We can learn about children just by observing them play. Kids learn the best when they are engaged in activities driven by their natural curiosity and intrinsic desire to explore. As educators and parents, it is our responsibility that we sustain their interest and raise the kids to become self-directed learners.

In the future, no one knows which skills and knowledge might come in handy. If we raise self-directed learners, then it is our best shot at creating a beautiful and better world for themselves and others.

One of the top 10 best schools in Noida explores how our children can be motivated to learn, even when the going gets tough. This article will highlight why we need to focus on intrinsic as opposed to extrinsic motivation. Intrinsic motivation is described as the behaviour that is driven as a result of internal satisfaction and rewards. It reinforces the students to flourish and build their natural curiosity of the world and persevere through tasks. Learning which occurs due to fear or reward can only thwart the natural curiosity of children.

Here are three essential components which are used in building intrinsic motivation: Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose. Let’s read them about in detail:

1) Autonomy

We want our children to be independent in future. However, once our children reach a certain age, we have this notion that they can become an “independent” person, but then we suddenly freak out if our child cannot cope with the newness.

Independence is not something that comes to you suddenly when you wake up in the morning at the age of 18. Instead, it is more of a process, where parents and teachers give independence in age-appropriate amounts in measured doses. For instance, a 5-year-old kid can pick their books to read or choose a task they want to work on.

As parents, you should encourage your child to exercise their autonomy to support your children to let them know that they have a voice and are being heard. Gradually, you can extend these boundaries where the children are empowered to make their own decisions. When we involve our children to set up the rules themselves, it not only reinforces their autonomy, but it will also make them realize their responsibility. As a result, children are more likely to follow the rules and the consequences, if any.

2) Mastery

Children usually are a determined bunch. They have all kinds of obsession with a toy, a book, a favourite cartoon character, song, or a Tv show. They may want to play, read, talk, hear or watch their favourite things over and over again.

As a parent, we get concerned about whether our “children have any trouble concentrating” or he/she “is not interested in a task for more than 2 minutes.”

The best CBSE school in Noida noted that children are usually innately programmed to master skills which they need. These skills can only be mastered by continuously performing a task or series of tasks until they feel satisfied and have mastered it. The child begins to fully concentrate and complete the tasks despite facing any setbacks or challenges.

You can support their quest for mastery. Be supportive, whether through words of encouragement, or just be present with them while working. You can also provide them with avenues for them to practice these skills. This will help them to be constantly curious and also makes the learning and mastery process more enjoyable.

3) Purpose

A child aims to work. It’s not work in the traditional sense, but children will learn more about their surroundings and themselves through exploration activities. This phase is called self-construction.

As Benjamin Franklin said, “Tell me, and I forget. Teach me, and I remember. Involve me, and I learn.”

We can help children achieve their sense of purpose by providing them with a wide range of experiences. This necessarily does not mean a trip abroad, but rather experiences such as dressing themselves, cooking for the family and learning how the world operates around us.

The best nursery school in Noida aims to inspire kids to be curious and self-motivated learners.

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