducive learning environment and make learning personalized. She shared various tools for making Economics interesting. In conclusion, the presenter emphasized on discussing the context of the topic with students, share our experience with them, and students should be given the opportunity to reflect on the topic.

Ms. Susmita Dey and Ms Kiran Sibal, attended a CBSE capacity Building workshop on the topic, ‘Teaching Methodologies/ Strategies in Biology’  on August 10, 2020. In this session, the speaker shared various tools that can be used for making Biology interesting for students. The presenter laid emphasis on experiential learning and project work, drawing diagrams and writing notes, role plays and theatre activities as a part of teaching strategies in biology.


The CBSE workshop was held on 10 August 2020.It was attended by Ms Roomki Mitra, Ms Kirti Sasan and Ms Garima Seth. The topic of the workshop was “Happy Teachers Creating Happy Spaces”. The resource person was Ms Vandana Pande and participants included teachers, counselors and special educators from different schools of Noida.

It touched upon the key areas of personal and social competence and how it is developed through self and social awareness. Different tools and strategies were shared to gauge aspects of self-regulation and management of emotions. The last component of the workshop included how to decode the language of behaviour of the students and ways to create happy and positive environment in the classroom settings.


A workshop on Bloom’s Taxonomy and questioning technique in assessment was conducted by Mr. Vikram Singh on 10-08-2020 organised online by CBSE.  It was attended by Ms.Vasundhara Kaushik and Ms. Shamoly Ghose.

The session started with Gandhiji’s view of – 3 H. ( Head Heart Hand ) These three things are very important and should be kept in mind when we talk and discuss about Bloom’s Taxonomy.

The points that were highlighted during the session were-

  • Six levels of learning. ( Bloom’s Taxonomy)
  • Classified thinking is important for learning.
  • Uses of Bloom’s Taxonomy.
  • Questioning techniques should include – presentation of a question, the question should be clear in your own mind, think what you want before asking a question, ask one question at a time, break questions into smaller parts


Centre of Excellence, Noida, the capacity building branch of CBSE  organised  a workshop on Assessment in English at class XII level through Google Meet.

The workshop was organised on 10th August from 3pm to 4 pm and was attended by English teachers, Ms. Latika Joshi and Ms. Kakolee Sengupta. The resource person, Ms. Pratima Jha, is a Senior English teacher at DPS Sahibabad. She  spoke on the  assessment methods  in class XII as per  revised syllabus of CBSE. She talked about the need to engage students through digital tools like Kahoot, mentimeter in objective type  testing. She also enlightened the attendees about the difference between evaluation and measurement.
Ms. Jha also threw light on the need to be careful in making MCQ type questions. She also emphasised that  the need  for formative assessment to track students’ learning could not be discounted   though CBSE does not prescribe it.She demonstrated how a digital tool like Kahoot could be used in class. About 95 attendees benefitted through the session.


A workshop on “Teaching Strategies and Methodologies in Economics” was conducted by Dr. Shalini Shukla on August 11, 2020, organized online by CBSE. It was attended by Ms. Puneet Kaur.

The training session started with a discussion on ‘Economics as a dynamic subject touches our daily life” It was followed by discussion on 10 skills a modern teacher must possess which includes organization, tolerance, story-telling, open for questions, social, geek, technology enthusiast, innovation, commitment, and preparation. The presenter shared the importance of creating a conducive learning environment and make learning personalized. She shared various tools for making Economics interesting. In conclusion, the presenter emphasized on discussing the context of the topic with students, share our experience with them, and students should be given the opportunity to reflect on the topic.


A workshop on “Emotional Intelligence” was conducted by Ms. Priyanka Mehta, Principal, Sarvottam School, on 07-08-2020 organized online by CoE, Noida, CBSE. It was attended by Ms.Sangeeta Das.

The session started with a discussion on the effect of emotional intelligence on the success rate of an individual. The resource person, Ms. Mehta kept the teachers/adults as her focus of discussion.

She described emotions as an individual experience and the basis for a sense of community. She elaborated on the impact of emotions on decision making by focusing on four basic emotions i.e glad, mad, sad & scared. In order to develop emotional intelligence and become resilient, she emphasized three key ideas i.e self-awareness, practicing mindfulness & self -management.


A workshop on “Integration of Arts in Science” was conducted by Ms. Vandana Pande, Principal CPS Public school,  Rudrapur on 07-08-2020 organized online by CBSE, hosted by COE NOIDA. It was attended by Ms. Nitu Dixit and Ms. Bindu Muralidharan.

Ms.Vandana Pande explained that the integration of arts with science provides the students with opportunities to understand the inter relatedness of everything they learn and to promote creativity and collaboration in them. Different learning styles were discussed. Integrating music, drawing, dance, hands on activity, culinary skills with science makes the learning process much easier as it is more interesting and engaging.


A workshop on “Perspective Building on Life Skills” was conducted by Dr Rita Sharma on 05-08-2020 organized online by CBSE. It was attended by Ms Sobia Khan and Ms Sangeeta Das.

The session began with the question ‘which life skill you have learned during the lockdown?’ After a brief discussion with teachers, the resource person introduced the ten life skills listed by WHO. She explained how life skills are behaviour changes or a development approach designed to address a balance of three areas: knowledge, attitude and skills. She emphasized the importance of self-awareness, empathy, problem-solving and good interpersonal relations. She also discussed that in addition to these life skills, the current scenario demands skills dealing with personal hygiene and students should be encouraged to practice them regularly. She concluded the session by discussing how life- skills should be part of the curriculum and asked the teachers to be a role model for the children.


An online CBSE capacity building workshop on Innovative Pedagogy in English-Experiential Learning organised by COE NOIDA was conducted on 5th August 2020. The resource person Ms. Swapna Nair, Principal, Arwachin International School, Delhi discussed various innovative pedagogies that may be implemented in the classroom for experiential learning in English. She recommended several activities for integrating Art with education. She suggested  the use of various tools available on the internet which teachers can use to make classroom transactions effective and meaningful.. It was an enriching and informative session attended by Ms. Latika Joshi and Ms. Kakolee Sengupta


A workshop on Design Thinking was organised by Ms. Preeti Khanna, Ms. Sumathy, Ms. Puneet and Ms. Shamoly on 04 – 08 – 2020 for the teachers of Cambridge School, Noida. 

The points that were highlighted during the session were-

  • What is Design thinking and why is it important?
  • How can we use Design Thinking in the classroom?
  • Various steps of Design Thinking.
  • Benefits of Design Thinking.
  • How can we redesign the classroom and library to make it more interesting for the students.
  • Empathy plays a key role in Design Thinking.


An online workshop on “Developing the Skill of Decision making in Adolescents” was conducted by Ms.Ashu John, Principal, St.Mary’s Christian School, Sahibabad on 04-08-2020 organized online by CoE-4, CBSE. It was attended by Ms. Seema Dimri, Ms. Sobia Khan, Ms.Vasundhara Kaushik, Ms. Sangeeta Das and Ms. Jyoti Joshi.

The speaker emphasized on establishing a constructive dialogue between teacher-student & parent-child to allow them to develop & practice decision-making skills.  To make children acknowledge the ‘power to choose’, they must be given the necessary guidance and support to make decisions independently and become resilient.


An online training session was conducted by COE noida on “Code Optimization Strategies in Python” on 1st August 2020. The training was about the features and applications of Python. The resource person Mr. Gaurav Sharma highlighted the various features of Python, its applications and how and why Python has become so popular. The training session was attended by Ms. Preeti Khanna, Ms. Jyoti Joshi and Ms. Sandhya Puri


Ms. Nandita Sinha Roy(Vice Principal), Ms.Mamta Rishi and Ms Kiran Sibal , attended a webinar on the topic, ‘ A Roadmap to LIfe Skills and Mental Wellness’, a live webcast of Mr.Anurag Tripathi, Secretary CBSE, with the global humanitarian, Gurudev Sri Si Ravishankar, on Saturday, July 25th, 2020.A Roadmap to Life Skills & Mental Wellness and was attended by Principals ,Teachers across India.

Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar emphasised on the emotional wellbeing of all through good diet, emotional support and encouragement in these time of Covid 19.The intellect of a child needs to be nourished and nurtured with utmost care as they are missing out on social development on account of social distancing while  Mr Anurag Tripathi, Secretary, CBSE discussed the aims of education was discussed in terms of  IQ, EQ and SQ, but in the current scenario education needs a shift in its paradigm by including AQ – Adversity quotient. This means to be prepared to handle any eventuality or situation to the best of one’s capability.


Ms.Mamta Rishi and Ms.Kiran Sibal , attended a CBSE Orientation programme on the topic, ‘ Alternative Academic Planner’, on Friday, July 17th, 2020. Mr.Manoj Ahuja, Chairperson, CBSE, Mr.Anurag Tripathi, Secretary, CBSE and Mr.Hrushikesh Senapaty, Director , NCERT, addressed the gathering.

The speakers emphasised that the focus of the teaching learning process should be on developing competencies in the learners and not on rote memorisation . They said that art should be integrated in the teaching of all subjects, to develop creative thinking and imagination. The session was  interesting and enlightening.


A workshop on ‘Foundations of College Counseling’ was conducted by IC3 Institute on July 15.2020 .It was attended by Ms. Sunetra Banerjee and Ms. Roomki Mitra.

There were several Counselors from various schools and institutions who spoke about the need to set up a counselling department in school. The webinar focused on the role of counsellors with respect to all stakeholders and how to develop a counselling curriculum and timeline


An online Webinar on  “Rising opportunities for entrepreneurs and disruptors during and post COVID”was organised by FICCI  on 12/07/2020 .The eminent speaker for the session was Mr. Nirankar Saxena, Deputy secretary General ,FICCI. The  webinar was attended by Ms. Preeti Sharma.
It was emphasized that COVID 19 is a window of opportunity that is open for sometime and entrepreneurs should not miss this opportunity to bring substantial change to shape the future. It was reiterated that it is an incubation period for many entrepreneurs and they may become next Larry page or Bill Gates by bringing Vertical growth.


Two brief online sessions were carried out by the Psychology department on 8th and 9th of July 2020 for the teaching staff of Senior wing Team members included Ms Sunetra (HOD), Roomki(Special Educator) and Garima(Counselor).

The session focussed on discussing various strategies which will help to ensure more consistent communication patterns between teachers and students, along with the possible challenges and barriers to this kind of communication. The session was part of the “We Care “ initiative taken up by the department to work towards the mental wellbeing of students as well as the teaching staff.


An online workshop on Innovative Pedagogy in Biology: Experiential Learning,  was conducted by Ms.Arshi Sahi   on July 8th, 2020 and organized by CBSE , Centre of Excellence, Noida Region  for capacity building of teachers. It was attended by Ms.Susmita Dey and Ms.Kiran Sibal. The speaker discussed the various pedagogies that may be employed for experiential learning in Biology. The methods discussed by her were  field trips, nature walk, use of games, use of ball and stick model and paper folding to explain the structure of biomolecules aprt from the regular laboratory experiments.The revised syllabus for 2020-2021was also discussed in this meeting.


The Webinar on ‘ Experiential Learning”  was conducted by CBSE collaboration with Tata Trust and MGIS on 7.7.2020 attended by Mrs Mamta Rishi.

The workshop stressed on Experiential and Collaborative learning.Integration of mindfulness into the curriculum which links to the topic.
While having Online classes teacher must talk to students with all positive comments to give them emotional support
Use of DIKSHA App to be used by all Schools affiliated to cbse.


A workshop on “Integration of Arts in Economics” was conducted by Ms. Shalini Shukla on July 8, 2020, organized online by CBSE. It was attended by Ms. Shelly Baveja, Ms. Anikini Dhall, and Ms. Puneet Kaur

The training session started with a discussion on the importance of the internet in integrating arts in education. It was followed by examples of best practices for Art integration in schools. The presenter shared the importance of arts integration in teaching as it helps to builds critical thinking, empower teachers and students, ensures equity, and provides connective learning. She shared various tools for Arts Integration in Economics like three-dimensional shapes, brain pop, bite-size, video lab., economic stories, etc. In conclusion, the presenter emphasized the need for collaborative learning styles and relating the economics lessons to day to day life for a better understanding of concepts.


A workshop on “Know your classroom management style” was conducted by Dr. Gurpreet Singh on 07-07-2020 organized online by CBSE. It was attended by Ms. Shruti Khatri and Ms. Neelam Sharma.

The session started with a light conversation with the resource person and followed by a video “World without teachers” highlighting the importance of teacher in a persons’ life. Moving ahead she explained about GRASHA teaching styles like Expert, Facilitator, Delegator and Personal Model followed by a questioner form to be filled to know your teaching style. She has also briefed about factors affecting teaching style of a person. For conclusion she covered various steps one must follow for student centric approach and make classroom proactive.


A workshop on “Enhancing Life Skills -Self Awareness” was conducted by Fr. Pankaj Munjal on July 7, 2020, organized online by CBSE. It was attended by Ms. Deepa Wadhwa, Ms. Sanya Panjrath and Ms. Puneet Kaur.

The session started with a discussion on “Who we are?” and “What we want?” It was followed by interaction on “I am happy?” and “Do I want continuity of happiness?” and steps to become self-aware were shared. The presenter discussed the concept that our body has two types of needs- physical and non-physical and explained the need for maintaining the balance between SELF (conscious entity) and BODY (materialistic entity). The session was concluded with a question-answer session.


A workshop on  ‘ Exploring  World  of Work  and Careers’  was conducted by  Dr. Jyoti Gupta  on .06/07/2020. It was attended by  Ms. Sunetra Banerjee    and  Ms. Sumathy Raghunath.

It  was  an informative session in which she explained the need for Career Counseling in schools.She explained the essential requirements  of  building a career  and the role  of teachers in Career Guidance.



On World Cancer Day, 4th February 2020 a presentation on Breast Cancer was held in Manav Rachna International School, Noida at 2.30 pm onwards. Ms. Mamta Rishi, Ms. Shelly, Ms. Uma, Ms. Nupur and Ms. Jyoti Aggarwal attended the seminar.  Dr. Rajinder Kaur Saggu was the resource person, who is a Surgical Oncologist in Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, New Delhi.

She is focussing exclusively on breast cancer and benign Breast Diseases for more than 15 years. She is extensively involved in spreading awareness campaigns on breast cancer.

Breast cancer is currently the most common cancer in India in terms of incidence and mortality. It is emerging as a major public health problem. Dr. Saggu spoke about the symptoms and risk factors which cause this cancer in women. Methods of early detection and diagnosis, stages of breast cancer, prevention and treatment etc. were elaborated in detail through a PPT very effectively. It was an eye-opener for all the female teachers who attended the talk.


A Teacher’s Training Programme on Experiential Learning was conducted by Centre of Excellence, CBSE in collaboration with Sri Aurobindo Society on 13th January, 2020 from 9.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. in the Roma Deb Auditorium. Ms. Jyoti Agarwal, Ms. Vasundhara Kaushik, Ms. Bindu Muralidharan, Ms. Jennifer De Castro and Mr. Vivek Kumar attended the training programme.

The objective of the programme was zero investment innovation for education initiatives which was for the educators and by the educators. The Resource person, Mr. Abhishek, discussed about the innovative ways which could be implemented in the class to motivate the students, to reduce the learning gaps and to provide them experiential learning.


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