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Teaching time management to kids

Most children have a complicated relationship with time. They can easily lose track of time while playing their favourite games or doing something that interests them. Hence, they end up getting scolded to hurry up. While it usually causes no harm, it can become a problem if your kid is about to start their nursery class admission.

Being adults, we have to keep track of a lot of things, and the same goes for kids. But for younger kids, the challenge is that they manage their time through activities, such as mealtime, school time, homework time or playtime. Unlike us, kids have trouble when it comes to managing all their activities in the available frame of time.

Kids don’t have the skills and means to organize their schedule because they haven’t fully grasped the importance of managing their time. So, it’s the adult’s duty to help them out. While some kids can pick it up pretty well, others might need a little push.

The top schools in Noida suggest that teaching time management can help them to be successful in their future tasks and ventures. So if you want to teach time management to your kids, here are some tips. Luckily, it only requires a little practice and few adjustments.

The best way to teach your kids the concept of time is by starting with the seasons. It can help them understand the concept and flow of time by observing the changes in nature with each passing season. It can make the concept of time more fun and simpler for them. Once they understand it, you can move on to teaching them how to measure time using a clock.

Kids can get overwhelmed by the amount of work they have to do. Noida famous school also have a time-table that helps kids to keep track of things. Fix a time for their meals, play, and homework and make them assist you while doing so. You can also take a creative route and use pictures of food to mention the activity, such as books for study time and fruit for mealtime.

Like us, children also have a lot on their plate and a limited time frame. So it’s highly important to set their priorities straight. And to do that, they need to differentiate between the activities they have to do and the ones they want to do. They cannot have everything in a single day, so you have to teach them the importance of prioritizing their work. Suppose that they want to go shopping but have to submit a project the next day. Help them understand that they should finish their project first and go shopping later in the day.

While kids want their demands to be met on time, they won’t show the same punctuality in other important tasks. So, the best way to teach them is by planning an activity that interests them and then makes them wait for the day. While it seems like a ploy, it can go a long way in teaching them the importance of time. So the next time they want something, ask them to wait for the right time.

Every learning experience should be fun kids, and the same goes for learning time management. Instead of traditional calendars, use crayons and stickers to make your calendar and make a fun activity out of it. You can also turn their daily chores into a game to see who can complete their tasks quickly. The more fun you make the whole thing, the quicker they will be picking the skill of time management.


Teaching your child about how to manage their time is paramount. As one of the top schools in Noida, we impart time management in kids at the earliest, so many problems related to punctuality won’t rise.

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