Workshops for Students Session 2023-24


Central Academy for Police Training, Bhopal organised Cyber Crime Awareness online workshop on Thursday, 20 April  2023 in collaboration with CBSE for students of classes 9th to 12th. About 8000 students from all over India attended this online session. Resource person Mr. Rakshit Tandon made students aware about various online frauds which can impact them and ways to safeguard themselves against cybercrimes. Several case studies were shared where students were sensitized towards privacy and security of data. He also shared the websites for reporting Cyber Crimes. Overall, it was an interesting and informative session which created awareness for students to exercise caution while using technology.


On April 6th, 2023, the students of class X, Cambridge School Noida were treated to an enriching seminar session on Career Counselling by the reputed Mr. Jitin Chawla. The seminar gave insights into the plethora of jobs one can pursue with the different subjects offered after Class X. Unpopular professions provided by various subjects were also mentioned, opening a whole new door of opportunities for the unversed. Apart from academics, the dire need of co-curricular activities for a student was discussed upon and how it is of utmost importance for a child to get exposure and to supplement the efforts there are platforms such a Google garage and that help an aspirant to build a profile that will make him or her stand out in the race of millions. Summer camps organised by top-notch institutions are yet another great way to develop skills, character and personality. The introduction of competitive exams like CUET has completely changed the game. CUET tests knowledge of English and domain subjects. Students must show no apprehension in expanding their horizons but in the end students must pursue whatever they are passionate about.


All the students from 12th grade from the batch of 2023-2024 gathered in  Roma Deb auditorium in Cambridge School Noida on 6th April 2023 to engage in an interactive workshop for career counselling conducted by the Jitin Chawla Centre For Career Development. The workshop was opened by Ms. Sunetra Banerjee who gave the students an introduction of Mr. Jitin Chawla who was the lead speaker for the workshop . Mr. Chawla commenced the session by asking the audience questions relating to the current affairs of the country to which the students replied with great enthusiasm. The parents soon started to arrive

Mr.Chawla introduced the students to various new age career options related to the stream along with the courses, universities to consider and job opportunities. All of this information was also visible on the extremely detailed PPT which was being projected in the background. He continued to do this for the remaining streams considering all possible subject combinations. Mr. Chawla then went ahead to explain the broad features of the widely discussed and extremely important CUET examination. His explanation included everything a student needs to know about this examination. Mr. Chawla assured that his Centre for career development would be available to assist the students with each and every part of career building and can provide with counselling as well. There were feedback forms and brochures passed among the students which received wide response. With this  Overall the workshop proved to be constructive and of great advantage to the students as well as for the parents who looked more than satisfied..


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