What are mnemonics techniques and their benefits in education?

Children have a short attention span, and their brains are not very good at remembering complex information. Hence, they need children-friendly methods and lots of practice to add meaning. It can make it easier for them to remember complex information and recall it faster. Hence, the top CBSE school in Noida believes in the value of mnemonics, which can be used any time and whenever children need to memorize anything. They are one of the most effective instructional strategies for enhancing the young mind’s retention of knowledge or crucial information. It can also help them recall large pieces of information that includes steps, stages, parts, etc. Children can also use mnemonic devices to memorably capture information and facilitate quick recall of facts, definitions, and concepts.

They are also helpful for students who face a lot of difficulties while obtaining particular information. Hence, most educators teach mnemonic techniques or help students to develop their mnemonic instead of just providing information to the learners.

Our brain has two hemispheres from which the left hemisphere deals with numbers, analysis, and logic. The right hemisphere is in charge of imagination, spatial awareness, and creativity. But children’s minds are not trained to put their right hemisphere to work. Hence, it starts troubling them in the learning process because they can’t keep their focus. Instead, they start dreaming and thinking about things that have nothing to do with the current situation. Their lack of focus is the main reason children struggle to memorize information. But they learn and memorize exceptionally well if the information interests and engages them. Hence, Noida best school names have used mnemonic techniques to help their young students learn better.

What are mnemonic techniques)?

Mnemonic techniques are specialized mental strategies designed to improve memory. It allows them to link images and words to memorize a significant amount of information. With the help of mnemonic techniques and little practice, your children can remember the name and sign of every element in the periodic table. They can also be used to remember multiple person names, notably long and unrelated lists of things, descriptions, and entire lessons. Hence, children can solve complex equations or memory tasks with ease. There are two main types of mnemonics used by educators to help young children:

  • Organizational Mnemonics: Children will use the information they already know to learn new information. For example, they can use an easy word like HOMES to remember the names of the Great Lakes of North America, such as Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, Superior.
  • Encoding Mnemonics: They will use a device or object to learn unfamiliar information. For example, they can use a pizza to understand and learn the concepts of circle’s radius, diameter and the value of pi.

What are the benefits of mnemonic techniques?

These exercises encourage children to use both sides of their brain at the same time, which contributes to an enhanced balance of the functional potentials of the brain. It further associates the right hemisphere in the learning process, which is essential for the education process as it works in the children’s interest and not against it.

Various scientific and psychological studies have proven the actual result of memorization techniques on children’s memory. According to the results of tests performed, scientists witnessed a guaranteed increase in the speed of reading and memorization at a minimum of 50% after these techniques have been adopted. It can improve young children’s cognitive development, memory retention skills, and the results they achieve in school.

Even Nikola Tesla who was regarded as the most prominent in science used to boost his mind with memorization techniques. And he’s not alone as many historical persons used these techniques to enhance their mind and memory. That’s why mnemonic techniques have become a standard in the pedagogy of top CBSE schools in Noida.

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