Theatre Presentations Session 2019-20


A theatre was held by the students of Classes XI and XII ( Legal Studies ) on the 7th of August 2019 regarding the Criminal Justice System of India. It consisted of two parts, a play presented by the students of Class XI and a power point presentation given by the students of Class XII.
The play presented by the students depicted the whole criminal justice procedure, by taking an example of a case of a theft where the identity of the criminal was mistaken. This play informed the audience about various legal concepts such as prosecution, FIRs, the powers of the police and their role in the criminal justice system. The play was informative and well received.
The second part of the seminar was conducted by the students of Class XII. The criminal justice system was briefly summarized in the form of a power point presentation which explained the essential parts of the prosecution.  It further expanded on the scope of the aforementioned play.
The presentation consisted of an introduction to the process of criminal justice. That was followed by the different types of complaints which could be filed and an explanation of FIRs. The seminar concluded with a comprehensive evaluation of the procedure of a criminal case.
The seminar was attended by Mr. Soumen Chakraborty, the students of Cambridge School, Indirapuram and the teachers in-charge.

In conclusion, the seminar was an interesting means of explaining the Indian Criminal Justice


In the theatre presentation held on 17th July 2019, on the topic “The Virus”, 40 students from class VII participated. The presentation was based on the chapter from the text book. They presented the concept of Virus, its types and the use of Antivirus using various mediums including music, dance, drama and the animated movie.

Members of ERC, Vice Principal, parents, students and teachers from sister schools and students of class VII attended the programme.


In the theatre presentation held on 21 st January, 2019 on the topic ELECTORAL POLITICS fifty two students of class IX participated. The presentation was based on the chapter from the text of Class IX Political Science. The objective was to make students aware about the importance of elections in a democratic country. It threw light on the important role of youth in the elections.


Students of class X presented a theatre ON 23rd October 2018,  on the topic Metals and Non –Metals. Around  60 students from various sections of class X participated in it. Theatre was divided into three parts.It started with history of  metals and after that students presented various properties and uses of metals and non metals along with their extraction.It concluded with a melodious song and a small movie based on the topic. Members of ERC, Principal,Vice Principal, students and teachers from sister schools and students of class X of the host school  attended the programme. It was appreciated by all.



On 4th August, 2018, five students of Class X accompanied by Mr. Jamal Ashraf and Ms. KusumLata attended a Theatre in Education ‘Vietnam Saga’ at Cambridge School, Greater Noida. The students of Class X presented the Vietnamese struggle against the French rule and the military intervention of United States of America in Vietnam from 1965 to 1974. It was an invigorating experience for the students and they could relate to it as it was based on their History chapter – The Nationalistic Movement in Indo China.


Mathematics theatre for Class VI was conducted on 30th July, 2018 on Ratio and Proportion. The play was about how various characters experience use of ratio and proportion in daily life and how the teacher explains the concept in class through examples. 23 students participated in the play which included two dance performances. The students actively participated in the play and their parents also encouraged them by their presence. The whole idea of this play was learning by doing and how Mathematical concepts can be taught in a creative manner. Ms. Nandita Sinha Roy (Vice Principal Academics) and Ms. Nalin Anju were present for the event.


A seminar on Missile Technology was organized by the physics teachers on 27th July, 2018 in the seminar room at Cambridge School, Noida. Dr. Hemant Kr Singh, HOD Physics, began with a detailed introduction of missiles and their classification. He also discussed about the fuel used in the missiles, warheads and the working mechanism of missiles. To make the power point presentation more informative and interesting, audio-visuals were used.

Mr. Angad Singh and Ms. Rachna Arora continued the session with other details like – cost, coverage area and history of the missiles.

Dr.Kalyani Roy, Secretary of SAE and Manager, Cambridge School, Noida and Col. Chaudhary graced the session along with other dignitaries. It was an enriching experience for senior science students and teachers who attended the seminar


As a part of theatre in education, Biology students of class XI and XII presented theatre on the topic “TICK TOCK: OUR BIOLOGICAL CLOCK” in the Roma Deb Auditorium on 26th July 2018 at Cambridge School, Noida. It was attended by Dr.Kalyani Roy, Secretary SAE, Col. Devdutt Choudhury of ERC, Ms. Nalin Anju, Ms. Nandita Sinha Roy, Vice Principal (Academics), parents, grandparents, Class XI Biology students of Cambridge School Srinivaspuri along with their teacher and Class XID, XII D and XIIE of Cambridge School, Noida.

Students were briefed about the topic and its various aspects. Brain storming sessions were held before finalizing the scenes. Students of Class XI prepared the script which underwent modifications during the successive rehearsals. On the other hand, students of Class XII made the PowerPoint presentation. It was a great learning experience for the students as there was scope for research and presenting the theme with theatrical skills the life skills of students were enhanced as the entire process involved team work, time management, empathy and self-awareness.



The students of Psychology of Classes XII-D and XII-E presented a theatre on the theme Psychotherapies on 14th and 15thMay, 2018 at the Roma Deb Auditorium in Cambridge School, Noida. It was attended by Class XII students, parents, teachers and Counsellors of all sister schools and Cambridge School, Noida. The presentation included three slice-of-life acts categorising three different therapies, namely- Psychodynamic Therapy, Behaviour Therapy and Cognitive Therapy.

In the process of formulating the script for the plays, the children were required to internalise the academic concepts and produce storylines that justified the course of the therapies in a manner that was lucid enough for the edification of the audience.

Since rehabilitation is essential in the case of psychotherapies, the students learnt the importance of mental recuperation post the termination of any therapeutic procedure. All in all, the psychology theatre was an enriching experience that provided the students with practical insights into the pertinence of psychology and its application beyond the lineation of textbook material.


The English Department of Cambridge School, Noida organised a seminar on the topic A Comparative Study of the Plays- Mother’s Day and On the Face of it from the English Literature texts of Class XI and XII in the Roma Deb Auditorium on 10th May, 2018.It was presented by Senior English teachers Ms. Latika Joshi and Ms. DeepaWadhwa along with a team of students from Class XII. Using videos, power point presentation the teachers spoke about the two plays, bringing out the similarities, plot, technique, characterization and themes of the two plays.

It was attended by the Manager, Dr.Kalyani Roy and members of the management. Other attendees were teachers and students from sister schools and students of Class XI and XII from Cambridge School, Noida.


A class activity was organised to teach the topic Virus to the students through the medium of theatre. 13 students of Class VII A presented a skit on Virus and its effect. The skit was scripted and directed by Nischal Pachauri of Class VII A. Through this activity the students depicted the harmful effects of Virus on the computer and how it can be prevented. The students enthusiastically participated in the skit showcasing their talent.



The students of the Fashion Studies Department of Cambridge School, Noida organised a presentation on ‘The Origin and Development of Costume’ on 26th April, 2018  to enhance and share their knowledge on fashion through the history of clothing. The presentation covered the origin of costumes both in India and the west  from the 17th century to the period of 1900-1950. The students showcased various garments and styles based on the period mentioned. The show ended with a ramp walk portraying ready to wear fashion of the current times. The show was graced by Dr.Kalyani Roy Secretary, SAE and Vice Principal (Academics) Mrs. Nandita Sinha Roy.