Workshops for Students Session 2022-23

Workshop on Mindfulness for Class VI

An online workshop on ‘Mindfulness’ was held on the 13th of May, 2022 by the Career Cell of Cambridge School, Noida for the students of class 6. Ms. Dimple was the honorable speaker. The workshop kicked off with a thought provoking interaction with students and was followed by interesting activities like colour spotting, breathing exercises, emotionally intelligent decision making, and the art of recalling and remembering to practice mindfulness. Consequently, Ms. Tanya apprised the students of the ways to be more mindful in school and at home. The webinar came to an end with the speaker answering students’ intriguing questions.

Workshop on Peer Pressure for Class VII

 A Workshop on Peer Pressure was held on 13th May, 2022 for class 7th students led by Ms. Areesha Tanya on Microsoft Teams.

She talked about who peers are and what peer pressure is. Ahead she pointed out the difference between negative and positive peer pressure. Students shared their experiences and discussed why teenagers are easily influenced by peers. Activities were conducted to make the session interesting and interactive. Finally, suggestions were given on how to deal with peer pressure and what responses can be given to avoid such sticky situations.

The students learned a lot and were interactive throughout the session.

Workshop on “Eco Friends – Sustainability” for Class VIII

An Online workshop on “Eco Friends – Sustainability” for class 8th was hosted by Ms. Kavya on Thursday, May 13, 2022 from 10am to 12 noon on Ms. Teams. 

Ms. Kavya told us a method of making compost at your home with kitchen waste,dry leave,and some remix powder. She further revealed a lot of alternatives of our daily use things for eg. instead of using plastic pens, nowadays we get wooden pens. She told very thoughtful yet easy methods for sustainability 

At the end, students gained a lot of information and were very interactive throughout it.

Webinar on “Careers in Law” for Class X

A Webinar on “Careers in Law” was organised by Cambridge School Noida on friday, May 13, 2022.  Ms. Neha Khatri Sharma was invited to familiarise the students of Class X with career prospects in law. She initiated the session with the various colleges and the scope of the field. She touched upon entrance exams required for enrollment in law schools and explained, in great detail, the paper pattern of the CLAT examination. The workshop was quite engaging and informative and would prove to be fruitful for students planning to pursue law as a career.

Workshop on “Courses at IP university” for Class XII

An Online workshop on “Courses at IP university” for class XII was hosted by Prof. Ravi Kant Swami on Friday May 13, 2022, from 10 am to 12 noon on Ms. Teams. 

It was an enlightening session where Dr. Swami apprised students about numerous Professional Courses available at IPU. This was followed by an interactive session by the Meraki society on “transforming from school to college” It was hosted by Dr. Shalini Gautam and her team. Ambika Sharma our Alumni was also a part of this interactive session.

Workshop on “Time management”  for Class IX

An Online workshop on “Time management”  for class -9th-was  hosted by Mr Ritesh Jain on Thursday May 5, 2022 from 10 am to 12 noon on Ms. Teams. 

This session started with a discussion on the topic time management and how to adhere to it in our life and thereafter it went on with a discussion on how summer holidays can be utilized through internships etc. He gave many insights on how to choose a career and what to look forward with information about how to prepare yourself to give entrances as well. All the students participated with a lot of enthusiasm 

It was a truly knowledge enriching and enlightening workshop

Workshop on Soft Skills And Leadership for Class VI

A workshop on ‘Soft Skills and Leadership’ was conducted by Mr.Bhavesh Suryakant on April 27, 2022, for class VI from 10 am to 12 pm.

This workshop was conducted by guest speaker Mr. Bhaavesh Suryakant, a global career counselor from UCLA, USA. His vast experience in guiding students turned valuable for the students in this interactive session. The speaker provided insight on ‘soft skills and the importance of a positive attitude in every professional field. Key factors of effective leadership were discussed through situations, riddles, and do-it-yourself tasks. The session ended with students’ queries being sorted by Mr. Suryakant, whom we thank for taking out his time to guide the future leaders.

Workshop on Stress Management for Class VII

A workshop on “Stress Management” hosted by Ms. Swati Dhahiya Khanna was held on 27th April 2022 and was attended by students of class VII. It was an enlightening and informative session on what stress is and how to cope with it. Situations were discussed on how students stress in their day-to-day life and what they do to make it through them. Various activities and exercises were also conducted and everyone actively participated and them. 

At the end, students gained a lot of knowledge and were very interactive throughout the session.

Workshop on Bullying for Class VIII

A workshop on “Bullying” was organized by our school, Cambridge School Noida on April 27, 2022 for students of Grade VIII.The speaker for the same was our school counsellor Ms. Garima Seth It was an enlightening and interactive session revolving around bullying. She discussed what is bullying and how to avoid it. She made them understand that whenever they experience it, they must tell it to someone whom they trust, which includes parents, teachers, friends, or even student council members. 

At the end, students gained a lot of information and were very interactive throughout it.

Workshop on Physical and Mental Health for Class IX

A workshop on “physical and mental health” hosted by Ms.Areesha Tanya was held on April 27th 2022 was attended by students of 9th grade. It was an extremely informative workshop 

Comprising discussions case studies and activities to comprehend better. In which she explained the importance of hygiene, adolescence, and changes due to it and in the end discussed mental health. We witnessed active participation from the students telling about their experiences on the topics and shared their views .

Workshop on Soft Skills for Class X

The school organized a workshop on Soft Skills for the students of class 10th on Wednesday, April 27, 2022. Ms. Rubaika Agha from Adda 247 gave meaningful and practical insights on the importance of soft skills. The session included an in-depth discussion on the meaning of soft skills and why it is crucial to have these personal attributes reflecting high emotional intelligence.

Ms. Agha explained the importance of possessing abilities like self-motivation, leadership, teamwork, creativity and problem-solving, etc. She also talked about the common problems students face with time management and how to work well under pressure. Towards the end, there was an extremely engaging round of queries and the workshop was immensely interactive and enriching.       

Workshop on Importance of Mental Health for Class XII

A workshop on “Importance of Mental Health” hosted by Mr. Ashish Garg was held on April 27th, 2022, Wednesday for the students of class XII. It was an illuminating and interactive session on the importance of mental health and how to resolve issues regarding the same. Students were asked to share about their problems regarding mental health, anger issues and how students stress out in their day-to-day life, and what they should do to cope with the same. Informative and interesting videos were shown to elaborate on the topic and spread awareness.

Students were enlightened by the illuminating words of Mr. Ashish Garg. It was a very helpful session, the students loved it.

Career Counselling for Grade XII

In accordance with the broadening career prospects in today’s day and age, the role of career counseling is to aid students in choosing a suitable path for themselves. Thus, a career counseling session for class 12th was organised on April 6, 2022 wherein, Mr. Binit Binod, who has been extensively working in the education domain for the last 9 years, was invited to enlighten students on STREAM NEUTRAL courses. He commenced the session with the diversity in the legal field and explained its future potential. He also apprised the students on various courses in the management domain, while also explaining the significance of pursuing them at a corporate level. He touched upon several entrance examinations like CLAT, IPM and CUET, the prerequisites and the pattern of such exams. The session was quite stimulating, and overall, was an edifying experience.



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