Trips and Excursions


Cambridge School Noida organized a virtual visit to Yamuna Biodiversity Park for classes VI to IX on 24th and 25th November, 2020.  The virtual visit was conducted by the resource persons Dr. Faiyaz Ahmad Khursad- Scientist Incharge, Ms. Preeti Vohra- Nature Education Officer and Ms. Ekta Khurana -the Field Biologist with Yamuna Biodiversity Park. Ms. Preeti Vohra explained about the flora, fauna and the ecosystems of the biodiversity park through videos and power point presentations.  Around 600 students attended the virtual visit. The teacher incharge for the virtual visit was Ms. Bindu Muralidharan.

 The objective of the visit was to provide an opportunity to the students to understand nature conservation through virtual nature trails covering different forest communities along with conservatory of Herbal plants, butterfly conservatory, gene bank and wetland ecosystems. Understanding of biodiversity and their role in prevention of spread of zoonotic diseases have become more important during the current pandemic situation.

Students interacted very well with the resource persons. All the queries were satisfied by them. Students thoroughly enjoyed the visit. It was indeed a visual treat from them.

The virtual visit was interesting and educative.


Yamuna Biodiversity Park Virtual Visit Yamuna Biodiversity Park Virtual Visit Yamuna Biodiversity Park Virtual Visit



On 22nd January 2020,an educational trip was organized by the school for students of VII to Qutub Minar and Jamali Kamali.With great zeal and enthusiasm 135 students spanning from VII-A-E participated for the same accompanied by their respective class teacher s.Right from the beginning of the trip till the very end the students were very excited and enjoyed their trip to the hilt.It was truly an educative cum enjoyable experience for them all.

They all were really looking forward for this trip.At Qutub Minar 3 Professional Guides were there to guide and share more details about the two places with the students.They were explaining in great detail about the history of the two places,which the students were taking notes of.

Thus it was a true combination of knowledge and fun for them all.Each and every possible details were given to the students about Qutub Minar and its surroundings.Afterwards after a 15 minute walk,everyone reached Jamali-Kamali.There firstly in the open area,the students got the chance to relax,rejuvenate,play and have their food.Followed by a brief visit to the Jamali-Kamali tomb.There too the history behind the place was shared by the guides. The experience was truly an enriching,enjoyable and memorable one for them all.


An educational trip was organized by the school to the National Science Centre, Delhi for the students of class VIII on January 17, 2020. 143 students along with 5 teachers visited the science centre. The visit proved to be a great way to arouse curiosity in the minds of school students and was a thrilling and motivating experience.

The students took a tour of the following galleries- Water- the elixir of life, Hall of nuclear power, Our science and technology heritage, Human biology, Pre-historic life , Fun science, Information revolution, Emerging technologies-Space Technology, Information and Communication Technology, Medical and Biotechnology, Oceanography and Earth Sciences, Agricultural Technology, Material Science, Nanotechnology, Energy and Transportation Technology.

Magic tap, stingless piano, Tesla coils, energy ball, marine and freshwater aquariums were the main attractions at the Science Centre. The Science Centre provided a whole world of wonder and amazement with 137 interactive ‘hands-on’ exhibits.  Wrestling the gorilla arm, virtual makeup, find the direction of sound, walking through the mirror maze, infinity well, animated dinosaurs, responding to electric shock, lifting a lid against an electromagnet and many others caught the attention of students instantly and they thoroughly enjoyed being a part of these fun filled activities.


To broaden the horizon of learning through fun filled educational trips, on 16thJanuary,2020 students of  Cambridge school, Noida,all sections of VIth class (A-E) escorted by Vivek Kumar, Promila Gayatri, Bindu Muralidharan, Anjana Arora and Areeba Sundus visited the National Museum situated in New Delhi. Being one of the most premier museums of India, it has a huge collection of sculptures in stone ,bronze, terracotta and wood ,miniature paintings, manuscripts, coins, arms and armour, jewellery, costumes and anthropological objects.

Students enriched their learning experience by witnessing the artifacts of Harappan Civilization along with that they also witnessed the evolution of art forms through the early and late Medieval periods and Buddhist era.

Students interact with  museum personel to understand the interesting history behind each piece of artifact collected from various archeological sites of India. They learnt about the journey of Indian currencies from British India to early post independence period.

In a trip to this museum would not just show students the kind of lives led during pre- historic times; it also helps us realize the pace of development India has gone through at each and every phase.Oveall it was an enriching experience for both the teachers and students.



A industrial visit to Mother Dairy, Patparganj, Delhi was organised on 17th January, 2020 for the students of Class XI commerce and entrepreneurship.

32 students went for the visit along with 2 teachers to get an insight of actual working environment of a organization and how does a factory functions.

The visit was interactive and enriching for the students.


Cambridge school, Noida has organized a three days excursion trip to Jim Corbett and Nainital for classes VI-VIII from 21st May 2019 to 23rd May 2019.

On 21st May 2019, 124 students along with 13 teachers left for Jim Corbett National Park at 6.30 a.m and reached their destination by 1.30 p.m. After having lunch at the resort the students and teachers rest for a while and then proceeded to Girija Devi temple and spend the evening exploring the temple and enjoying the scenic beauty on the banks of Kosi river.

Activities like cycling and dancing were also organized for the students at the resort.

On 22nd May 2019, After having breakfast at the resort the travelling party visited Jim Corbett Museum, The students observed the paintings of the museum carefully and learned important facts about the life of Edward James Corbett. The visit was enjoyable as well as informative. After the museum visit, the group left for Nainital and spend rest of the day visiting Naina Devi temple and shopping at the Tibetan market.

On 23rd May 2019, students and teachers went for the Jeep Safari at 6.30 in the morning to watch the wildlife of Corbett National Park in their natural habitat. The students also observed the rich Flora and Fauna of the National Park and particularly enjoyed the greenery and natural beauty of the forest. After the safari, the travelling party went back to resort for breakfast and then proceeded for Delhi at 12.00 p.m and reached school by 9.00 p.m.


A trip was organized for the students of class 11th to Camp Pine Riviera, Nainital from 21st May 2019 to 24th May 2019. 33 students of class 11th along with four teachers Ms. Mamta Rishi, Ms. Shruti Khatri, Mr. Praveen Nagar and Mr. Dhyanchand Bhatt attended the camp.

It was an enriching experience for all the students. In the camp students performed various activities like flying fox, Rappelling, Jumaring, Tyrolean traverse, Kayaking, Commando obstacle course, river crossing and river fording. All the students even went for village study and got to know about how difficult life is for the people living in mountains. In the evening they had cultural and team building programs like skit performance on social topics along with bonfire. The camp taught each one of them how to deal with different challenges, adjust in all kinds of situations and acquire good leadership skills.


A summer camp for the students of class IX was organised by Cambridge School ,Noida from May 20, 2019 to May 24, 2019 to Camp Mashobra Greens, Shimla. 51 students of class IX were accompanied by 5 teachers on this trip. Students and teachers enthusiastically  participated in the team building and adventure activities like  Valley Crossing, Flying Fox, Rappelling, Burma Bridge, Commando Net, Double Trouble and Maggie Making Trek Activity.
Students were able to successfully complete the tasks assigned to them. These activities helped to enhance communication skills, team work and motivated the students to take new challenges.


Selected students from each section of VI-VIII ( 63 out of 75 selected students) were taken to Parle-G factory, Sec-63, Noida on 18-01-19 with the  Class coordinators,  Ms Jyoti Agarwal and Ms. Vasundhara Kaushik.

The programme coordinator of Parle –G,  Mr. Mahesh Agarwal , showed a slide show in the factory auditorium on Healthy Habits and Healthy Food wherein the students were made aware that food should not be wasted and the Do’s and Don’ts of handling food and combating adulteration. A very informative and impressive video film on the theme THINK , DUMP AND GO was shown which taught the children not to litter and how to recycle waste. How we should dispose Bio-degradable and Non-Bio degradable waste.

Next was a video film on how Parle-G factory started by Narottam Chauhan came into being and how the different varieties of biscuits and various candies are made. The students were then taken to the plant for the live demonstration of the making of candies and wrapping process. This was an enriching and educational experience for students. Students asked relevant questions to  Mr.  Agarwal which were answered satisfactorily.

The students were brought back to the auditorium and biscuits and candies were distributed to them. In the end Mr. Agarwal gave motivational lecture to the students on hard work and how one should keep trying and improving to make oneself better.


The students of Cambridge School, Noida of classes 8th, 9th and 11th were taken on a trip to the National Gallery of Modern Art,   on 19 January, 2019. The group of students was guided by Mr. Arghya Ganguly, Asst. Curator, N. G. M. A. The children were told about the various steps required in order to preserve and display the paintings and artworks.

The gallery started with a display of The Dandi March by Gandhi in the gallery (A). There was a beautiful display of salt. In a room, they had showcased overflowing salt and animated people seemed to walk on it. The students enjoyed watching them. The exhibition also included portraits and sketches of Gandhi speaking and doing various activities by his followers. There were also two sculptures of Gandhi, one by Ramkinkar Baij, and the other one was by Ram V. Suttar.

They were next taken to the first floor where they witnessed beautiful canvas paintings by famous artists around the world. The curator also explained the feelings and thoughts that the artists have tried to display through their paintings. There was a painting which was based on a temple in Banaras. The students were really mesmerized to see the painting as the painter had made beautiful details of the temple near a river, where he didn’t just show the beauty of the temple but also tried to showcase the life and activities of the people. They also saw paintings of many Indian painters including Amrita Shergill and Jamini Roy. They were specially attracted by the paintings and life of Amrita Shergill after knowing at which age she had made those paintings and how she had died at such an early age.

The students were very interested in knowing about Binod Bihari Mukherji who was blind and had still managed to make paintings of different sculptures and human figures just by feeling them.

After taking a whole round a look at all the paintings at the gallery, the students were taken to the sculpture museum. There the students were encouraged to use their creativity in imagining different stories behind every sculpture.



A trip to Kashmiri Gate and Election Museum was organized by ITIHAS GROUP on 14th Nov 2018 from 10am to 1pm at Kashmiri Gate. A total of 175 students of Class VIII visited the place along with the teachers – Ms Kamaljit Sandhu, Ms Seema , Mr Zubair, Mr Angad, Ms Richa Sharma who accompanied the students for the trip.

 The trip enlightened the students with the history of Revolt of 1857 and the role of Kashmere Gate in it. The students were given the opportunity to learn about the process of elections at the Election Museum. A quiz was also conducted at the venue for engaging the students.



Historical walk of Chandni Chowk was organised by ITIHAAS on 3/11/2018 from 8:00 a.m to 2:00 pm for class 10 students with their class teachers to  Chandni Chowk, as a part of inculcating Secularism among students. Also visited the religious places of Chandni Chowk like Jama Masjid, Naya Jain Mandir and Sheesh Ganj Gurudwara


An Educational Trip to Red Fort was organised by ITIHAAS (Indian Traditions and Heritage Society) on Children’s Day, November 14, 2018 from 8:30 AM to 2:00 PM for 170 students of all sections of Class VII accompanied by their respective Class Teachers.

The students were taken on a tour of the fort guided by Shivani and Indira Ganesh of ITIHAAS, along with their team. They explained the historical and architectural significance of the fort in great detail and shared many interesting facts with the students.

The students enjoyed an absorbing experience, learning about heritage and culture, as they walked around the iconic monument. Away from the classroom, this was a great opportunity for them to bond as a community.



Environment Club students of classes VI – VIII of Cambridge School, Noida visited Okhla Bird Sanctuary on 6 th October, 2018 on the occasion of Wild Life Week celebration.

An interactive session with the Environmentalist and Limca Book of Winner Mr. Rakesh Khatri washeld in which he discussed about conservation of birds as many species were at the verge of extinction. He also discussed about the water management in the some villages of Rajasthan.They asked about his motivation to work in the field of sparrow conservation, various awards received for his achievements.Students got an enthralling experience of nature walk. They got the opportunity to watch species of birds like Kingfisher, Stonehead etc.

Harshita Singhal of class VII D won First prize, Jiya Wadhwa of VII B won second prize and Deepansh Malhan of VII D won third prize for the speech on Wildlife conservation. The visit was educative and also entertaining. Students were contented with their visit to the Okhla Bird Sanctuary



Few students of classes X and students from the science stream of XI  and XII of Cambridge School, Noida along with two teachers, Dr Hemant Kumar Singh and Ms. Mamta Rishi, visited IIT Delhi on 21stApril, 2018 for the fourteenth Open House 2018, a one day event where engineering students from all over India showcased their working and static models.

Open House 2018 was a one day event dedicated to provide an insight into path-breaking research work, student projects and the numerous advanced facilities and laboratories available in IIT Delhi. To prevent burning of crop residue which results in air pollution in Delhi, an eco-friendly technology was developed to convert the agro-waste into pulp at lower scales unlike industries that require heavy machinery.

The Society for the Advancement of Education (SAE) organized a four day workshop on Taking Social Science Out of the Classroom from 22ndMay, 2018 to 25thMay,2018 at Gazaar. Resource person for the workshop was Mr HarendraChakhaiyar, Principal, Cambridge School, Indirapuram. There were about 20 teachers from Cambridge School fraternity who attended the workshop. Four teachers viz. Ms. Puneet Kaur, Ms. Rachna Arora, Ms. Bindu and Mr. Zubair Ahmed, represented Cambridge School, Noida. The objective of the training programme was to make Social Science Curriculum interesting for middle and senior school by providing experience related to real life situations. The training programme was designed to encourage Field Survey Method as a teaching methodology.


27 students of Cambridge School, Noida accompanied by three teachers Ms. AnikiniDhall, Ms. SeemaDimri and Mr. Karan Dhawan went for a trek to Dhobighat, Mussoorie, in Uttrakhand for two days, 25th and 26thMay, 2018. Students thoroughly enjoyed their stay in tents located in the lap of the Himalayas.The students learnt about “Green Trek”, conservation of nature and how to recycle the non-biodegradable wastes of nature, most importantly, the conservation of water.


Cambridge School, Noida, organized a trip toMashobra Greens, Shimla for 70 students of class XII ( 37 boys and 33 girls) and 4 teachers, Mr. Akhilesh, Mr. Mangeram, Mr. Rohit Dhingra , Ms. Madhumita   Ray, Ms. Jyoti Joshi and Ms. Arpita Paul from  28th May, 2018 till 1st June, 2018. The overall trip was very enjoyable and made the trip successful.


102 students from Classes IX B, C and D along with their Class Teachers and Biology teacher Ms. Kiran Sibal visited the Mother Dairy plant at Patparganj, New Delhi on 17th May, 2018.   The children were addressed by an officer who shared details about the products which are processed and marketed by Mother Dairy Fruits and Vegetables Private Limited.

The students were shown around the plant which consisted of automated machines for standardisation, clarification, homogenisation, fortification and pasteurisation. The children were treated to unlimited glasses of chilled Vanilla milk and large scoops of chocolate ice-cream. The trip to the plant was indeed a very satisfying and enriching experience for the children.

Yoga Day

World Yoga Day was held on 21st June, 2018 and 14 NCC cadets from Cambridge School, Noida participated in the event.37 NCC BN Ghaziabad CO, Col DheerajChandola, JCOs, NCOs, and NCC officers as well as the Principal of GIC  Noida were present at the event.


On 31st August, 2018, 30 students of Cambridge School, Noida went on an educational trip to Ojas Art gallery, QutabMinar, New Delhi. Mr. BappiSingha and Mr. S.K. Bisht   escorted the group. Ms. Urmila Banu, curator of the show titled Satrangi,an exhibition of Bengal Patachitra guided the students through the entire show at the gallery. She explained to them the history of Patachitra from its early beginnings to the contemporary period.

Cambridge School, Noida organized a trip to Qutub Minar for class VII students on 5th August, 2017. “Qutub Minar is regarded as one of the tallest minarets and has received a lot of attention from historians, Antiquarians and tourists”. The students learnt how Qutub Minar went through the process of construction during the reign of three different rulers. They were enlightened by a new concept known as Quwwat-al- Islam which was built by Alauddin Khalji using red sandstone and marble. The students also saw the Jain and Hindu pillars with their distinctive symbolisms. It was a great learning experience for the students who were accompanied by their social studies teachers and their class teachers.


An educational trip for the students of Class VIII to Vigyan Bhawan was organised on 29th July, 2017 to attend a programme on the occasion of Global Tiger Day organised by the Ministry of Forest Environment and Climate change. The students were made aware about the importance of saving Tigers, before they become extinct through songs, Nukkad Natak and speeches by various ministers, famous singer and music director Abhishek Ray and actor Randeep Hooda. A jingle on ‘Saving Tigers’ was also released. The chief guest was Dr. Harsh Vardhan, Minister of Forest, Environment and Climate Change. It was attended by the Forest and wildlife ministers of various states which have Tiger reserves. Students were provided with refreshments and T Shirts. The program was very informative and educative.

Forty one children from the various sections of classes XI and XII went for a three days and four nights‘ trip to Gazaar from May 24 to May 27,2017. Four teachers accompanied the enthusiastic group of children. Various outdoor activities were planned for children including visit to Jageshwar temple and Nainital, along with trekkingandlocal sightseeing. It was indeed a fun filled excursion.


An inter-disciplinary trip was organized for all students of class IX and Geography students of class XII to Indian Agricultural Research Institute, Pusa Road, Delhi on May 9, 2017. The students visited the Vegetable Greenhouse- a greenhouse maintained by using cooling pads, large exhaust fans, thermal insulation sheets and net roofing, with tall red, yellow and green capsicums and cherry tomato plants. The next stop was a hydroponic set-up followed by floriculture in a fully automated green house. They also saw various machines and equipment used in farming anddrip irrigation techniques. Then they visited National agricultural Science Museumwhich showcased the evolution of agriculture since its origin till the present times followed byvertical gardens, used for urban horticulture.
They also saw a 15 minute movie based on farmers‘ lives in India.


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