Workshops for Students Session 2020


A session on “Quantum Computing is poised to change our lives” was conducted on 1st December 2020 through Microsoft Teams. It was attended by the students of class X-XII along with their subject teachers, students and teachers from our sister schools and the management members. The session was conducted by Prof. (Dr.) Madan Mohan Pant. It was a two-hour session in which students actively participated in the discussion with Dr Pant, it was very interactive and informative session. Around 220 participants attended the session

Session on "Quantum Computing is poised to change our lives"Session on "Quantum Computing is poised to change our lives"Session on "Quantum Computing is poised to change our lives"


A webinar was conducted by Prof Kavita Thapliyal on Soft Skills on Lifelong Sustainability on 28th November 2020 for the students of class IX-X through Microsoft Teams. Through this webinar she focussed on the importance of soft skills, positive attitude, planning, preparation, team work and other challenges of life. It was an interactive session; students were active during the interaction









A workshop on “ Simplifying the SAT and Undergraduate admissions abroad” was conducted online by Mr. Aditya Jain,Manager Manya-The Princeton Review on 27 TH NOV, Friday 2020. It was attended by_class XI-XII students

Mr. Jain  discussed some tips of how to achieve a competitive SAT score. He also enlightened the students about the key strategies for tackling various  sections and questions  during the SAT exam. He described the Scholarship options at International Universities. And the Job prospects after completing the course.

The webinar ended with an  interesting interactive session .


A series of  four Vedic Maths Fundamentals webinars were organised for the classes VI to IX on 17th , 19th and 21st November, 2020 on MS TEAMS (Combined channels). Mr. Alok Ranjan, one of the members of the parent community of the school took the initiative to make Mathematics more interesting and easier for the students. Technical Architect by profession and Math enthusiast by passion, Mr. Ranjan discussed about 5-7 concepts and enabled the students to do tedious calculations 10-15 times faster than usual. He illustrated all the techniques with ample examples, students practiced the techniques during live session and got instant mastery of the concepts. He also interacted with the students clarified their doubts and motivated them to use such tricks and techniques to improve their speed and accuracy. The session coordinators Ms. Sangeeta Das & Ms. Bindu Muralidharan encouraged the students to ask queries and share their learning experiences. The school principal, Ms. Preeti Sangwan also joined  a few sessions, expressed the gratitude on behalf of school and highlighted the utilisation of such techniques for Olympiads and other competitive exams. Overall, it was an exciting session where the students had lot of fun with Maths Calculations.


Vedic MathsVedic MathsVedic Maths


A webinar was conducted by Prof Kavita Thapliyal on Soft Skills on Lifelong Sustainability on 28th November 2020 for the students of class IX-X through Microsoft Teams. Through this webinar she focussed on the importance of soft skills, positive attitude, planning, preparation, team work and other challenges of life. The webinar was attended by 140 attendees. It was an interactive session; students were active during the interaction. It was a great learning experience for all of us.


A webinar on E –Waste Management was conducted for classes VIII and IX on Monday 9th November,2020 from 2pm to 3 pm.. The resource person for the event was Mr. Praveen Kumar Sundararaju, Co-Founder ADATTEE-Waste Management(P)Limited.

The presentation started with defining the  wastes and the significance of  segregation. The resource person explained the importance of  various elements present in e-wastes which can be extracted only if it is disposed through proper agencies. He also explained the hazards associated with e-waste if not handled skillfully. Students were asked to generate awareness on e- wastes and its proper disposal.


On November 7, 2020 a 3-hour online training on Artificial Intelligence was conducted by IBM’s implementation partner, 1M1B Foundation for  class XI  students of our school. Mr. Krishna Kumar, Trainer explained the students through videos, the basics of Artificial Intelligence and how this  technology will affect all aspects of our lives and shape our future taking real life examples . Different levels of the program was explained by sharing some links and ideas by the  presenter . Some web based tools  were demonstrated  that made machine learning models fast, easy and accessible to everyone.  Computer Department teachers along with 35 students of class XI  attended the same and  it was a rich learning experience  for all.


A workshop was organized on Women and Child Cyber Safety, by Police Commissionerate, GBN, Noida Police on October 21st, 2020. The live broadcast of the same was done on  YouTube. Around 1000 viewers attended this virtual session. The workshop was conducted by Mr. Rakshit Tandon in which he discussed about the various security tips like 2 step verification, WhatsApp web, how to keep secure password, how the Facebook and insta account can be made more secure, etc. He also discussed the various incidents of cyber crimes. At the end the Noida ACP  also shared the different ways to report cyber crime cases. It was a very informative session attended by all students of class VI-XI.


A workshop on ‘Cyber Bullying’ was conducted  by Mr. Ashish Garg on 15-10-2020 organized online by Ms. Sunetra Banerjee. It was attended by Students and teachers of IX to XII. There were around 500 participants.

The session started with a light conversation on management of anger issues and how to strike a balance between mental-emotional satisfaction and worldly achievements.

Moving ahead he explained Cyber bullying and the factors indulging in getting a person involved in it. He also briefed about the bright and dark side of social media, the repercussions and means of control. With real life examples of  cases such as ‘Instagram Bois Locker ‘,’Megan Meier ‘,Momo Challenge cases and short videos, he explained the serious consequences of cyber bullying.

He also shared the security tips, CBSE rules, the IT Act and the laws of Indian Penal Code against cyber bullying.



A workshop on Career Counselling on Course and University Selection was conducted by the renowned Career Counsellor Mr. Jitin Chawla on Friday, 7th August 2020 at 11:30am on Zoom online platform. It was attended by 190+ students of all sections of class 11th & 12th and was coordinated by teachers of the psychology department. The session focused on exploring various career options for students from all streams – Science, Commerce, and Humanities as well as the careers which will be in demand in the near future. Students cleared various doubts and queries and gained insight into prerequisites and scope of various careers to make an informed decision. 


An online music concert was held on 17th July 2020, Friday via MS Teams. Ms. Preeti Sangwan (Principal, Cambridge School, Noida), Ms. Nandita Sinha Roy (Vice Principal, Cambridge School, Noida) graced the occasion.
Teachers and students of classes XI and XII attended the event. This concert was organised to de-stress the students of classes XI and XII. In such troubled times, music can play a vital role to help students to maintain their physical and mental well-being. Keeping this perspective in mind the Art, Dance and Music department took the initiative of organising this event.

11 students took part in dance, music and recitation to make this event a grand success. Their names were as follows:

  1. Ahaana Mandal- XII-D
  2. Shashwat Mehrotra- XII-C
  3. Bagmita- XII-C
  4. Namita Verma- XII-C
  5. Sampada Bassi- XII-E
  6. Aradhya Chakraborty- XI-C
  7. Mehak Sharma- XII-D
  8. Ishita Saran- XI-E
  9. Aradhya Jha- XII-E
  10. Aditya Arunachalam- XII-E
  11. Nishka Sharma- XII-A


In the current global scenario where a pandemic is sweeping the world, it is inducing a range of emotions in people from fear to anxiety and depression to uncertainty. It is predicted that mental health concerns will see a sharp rise and more and more people will seek professional support. Children and adolescents being of vulnerable age group need to be provided a safe space to express and address their concerns. The workshops were conducted for students from class VII to IX on Mental Health during times of a Global Crisis aimed at understanding their current mental status and providing self-care tools to cope with the reality.

The workshop on “Cybersecurity and How Social Media Affects the Mind” was conducted by School Counsellor along with Advocate Shrey Yadav focused in the wake of Boys Locker Room incident that concerned teenagers and government. The workshop focused on informing class XI students about cyber laws and rules prevalent in India and how cyber bullying and social media can cause havoc in the minds of young teenagers and ways to deal with it.


To help students choose a field that is in tune with their skills, aptitude and their expectations, various Career Counselling sessions were organised in the month of May. Professionals in this area conducted webinars for specific Sr. Secondary classes to help them understand the wide range of Careers available to match their ability, interest, and personality. The Resource Persons with the help of PPT and discussions, were able to answer many queries raised by the students. The sessions that were organised are as follows:

  • 01 May: What after class XII? by Mr. Jitin Chawla.
  • 06th May: Emerging Careers for Commerce and Humanities by Mr. Jitin Chawla
  • 08th May: PCM based Careers and Creative Careers by Mr. Jitin Chawla
  • 12th May: Counselling for selection of streams for class XI by Mr. Avinashi Sharan of Career Launchers
  • 13th May: Game Designing as a Career’ for class XII by Mr. Jitin Chawla
  • 15th May: Law as a Career’ by Mr Ashish Garg of Pratham Institute
  • 30th May: Studying Law, Management and Hospitality in India by Mrs Uma Gopalakrishnan.


Cambridge School, Noida conducted an online seminar on Cyber Laws and Cyber Security through Microsoft Teams for the students of class XII on 20th May 2020. The seminar was conducted by an alumnus of the school, Advocate Venkatesh Rao, an Advocate on Record in the Supreme Court of India and was moderated by Ms. Deepa Wadhwa. Advocate Rao began with an introduction to elementary terminologies of the online sphere, such as Internet, World Wide Web, Network, etc. This was followed by a discussion on the advantages of the Internet, which included factors such as worldwide connectivity and communication, accessibility, anonymity of the user, etc. Advocate Rao specified the legal provisions available to safeguard oneself from cyber-crime, such as the Information Technology Act, etc. The seminar also addressed issues of contemporary importance in the field of Information Technology, such as the controversy over the Aarogya Setu App, cybercrimes on social media, etc.

The seminar ended with a discussion on the various precautions one should take while accessing the Internet such as keeping one’s data protected, using antivirus software, enabling privacy settings among others. The seminar was an informative and interactive one and it gave the students necessary pointers on a subject that concerns their everyday lives.


An online workshop on Coping Strategies with the Present Challenges was conducted for the students of class XI on 18th May 2020. Around 50 students attended the session which was conducted by Mr. Ashish Garg a motivational speaker from Pratham Institute. The workshop focussed on the factors that stimulate stress such as anger, expectations, health issues, uncertainties, academic pressure etc. Mr. Garg emphasized on identifying the stressor and giving enough time to oneself to sort out the stressors. He suggested that one should find out the support structure be it one’s best friend, sibling, parents, etc and insisted not to make friends only on social acceptance.


He explained how COVID19 may affect students’ lives, the future of jobs, economy etc. and that more focus should be on work experience, internships, online courses and degrees. He advised the students not to get distracted by social sites, television, etc rather they should enhance subject specific concerns and concentration level. The session was quite informative.



An online career counselling workshop by Career Launcher was conducted for the students of Class XI by Mr. Avinashi Sareen who is an MBA from Imperial College, London on 12th May 2020. The session was conducted to help students in selecting stream of their choice. Around 40-45 participants mostly from Commerce and Humanities stream attended the workshop. The resource person began by explaining the difference between Passion and Hobby and then stated how career choices are evolutionary in nature. The workshop focussed on UPSC Exams, Chartered Accountancy, Foreign Education and careers in the post COVID world. Mr. Sareen was able to make the session very interesting with the help of a ppt. At the end of the workshop the students interacted with him and thanked him for his valuable inputs. The session was quite enriching and informative.

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