Workshop & Seminar for Teachers Session 2022-23

Workshop & Seminar for Students

Conferences, workshops, and seminars play a significant role in a person’s life. They are platforms not only to learn new aspects, gain different perspectives and latest information, but also an excellent way of networking.

Workshop & Seminar

Conferences, workshops, and seminars play a significant role in a person’s life. They are platforms not only to learn new aspects, gain different perspectives and latest information, but also an excellent way of networking.


A workshop on Building up for competitive exams for Class XII students was held on May 13,2024 at the Roma Deb Auditorium. The workshop, facilitated by Mr. Siddharth Singhal, was a rich myriad of insights and guidance tailored to prepare students for the rigors of competitive examinations in India. Mr. Singhal, commenced by elucidating essential strategies for effective academic planning, laying a solid foundation for success. Subsequently, he navigated through the intricate landscape of the Central Universities Entrance Test (CUET), providing students with a roadmap to conquer this pivotal examination. Moreover, the session highlighted the esteemed Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs), offering a panoramic view of their programs and admissions processes, thereby broadening students’ horizons. Delving deeper, Mr. Singhal unveiled the nuanced patterns of law entrance exams and the diverse paper structures of undergraduate programs, furnishing students with invaluable insights to aid in their decision-making process. Additionally, the concept of stream-neutral courses was introduced, igniting contemplation on alternative academic avenues. In sum, the workshop was a holistic endeavor, arming students with the knowledge, tools, and foresight necessary to navigate their academic trajectories with confidence and purpose.


A workshop on Solid Waste Management was conducted by the Green Dream Foundation for classes VI to XI on May 8, 2024, at the Roma Deb Auditorium. The resource person, Ms. Simran, explained the importance of segregating solid waste generated at home, school, and offices. Awareness about the problem and its solutions was raised through the presentation. At the end of the presentation, an activity was conducted for students to differentiate the types of waste and put them in proper bins. Students took an oath to segregate waste for a sustainable solution to the problem and to be responsible citizens.


The Profile Building workshop held on Tuesday, May 7, 2024 in Roma Deb Auditorium led by the esteemed Ms. Parneet Shergill was a transformative experience for class X students. Through a dynamic blend of interactive activities and insightful discussions, students delved into the intricacies of constructing compelling personal and professional profiles. Ms. Shergill’s decade-long expertise in the education sector lent credibility to her guidance, as she underscored the pivotal role of networking, participation in online communities, and strategic brand positioning. By highlighting tangible career advantages and offering practical tips for profile optimization, students left the session not only inspired but equipped with actionable strategies for navigating the digital landscape. This workshop not only heightened students’ awareness of the importance of profile management but also instilled in them a sense of empowerment to craft narratives that resonate with their aspirations.


On April 20, 2024 Mr. Jitin Chawla conducted a career counseling workshop session for parents and students of class X. The session commenced with a motivational discussion on careers in Finance, setting the tone for the subsequent discussions. Mr. Jitin Chawla guided the parents and students about the career choices available after class XII in different streams. Through this session, he briefed the students on the choice of streams available for the students, pattern of entrance exams, and admission processes of these exams.

In this workshop, he emphasized on Profile Building for admission to foreign universities. Mr. Jitin provided comparative analysis of the cost of Graduation courses across different countries. The session culminated with an interactive session with the parents.


Mr. Rishi Raj from Careers360 conducted a workshop on April 15,2024 for the students of class XII-Science stream. The session commenced with a compelling motivational story, setting the tone for the subsequent discussions. Mr.Raj adeptly transitioned into outlining the agenda, providing a clear roadmap for the topics to be covered. Stressing the pivotal role of prestigious exams in shaping one’s career, he underscored their importance as defining milestones. Throughout the session, he briefed the students on the exam patterns, eligibility criteria, and admission processes of these exams, ensuring a comprehensive understanding among attendees. An integral aspect of the workshop was the emphasis on effective time

management strategies. Mr. Raj introduced various techniques, including the Pomodoro Technique, to help students optimize their study schedules. Furthermore, an interactive activity was conducted to illustrate practical tips for maintaining focus during extended study sessions. The session culminated with a motivational address, wherein he reiterated the significance of diligence and perseverance in achieving academic excellence.



A career counselling orientation session was organized by Jitin Chawla’s Centre for Career Development and Cambridge School, Noida on April 9, 2024.It aimed at encouraging the students of class XII to look beyond their current career plans and explore different options.He emphasized the importance of considering  various new developments and their impact on career growth. Courses like Product Design, Culinary Sciences, and Psychology were recommended to students.Students were encouraged to join internships and explore Law and BBA as potential courses after class XII. Mr.Chawla provided resources to access internship opportunities and tips to improve the CVs of the students. The workshop ended with a doubt-clearing session.


An interactive workshop for career counselling was conducted by the Jitin Chawla Centre For Career Development on April 6,2024, in Roma Deb auditorium, Cambridge School Noida. The workshop was conducted for parents as well as students of class IX.Mr Jitin Chawla, Director of Jitin Chawla Centre for Career Development and the Co-Founder of  Realecole commenced the session by speaking about the various misconceptions related to career options. He introduced the students to new age career options related to the stream along with the courses, universities to consider and job opportunities through a detailed PowerPoint Presentation. Mr. Chawla also apprised the students about the Summer Camps across the country and abroad that helps in developing various skill sets in students. He also discussed the top career options in FINTECH. He  widely discussed the ten important components of Profile Building.The workshop proved to be constructive and of great advantage to the students as well as for the parents who were greatly satisfied by the career counselling given to their wards.

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