Theatre Presentations Session 2020-22


Theatre provides an outlet for making creative choices, thinking new ideas, and interpreting the material in expressive ways .It is a medium through which the dormant play-text can come to life.

A science theatre presentation was conducted by the students of class VII on the topic “Physical and Chemical Changes” on 21.12.2022 in the Roma Deb Auditorium. Dr. Kalyani Roy, Secretary, SAE, Officiating Principal, Ms. Nandita Sinha Roy, Vice Principal, 

Ms. Preeti Sirohi and parents graced the occasion by their presence. Ms. Bindu Muralidharan, Ms. Nitu Dixit and Ms. Gunjan Chamoli guided the students to prepare and present the theatre.

The topic was presented in a fun-filled, entertaining including skit, fair, magic show demonstrating experiments on physical and chemical changes, song and a contemporary ballet keeping Christmas as the central theme.  

The theatre presentation concluded by a motivational address by the Officiating Principal, Ms. Nandita Sinha Roy who congratulated  the students for their wonderful performances, the teacher incharges for the guidance and support given to the students to put up a grand show and the parents for making themselves available for the event.

Overall it was a fun-filled learning experience for the students. The theatre was appreciated by one and all.


Cambridge School Noida Organised an event “Theatre in Education”, Class VI, Mathematics on 19 October 2022, for showing the role of theatre in making the maths learning environment more enjoyable. Class VI students presented a play showing the real-life application of mathematical concepts. Overall it was a great learning experience for students, teachers, and parents.



Theatre is an exposure; it is confrontation; it is a contradiction and it leads to analysis, construction, recognition, and eventually to an awakening of understanding.

 A theatrical presentation “Web Wise Kids”, by the children of class VII on the interesting applications of new-age technologies such as E-waste, Cyber Security, the Internet of Things, and Artificial Intelligence was conducted virtually on Tuesday, December 7, 2021. Teachers and children from sister schools also enjoyed the mesmerizing performance.


An online Maths theatre presentation was organised by the students of class VI on the topic We eat & drink Mathematics..” on 25.08.2020.

The students of class VI under the guidance of their subject teachers Ms.Preeti Ghai, Ms.Sangeeta Das & Mr.Vivek Singh prepared and presented their ideas and observation on 3D solids. The presentation included a no. of poems, demonstrations, short skits, prologues, and experiments to illustrate the properties, structure and use of   3D solids (cubes, cuboids, sphere, cylinder & pyramid) found in their surroundings, nature, historical monuments, etc. Also, the students discussed many innovative applications of 3D technology in medical science, automobile designing, and 3D printing.

The event concluded with an inspiring message from the school principal Mrs.Preeti Sangwan, who encouraged the students to be inquisitive and observe Mathematics in their surroundings. Students of class VI received a lot of appreciation from their teachers, classmates, guests, and parents for putting up such a brilliant show successfully via an online platform.


An online science theatre presentation was conducted by students of class VII on the topic ”Acids, Bases and Salts” on 21.07.2020. The presentation was witnessed by Mrs. Preeti Sagwan, Principal Cambridge School Noida, Mrs. Nandtita Roy, Vice Principal, Cambridge School Noida, senior science teachers along with students of all the sections of grade VIII of CSN on a virtual platform Google Meet. Ms. Promila Garyali, Ms. Bindu Muralidharan and Ms. Nitu Dixit were the teacher incharge of the theatre presentation.

In the presentation, students presented the facts and concepts related to acid bases & salts in the most entertaining and fun-filled manner. It included skits, poem and songs which made the concepts of acids, bases and salts easy to understand. The theatre presentation concluded with a strong message on the social issue of acid attack presented by the students through mime and dance.

The efforts of the students were appreciated by one and all.


The Department of Mathematics, Cambridge School, Srinivaspuri organised ‘Theatre in Education’ presentation on the topic ‘Comparing Quantities‘ for the class VII students on 05th Feb, 2020 in the school auditorium

Mr.Vivek Singh and Ms. Sangeeta Das attended the presentation.

The concept of Ratio and Proportion was discussed through an event of birthday party. Similary, the idea of profit and loss in a transaction was introduced by simulating a market scene.

Students were able to apply the formulaes and understand the relevance of such tools in day to day life. Students were motivated to analyse the profit/loss, percentage increase/decrease etc in their day to day dealing such as shopping.


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