Senior Wing Activities

Music Concert organized for Class VII

An online music concert was held on November 21 and 28, 2020, Saturday from 4:30 to 6:00 PM via MS Teams.ADM department,  co-ordinators, class teachers, grandparents, parents and students of class VII graced the occasion.As initiated by the ADM department this year, these concerts are being organised to uplift the mood of students and maintain their physical and mental well-being.

Around 40 students took part in dance, music (vocal/instrumental) and recitation and made this event a grand success. After the performance by the students, the grandparents and some parents also lit up the occasion by showcasing their talent.

The grandparents felt overwhelmed by the tribute they received through this concert.

Music Concert by Class 8Music Concert by Class 8Music Concert by For Class 8


On the occasion of Diwali, our Class IX C made a Video on the Special Assembly which was held on 11th November 2020.  This Special Assembly included the following:

  • Prayer by Gunjan Sir.
  • Talk on the occasion of Diwali by Aafia Ali
  •  A Skit (Play) on desisting from bursting Crackers by Anshika Chaudhary, Shagun Saxena, Radhika Awana and S. Karthik
  • Heart-touching video on how the people under poverty line are celebrating Diwalin
  • A beautiful rendition of a song by Gunjan Sir

Also, many special effects were added in the video to make it more attractive and impressive as this is the first time we are doing on on-line platform.  All the students of our Class actively participated on the occasion.  Our Class Teacher Ms. Sarika Sharma helped us in coordinating with each other for making it successful.  The entire compilation was modulated by S. Karthik.


Cambridge School Noida celebrated the Children’s Day on the 12th of November as the 14th of November was a holiday on account of Diwali. Due to the restrictions on gatherings in the current situation several online activities and competitions were organized to mark this day. It all began with a special school assembly wherein the teachers stepped into the shoes of the students and conducted the entire assembly right from reading news, saying the thought of the day, followed by a skit depicting the day-to-day routine of online classes. Students cheered their teachers as they saw them acting and laughed boisterously at their jokes. 

It was followed by an address by the Principal, Ms. Preeti Sangwan, blessing the children with kind wishes, guidance and encouragement.

Class wise activities were conducted thereafter.  


One Minute Activity  by Ms. Areeba Sundus and Ms. Sobia Khan 

There were different games and programs for every class. One Minute Activity was particularly for VI class. In the beginning of the activity, teacher in-charges conveyed the background, history and importance of Children’s Day and the relevance of Pandit Nehru and his principles of love and compassion. Activity was divided into three parts—many interesting brain teasers were asked in the beginning which was really enjoyed by the students.  Second activity was Bring me an Object where there were riddles based on objects and students were supposed to bring different objects based on the respective question. Third activity was Pencil and Coin.

The entire session was extremely entertaining and engaging. Students loved and appreciated the efforts of teachers


Toy Making Activity by Ms. Mitali Sengupta and Ms. Veenu Mehta

Toys are the perfect friends for kids. Kids are always after the latest toys. From action figures to Barbie dolls, there is a huge variety of toys that are available. However, getting all the toys your kids want would be impossible and may even spoil the child. Why not find a way where you can balance this out by encouraging them to make their own toys? 


  • The speciality of ‘Do It Yourself’ toys is that they can be made very easily. 
  • Thus, kids can engage in more activities that could improve their brain development and social skills.  
  • Hence during the making of each toy, one can easily acquire the skills and technique that may be useful to one in the future.
  • This will not only help in improving their brain development but would make them appreciate the toys the already have. 
  • Not only do they end up with something fun to play with at the end of the process, but they learn about design and problem solving as they make them!

Keeping in mind the above objectives, toy making videos were collected from the students of VIIth standard. All the videos were compiled together into one by Ms. Veenu Mehta Madam. The same was played for the activity session for the students of class-VII.Nearly 115 students attended the Toy Making Session.

It was a good learning and enjoyable experience for the students.


Extempore – by Ms. Jennifer de Castro and Ms. Pragati Sharma

Students of class VIII actively participated in Extempore activity which enabled them to think off the feet. Since the students were required to speak on the spur of the moment, it gauged their ability to think, organize and speak there and then.  


Activity- 1 minute Act: Biggest challenge faced in classes in covid times  by Ms. Nitu Dixit and Ms. Nishtha Agarwal

An activity was conducted with class IX students on the occasion of children’s day celebrations. The children were asked to enact and express the problems faced by them during online classes. Students enthusiastically participated in the activity. They expressed the various scenarios and issues in innovative ways. A team of students from classes IX A and IX B presented their act followed by a Mono act of Rishika Khare. Later, a creative video made by Ayush Jha was presented by him conveying an extremely important message to save our environment and celebrate green Diwali. Overall, it was a fun event which was made successful by the active participation of students.


Favourite place in school and why?  by  Ms Shruti Khatri and Ms Preeti Sharma

A small yet very interesting activity was conducted on children’s day for grade XI students. It was a fun activity in which children were asked a few questions about their life at school before Covid like their favourite memory, favourite place in school, most funny thing that happened with them etc, for which they gave very funny and candid replies. They all enjoyed the activity and as teachers also we came to know about other sides of children. Few images for the same are attached.

‘Poster Making Competition’ was also organized for classes 6 to 8 on the topic “GREEN DIWALI” and the winners were: 













The day ended with fun and frolic followed by wonderful memories lingering in everybody’s minds.


Children's DayChildren's DayChildren's Day


Diwali was celebrated with great enthusiasm in the school. A combined assembly for all sections of classes VI-XII was conducted on MS Teams on 11 Nov, 2020. A recorded video of ‘Diwali Special Assembly’ prepared by class IX C was witnessed by all. Representatives   from all the sections took oath on behalf of their sections for a pollution free and eco-friendly Diwali.  The various activities/competitions conducted were

Class VI (PowerPoint Presentation – Class Activity)

Aiming to sensitize students towards the growing problem of pollution in the country several online activities were organized for the students of class VI-VIII on 10 November 2020 at Cambridge School, Noida. The main objective of the activities is to make children aware of the health hazards caused by air pollution and to emphasize the need for celebrating eco-friendly Diwali.

The activities conducted in class VI are as follow:

  • Students were divided into groups and presented a PowerPoint presentation on Eco-friendly Diwali.
  • Students have also made videos on different ways of celebrating eco-friendly Diwali.
  • Some students shared videos of making sweets and rangolis, showing how Diwali can be fun even without the crackers.
  • Students of class VI-B presented a skit on saving the environment. The theme of the play was ‘Say No to Crackers, Save Environment’.
  • Students also performed activities like Dia painting, dancing, singing etc.
  • In the end, students lighted some Dias and took the pledge of celebrating an eco-friendly Diwali.

Class VII (Self composed Poem – Activity)

An intersection poem recitation activity was conducted for the class VII on the theme of ‘Eco-Friendly Diwali’.A number of students showcased their poetic talents and present beautiful self-composed poems.

It was an interesting way to convey the cautionary message related to air pollution, public health and environmental concern by integrating it with the beauty of expression, rhyme and rhythm of words.The young poets enthralled the audience with their articulation and memory skills while reciting poems.The activity followed by a brief discussion on the initiatives taken by students to celebrate eco-friendly diwali.

Class VIII

A special assembly was conducted on 10th October,2020 and an activity was followed after that in which the students of class VIII, sensitised each other about the ill effects of burning of firecrackers and also encouraged all their classmates to celebrate the festivals like Diwali, Chhat Puja, Guru Parv, etc., by the lighting of candles, earthen lamps and keeping the environment neat and clean. Various posters were also made by the students to spread awareness and to encourage each other to opt for a greener, safer and eco-friendly Diwali.

Class IX (Documentary making Competition)

As part of Diwali Activity an intersection Documentary making competition was organised for class IX on 11 November 2020. The Theme for this competition was, “Deteriorating air quality- Causes, problems and solutions”.

The students participated with great enthusiasm and came out with great ideas. All the students from 5 sections witnessed the competition.

The competition was judged by Ms. Nalin Anju, Academic Coordinator ERC.

PositionClass/SectionTeam Members
FirstIX DDeepansh Malhan, Krrish Baghel, Paruvada Gunasekhar Rao, Anmol Raghuyal, Aryan Kain
SecondIX EEshaan Sinha,  Harsidak Singh, Saanvi Srivastava, Shruti Shrivastava, Anushka Rana
ThirdIX CAafia Ali, Anshika Choudhary, S. Karthik

Shagun Saxena, Vaibhav Kumar

Class X (Movie making competition)

As a part of Diwali activities, a intersection movie making competition was organised for Class X on November 11, 2020. The theme for this competition was, ” Festivals in the time of Covid pandemic: Alternative ways of spreading happiness”. The children participated very enthusiastically. Wonderful and innovative ideas were presented by the children through their movies. Ms. Sheetal, ex PGT, computer Science, Cambridge School, Greater Noida, was invited to judge this event.

PositionClassTeam members
FirstX CShivang Aggarwal, Punya Sethi, Siddhita Chandola, Harjas Kaur, IshanSingh
SecondX AAryan Jain, Daksh Pathak

Saarthak Kumar, Harshil Chawla, Jeshika Aggarwal

ThirdX BAmar Khera, Nishant Sharma, Nishtha Kapoor, Reet Varshney

Tanishka Awana

XI-A and XI-B (Blog Making Competition-Commerce Stream)

Diwali week activity for the classes XI-A and XI-B (Commerce stream) was held on the topic “Making Blogs for Eco-friendly Diwali Gifts” was organized online by Ms. Anikini Dhall and Ms. Preeti Sharma on the 10th of November 2020. The event was judged by Ms. Garima Seth. The event was compered by Rajnandini. Over 10 enthusiastic teams competed, each team having its own exquisite ideas ranging from cow dung diyas to cork handbags. The event stirred up festive spirits among the students along with teaching them an important skill of blog making. All the teams showed an excellent understanding of the topic, exhibiting their creativity and innovative ideas for a green and clean Diwali. The result are as follows:

Position Class/SectionTeam members
First position      XI ATeam A: Aanchal Duneja, Abhinav Vij, Aarushi Rawat, Aditi Malhotra, and Akansh Sharma
Second Position      XI B


      XI A

Team D: Diya Thapliyal, Krithika Malya G, Muskan Saxena, Nidhi Aswal, Riya Verma, Suhani Singh, Verronica Verma, and Dhani Sharma


Team F: Rajnandini, Riddhima Gupta, Sabyasachi Priyanshu Krishanan, Sanjeev Kumar, and Shiva Aggarwal



Third Position     XIATeam I: Shivang Swarup, Tanisha Jaggi, Tanya Wahi, Utplakshi Bhargav, and Vansh Rao


Blog Competition Blog Competiton

Class XI (Movie making competition – Science stream)

Topic of the Activity- Deteriorating Air Quality

An inter –section Movie Making Competition was conducted for class XI -C and XI -D as a part of Diwali Activity. Altogether 6 teams had participated with a great deal of enthusiasm while they presented their respective movies on the topic “Deteriorating Air Quality” and also promptly answered to the questions put up by the judges and audience.

The event was judged by Ms Sandhya Puri and Ms. Roomki Mitra. The result of the activity are as follows: –

PostionClass/SectionTeam members

Ayush Sanger, Rakshita Upreti, Lakshi Upadhyaya, Diya Joshi


SecondXI-COjaswi Rao, Riya Bhatia, Shagata Chanda, Ishita Sharan, Diksha Kanojia


ThirdXI-CShivam Bhatia,Aditya Bansal, Sarthak Arora, Jayesh Soni, Dishant Kapoor, Kushagra Kumar


Class XI- E (PIL- Humanities Stream)

TOPIC:  “Prepare a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) on behalf of Delhi residents for deteriorating air quality “

Diwali Week Activity for class XI E (Humanities Stream) on the topic “Prepare a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) on behalf of Delhi residents for deteriorating air quality was organized online by Ms. Puneet Kaur and Ms. Kirti Sasan on November 11, 2020. The competition was judged by Mr. Jamal Ashraf. A total of five teams participated in the event.

The activity started with the introduction of the meaning of Pubic Interest Litigation (PIL) by Shreya Sharma of XI E. In this interesting event, each team presented the PIL on behalf of Delhi residents for deteriorating air quality stating the facts related to poor air quality, causes of poor air quality in NCR, its consequences on the health of residents, judgments, and orders issued in the past and suggested measures that may be implemented by the court to curb air pollution in Delhi. The results are as follows



Class XII (Commerce Stream)

TOPIC: To design an innovative product (using all the components of marketing mix) which will help in reduction the effects of pollution and make a PPT presentation of the same.


DAY AND DATE: Tuesday, November 10,2020

The students had to design an innovative product which will help in reducing the pollution/ or safeguard the health of the users against pollution. Each team had 4-6 members. There were in total 8 teams. The product showcased were Electric chimney, air purifying bike, Privartan e khaad, Anti-pollution ink to name a few. The PPT covered all the four P’s of marketing mix including features of the product, price, physical distribution and promotion. Extensive research work was done by the students and they thoroughly enjoyed the competition.

The event was judged by Ms. Shelly Baveja.

The results are as under:

First12AArnav, Shreshtha, Aditya SAnti Pollution Ink with carbon emitted





Guneet, Sparsh, Saransh, Rishabh Shankar


Sanchit, Palak, Saad, Astha,Chavi Sarthak

Air purifying bike



Brittle top

Third12ADiya, Ishmeet Riya, Anushka Das, PiyushikaParivartaan ke Kaadh (compost)



The Educational Resources Centre of Cambridge School,Noida had organised an online talk on the New Education Policy on 17 Oct 2020.The Ambassador Ashok Sajjanhar was the guest speaker for the same.The talk was attended by teachers and students from different sister schools of Cambridge along with the esteemed members of the Management of the school. From Noida branch, participants included Ms Roomki Mitra and students of class 10.

 The Webinar presented the shortcomings of the present system of education and emphasised the NEP(National Education Policy) as a forward looking and visionary policy, covering its salient features and the need for preparation at all levels to accommodate these revolutionary changes. In the open forum, stimulating discussion took place among the students and the guest speaker including brainstorming the key aspects of the policy and the challenges related to it.


A virtual interaction was held with parents of class 12 students on 17th October 2020, to discuss the reopening of school  for class 10 and 12 in the wake of Government orders.  45 parents attended the same. The Principal  discussed some conditions and  guidelines issued by MHRD/CBSE and assured parents that all necessary safety precautions will be followed. She discussed why it is necessary to begin classes. Ms. Sumathy read out the measures being taken by the school. Parents were apprised of various committees formed for reopening and requested to join them.

A video showed sanitisation work in progress.

Queries were handled by the Principal, Vice-Principal and Coordinators.


Coordinators of Class IX & X have  launched a new programme “EGMA- Empowering with General and Mental Aptitude” , for classes IX-X.  This programme aims to develop the mental aptitude of students and strengthen their logical and analytical skills. This programme is offered to 50 students who have secured more than 80% marks in mathematics and aim for various competitive exams like NTSE and other olympiads.

The first introductory session was held on 17th October 2020 FROM 8.30am to 9:30am and was attended by 40 students through Microsoft Teams. The session began with the encouraging words of Principal ma’am Ms. Preeti Sangwan, Coordinators, IX-X,  Ms. Kiran Sibal and Ms. Jyoti Joshi. Mathematical tips and tricks were taught by Mathematics teacher, Ms. Vasundhara Pandey. The session was very well conducted and students participated with great enthusiasm. The students expressed their thanks to the school authorities for coming up with such a wonderful concept.


An online music concert was held on October 17, 2020, Saturday from 5 to 6:20 PM via MS Teams.

Ms. Preeti Sangwan (Principal, Cambridge School, Noida), ADM department,  teachers, students and parents of class VIII  graced the occasion.

This concert was organised to de-stress the students of class VIII after their first terminal examination.

In the new normal, where we are all confined to our homes, music and dance can play a vital role to uplift the mood of students and maintain their physical and mental well-being. Keeping this perspective in mind the Art, Dance and Music department took the initiative of organising this event.

18 students took part in dance, music and recitation to make this event a grand success. After the performance by the students, the Principal appreciated each and every student who participated and encouraged them to continue the pursuit of their respective hobbies.

NEET 2020
Cambridge School, Noida was the centre for NEET 2020. The exam was held on Sunday, September 13. 525 students had appeared for the exam. Utmost care was taken to sanitize the school. The norms laid down by the NTA were strictly followed like social distancing, wearing of masks and gloves, providing sealed water bottles


On 9 September, 2020 the members of Interact Club of Cambridge School, Noida celebrated Grandparents Day” Kehney ko Badey, Dil Se Bachey” to honour and express gratitude towards grandparents for their constant love, care, guidance and support.  The zoom meeting was attended by 75 attendees  . It was very interactive session with grandparents.




An online music concert was held on August  28, 2020, Friday from 5 to 6:20 PM via MS Teams. Ms Preeti Sangwan (Principal, Cambridge School, Noida), Ms Nandita Sinha Roy (Vice Principal, Cambridge School, Noida), teachers, students and parents of classes IX and X  graced the occasion. This concert was organised to de-stress the students of classes IX and X.

In the new normal, where we are all confined to our homes, music and dance can play a vital role to uplift the mood of students and maintain their physical and mental well-being. Keeping this perspective in mind the Art, Dance and Music department took the initiative of organising this event.

15 students took part in dance, music and recitation to make this event a grand success. After the performance by the students, some parents showcased their talent as well.  This event was met with great enthusiasm equally from parents, students and teachers.


Independence Day was commemorated on 15th August 2020 at Cambridge School, Noida. The flag hoisting ceremony took place at 7:30 AM by the Principal, few teachers and staff. This was followed by the National Anthem and a few patriotic songs sung by the teachers. From 8:45 AM onwards, Independence Day online programme (pre-recorded) of around an hour was streamed to the students, teachers and staff via MS Teams. The programme included speeches by the school Head Boy and Head Girl, inspirational message by Col. Thapar (Father of Late Capt. Vijyant Thapar, VC), cultural programme by the students of the junior and senior wing, Principal’s address and message by NCC Head. The event concluded with a vote of thanks.



The School, has organised several activities and competitions on 14 August 2020 for class VI  to celebrate the 74th Independence Day of India. The first event for the day was an interactive session with Mr Shankar Deb Roy, an executive of the Intelligence Bureau. Mr Shankar Deb Roy interacted with the students and told them about the challenges he had faced during his tenure with the Intelligence Bureau and the kind of work he had done for the nation. He also encouraged the students to work hard for their goals and shared some tips with them to do the same. It was indeed an enriching session and a great learning experience.

The second event for the day was ‘Solo Song Competition’. The judges for the competition were Mr M.D Murlikrishnan and Ms Sumana Sarkar. The students were motivated to upload their singing videos from home. Students from all five sections participated in the event. They left everyone awe-struck as they presented their talent so effortlessly and immaculately. Khayati Jha bagged the first prize, Adrika Singh stood second, Yoovika Jain and Avni Aggarwal tied for the third position. The program culminated with the vote of thanks.


The 74th Independence day celebration was organized on 14 August 2020 for class VII via the online platform.  On behalf of Cambridge School, Noida, Ms.Sangeeta Das welcomed the guests and the students. The first of its kind, ‘Human Library’ -an interactive program was organized for the students. Dr.Geeta Srivastava and Mr.Jagdish Joshi interacted with students during an hour-long session and shared their experience of independent India. They also discussed the ways of community service and inspired the kids to their bits.
Followed by the Music concert (Indian classic), where the teachers and students both presented beautiful recitals of instruments like  Pakhawaj, Harmonium, Tabla, and  Sarangi.
The soulful performances instilled the fervor of patriotism amongst all. A quiz on Indian classical music was also conducted by Mr. Varun, where the students participated enthusiastically.  The program culminated with the vote of thanks.



Cambridge School, Noida celebrated Independence day with unprecedented patriotic fervour on Aug 14, 2020. The gamut of celebration activities were held online. The theme of the event was Incredible India.To inculcate and nurture the Dancing & Recitation talent of our students, an Inter Section Classical Dance &Hindi Poetry Recitation was organised for the students of class VIII. The Guest speaker for the event was Shri. N.K .Singh. The event began with an interactive speech by the guest speaker followed by a question answer round.
The judges for the Classical Dance Competition were Ms. Debopriya Dutt and Ms. Sarika Sharma. Participants demonstrated abundant energy through different forms of classical dance. The first prize was won by Sukanya.S.Kumar (VIII-C), second by Tanvi Ranjan Verma (VIII-B) and the third was bagged by Ridhima Thakkar (VIII-B) The judges for the Hindi Poetry Recitation were Ms. Reema Dutta and Ms.Madhu Khare. The first prize for the competition was won by Sankalp Tiwari (VIII-A) ,second by Aadya Sinha (VIII-D) and the third position was secured by Mridul Kanti Paul (VIII-B).
The event came to end by remembering the sacrifices made by our great freedom fighters and by taking pledge that we would serve our motherland, India with heart, body, and soul to bring it glory and laurels with our dignified deeds.


A panel discussion was organized for grade XI (Science) on the occasion of Independence Day. The students participated enthusiastically an presented some insightful and interesting views on Future of Transport in India In EV(Electric vehicles). The moderator of the event was Sai Sagar Kolar of class XI-D interacting with a team of panelists which included Ayush Sanger, Abhishek Gumber, Aakriti Mair, Aakriti Singhvi, Ayanna Chanda, Prakriti Kain, Chahat Bhanot & Rakshita Upreti.

The students covered all aspects related to EVs like, technology behind the engine, Economic, environmental, barriers or shortcomings inmoving towards EV on a larger scale.

The audience too participated actively by asking intuitive and interesting questions. Overall, the session was interactive and informative.


A panel discussion held on Thursday,14th August 2020 at 10.30 p.m. through MS Teams. on the topic: Social Enterprises can be a solution of many problems, two students, each from 11 A, 11 B, 12 A and 12 B. took part in it The students had done in-depth research on the topic given. To the questions posed to the panellist by Principal ma’am, other students and teachers, the panelist was able to give candid and practical answers. It was heartwarming to see them express their independent and fearless thought process.


A panel discussion was organized by Ms. Kirti Sasan on 14th August 2020 in class XI E on the topic ‘Is India really free after 74 years of independence?’ on account of 74 years of Independence of India.The panelist were students of class XI E namely – Sneha (Literacy), Sahaana (Secularism), Aakriti (Communalism), Kanak (Health) and Vaidehi (Freedom).  A single round was conducted and each speaker was given subtopics for the main topic: ‘Is India really free after 74 years of independence?’ and panelists shared their experiences for a maximum time of two to three minutes. Sub Topics were- Literacy, Communalism, Secularism, Health and Freedom which were chosen by the panellist.

Immediately after a statement has been delivered, there was a question answer round and the moderator recognized a maximum of two questions to be asked to the speaker. The Panel Discussion elapsed with the statement and question-answer of the last speaker.

Sneha and Vaidehi were declared best speakers and Best Question ( Audience) was given to Ananya Mani Tripathi by Madhumita Ma’am. The session ended up by Playing a video and vote of thanks by Ms. Kirti Sasan.


An Online Panel Discussion was held for the grade 12 science students of Cambridge school Noida, on 14th August, 2020. The theme of the panel discussion was IRNSS Programme of ISRO. IRNSS is an independent regional navigation satellite system being developed by India.The discussion was moderated by Shashwat Mehrotra, 12-C who started the meeting with a brief introduction about the IRNSS. IRNSS is autonomous. There were a total 8 penalists from both the sections.


On 6th July Envirofest was organized with the objective to create awareness on various challenges that our environment is facing today, to develop values and a sense of responsibility towards the environmental protection.This was the first event of the session which was conducted online

Click to know more about ENVIROFEST 2020

On 12th June 2020, students from classes IX, X and XII participated in a webinar on ‘An Introduction to 21st Century Skills’ conducted by Dr Ian Jamison, Head Education and Training, Tony Blair Institute of Global Change.

Saanvi Chopra (XIIA)  Rithwik Sriram (IXE)  Arjun Sammi (XC)Sampada Bassi (XIIE)
Yashree (XB)  Maithily (IXE)  Meghana (XIIE)

Our school students also shared their thoughts and emotionally-connected with their global peers around the world, through the online student dialogue forum.

Maithily Nautiyal(Class IXE) participated in a ‘Foreign Policy and Diplomacy Quiz contest’ – the first of its kind, unique online quiz contest for students to excel and ameliorate their global skills.




Maithily  Nautiyal of class IXE, did the school proud by securing the third position in an international level Model United Nations- ‘MUN Diplomathon Global Virtual Edition’, held on 6th and 7th June 2020.




As part of the school’s International Programme, Anukansha Sharma (Class XII-2019-20), has actively participated in various videoconferences with students across the world. The experiences gained during these videoconferences, in the past five years, motivated her to join the global platform as a ‘Volunteer Alumni Moderator’.






Cambridge School Noida emphasises on the holistic development of its students in order to make them world class citizens. The ‘International School Education Programme’ helps students to develop the skills, attitudes and values which enable them to understand and participate in a globally connected world. On 6th February 2020, students from classes VII, VIII and IX interacted with around 50 students from the United States of America, Pakistan and Bangladesh via videoconferencing. The videoconference was a great learning experience for the enthusiastic students. It helped them to understand and appreciate the diversity that surrounds them. It enabled them not only to see the differences between many cultures but to explore similarities as well.


Prime Minister, Narendra Modi addressed the students on ‘ParikshaPeCharcha’ on 20thJanuary , at 11 a.m. at Talkatora Stadium. More than 2000 students and teachers from all over the country attended this third edition of the programme with a lot of excitement and enthusiasm.

The students of class IX and XI also watched the live telecast of this program in the school auditorium. Mr. Narendra Modi started the program by saying that ‘ ParkshaPeCharcha’ is very close to his heart. He asked the students to speak to him freely “# without filter”. He said marks and exams is not everything it is just a stepping stone. He asked the parents to create an environment which is stress free. Students should limit their expectations and not get demotivated. ( He quoted the example of Chandrayan) He said that the students should learn to manage their emotions.

He told the students that co-curricular activities is not a waste of time. It is very important and students should take out time for this. Co- curricular activities opens a door to the new world. Whatever activity they are involved in they should do it regularly and passionately. He said co-curricular activities has become a ‘fashion statement’ for the parents and they like to talk about this ‘glamour driven’ activity in public.

Technology and knowledge has changed life completely. Do not fear it at all. He said think that technology is your friend. In 24 hours keep one hour, which you can spend with your parents, family and grand-parents which will be technology free. He asked the students not to be a slave of the technology.


Cambridge School Noida emphasizes on the holistic development of its students in order to make them world class citizens. The ‘International School Education Programme’ helps students to develop the skills, attitudes and values which enable them to understand and participate in a globally connected world. Through  a series of video conferences organised throughout the academic calendar, the school provides students a platform for international exposure.  This year, the students interacted with their peers in the United States of America, United Kingdom, Germany, Hong Kong, Pakistan, Israel and Ukraine. The invigorating discussions involved a myriad of topics such as identity, school life, bullying, discrimination, wealth and poverty.

 This international education initiative taken by the school under the aegis of the ‘Generation Global Programme’ helped the students understand and appreciate the diversity that surrounds them. It enabled them not only to see the differences between many cultures but to explore similarities as well.  





A paragraph writing contest was organised on 11 December, 2019 for the students of class VI under the Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat scheme of Government of India. The theme for the paragraph writing was Amazing Meghalaya and Enticing Arunachal. The students were asked to gather information about the states of Meghalaya and Arunachal Pradesh two days prior to the contest. The students presented the information they had gathered in the form of paragraph writing. They were really fascinated to learn about the matriarchal society and other customs of Meghalaya. The traditions and culture of the various tribes of Arunachal Pradesh were highlighted  The students actively participated in the activity. Information about the cultural background of Meghalaya and Anurachal Pradesh helped in fostering unity in diversity by enhancing the feeling of Indianess and oneness among the students.


The students of classes X, XI and XII interacted with students from the United Kingdom and the United States of America via video conferencing on 4th December 2019.

IMAGE – 2019

Cambridge School, Noida organised IMAGE– a two day festival of Inter-School Competitions in Literary, Art and Cultural activities on the theme ‘Sanrakshan’

The festival saw students from nearly 30 prestigious schools of Noida and NCR participating in the two day extravaganza on 28th and 29th November, 2019. IMAGE, the annual festival of Cambridge School, Noida is being held with great enthusiasm and fervour for the last thirty years where a plethora of activities are held over two days. Dr. Kalyani Roy, Secretary, Society for the Advancement of Education and other School Management Committee members graced the occasion.

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The Central Board of Secondary Education has been taking many initiatives to generate curiosity and develop scientific temperament amongst learners. Such initiatives not only encourage learners to create, innovate and invent but also enable them to become more responsible in the use of Science and Technology.Every year the Board invites students of affiliated schools from Class VI to XI to prepare research on science projects/ exhibits that are original, innovative and creative. For the academic session 2019-20 the CBSE Science Exhibition was held at Cambridge School, Noida at the Regional Level on 25th & 26th November, 2019.The theme of the exhibition was “Science and Technology for Sustainable Development with a Thrust on Water Conservation”. Students of classes VI-XI from 43 schools in and around Noida participated enthusiastically and displayed their innovative models

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Cambridge School, Noida hosted the Inter School Infotech festival, TECHNOLYMPICS on 19th November, 2019. It is an IT based competition in which various tech savvy children get a chance to showcase their talents. About 30 schools from NCR participated in this mega event which commenced with the lighting of the lamp by the Chief Guest Mr. Saurabh Sensharma an alumnus of Cambridge School, Noida and NIT Trichy. A research fellow in various institutions in India and abroad, he is presently working with Microsoft. The events for the day included Virtual Warriors, Top Coders, Battle of Brains, Picturesque, Group Discussion, Webolution, Power Package, Let’s Tinker, Movie Mashup, Crossword Director’s Cut and Hardware Hunt. All the events were judged by an eminent panel of judges from the IT Sector


First, Second and Third prizes were given for each event. The overall trophy was won by DPS Noida. The Chief Guest in his speech appreciated the efforts of the students and said that he was impressed by the way the students of today are making use of technology in a positive way. The event was graced by the members of the management committee.




A. C. Deb Inter School tournament was held in Cambridge School Noida from 30.10.2019 to 2.11.2019. Total 13 teams participated. The Semi-final was played between

i) Cambridge School Noida Vs Ryan International School Noida

ii) Ryan International School Ghaziabad Vs  Vivekanand School Delhi.

The Final was played Between  Cambridge School Noida Vs Ryan International Ghaziabad on 2.11.2019

 Cambridge School Noida won the match by 5- 1

Best goal keeper -: Jaideep Sachdeva of A.PJ School Noida

Best Sticker-: Mridul joshi of Cambridge School Noida

Best player : Divyank Singh of Ryan International Ghaziabad



On 19th October 2019, Interact Club of Cambridge School Noida in association with Rotary Club, Noida organized a Blood Donation Camp. A team of doctors’ from Rotary Blood Bank came for the collection of blood.

The camp was graced by the presence of Ram Grover, President, Rotary Club and Rotarian Maj Dalbir Singh.Members of the Interact Club were constantly convincing parents and teachers for Blood Donation by making announcements in various classes. There was an overwhelming response from parents and teachers. A total of 33 units were collected in the camp. Some of the donors who could not donate blood this time due to various reasons assured that they would donate next time. A donation card from Blood Bank, refreshments and a small token of appreciation was given to each donor.


Forty Interact club students of classes X and XI accompanied by Interact club teacher in charge Ms Garima Seth embarked their journey on October 16, 2019 to G L BAJAJ INSTITUTE GR. NOIDA.  The Installation Ceremony was held where both the former and new DIR exchanged badges and expressed their determination to accept their forth coming challenges. AMRITA BEHURA from our school was given away the badge along with other ZIRs .The cultural performances where mesmerizing.

The visit was an inspiring and enriching experience for all the interactors. They were motivated to take up new projects in future and work for the community even better.


On 3rd October our school had organised a cultural event to commemorate the 150th birth anniversary of the father of our nation-Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi and India’s second prime minister- Lal Bahadur Shastri.

Students of classes 6th to 12th gathered in the school auditorium to witness students of various classes enlighten them about  the life, ideals and priceless  teachings of Mahatma Gandhi and Lal Bahadur Shastri. They recited poems, read short stories to educate the audience about these respectable personalities. All the students were also shown snippets from the movie Gandhi.

Mahatma’s prodigious life teaches to live ours with simplicity, perseverance, forgiveness, all while following the path of truth and non-violence .Dr Mahesh Chandra Chaturvedi also graced us with his presence. He has pledged to live his life based on that of Gandhi. He was a role model and an inspiration for us all . Shastri ji taught us to be honest, maintain integrity in life, to always be open minded, be human and show humanity and above all be a selfless leader.

One of our experienced school teachers- Mr S P Sharma encouraged the students to learn from Gandhi’s principles and to apply these in our daily life to become better humans. He said that if we are able to incorporate these ideals in practicality then the sacrifice of Gandhi for our will be put to use.

Lastly, our principal thanked everybody for their united efforts to make this program a success. He appreciated the efforts of the students and also  encouraged the students to always give cleanliness utmost priority. He also asked the students to promote the ban of plastic for the betterment of our country and the world as a whole.


Hindi Divas programme was organized by the students of CPSNFC on 16th September; 2019.The assembly was started with a prayer, followed by a talk by Hindi teacher, a song, a poem and a small skit – Ullu ki Adalat .The efforts of the students and their participation was wholeheartedly appreciated.


An Inter House Ad-Mad Competition was held for the students of classes X to XII on Friday,August 30, 2019. Students acted out on various advertisement script and ideas relevant for any one of the given topics and were judged on content, team work, presentation and overall performance. Satpura House bagged the Ist Position followed by Jayantia House at IInd Position and Vindhya House at III position.



Cambridge School, Noida celebrated 73rd independence day of India on Thursday, 15 August 2019 at the school premises. To commemorate the sovereignty of India, the school Principal, Mr Soumen Chakraborty unfurled the tricolour flag in the backdrop of the melodious notes of the National Anthem.

After the flag hoisting, the air was filled with rich and melodious tunes of the various patriotic songs performed by the students of the school. The Principal addressed the gathering and inspired the students to become good and responsible citizens of the future and lead our nation to greater heights through their work. The ceremony ended with a speech by Mr S.P Sharma who tried to infuse in the students a feeling of undying love for their country and also encourage the students to be free from the bondage of restrictive practices of constricting evils like corruption etc., stalking our nation.

The celebration flavoured with patriotic fervour, zeal and zest made it an unforgettable occasion.


A visit was carried out on 9th August 2019, by the Interact club students along with Teacher incharge Ms Roomki Mitra  to Primary Govt School, Gautam budh nagar. Children had collected Rakhi’s across different classes in the school for this activity and tied Rakhi’s to the students in the Govt school and also distributed sweets. It was a happy experience for students from both the schools and they thoroughly enjoyed interacting with each other.


The investiture ceremony at Cambridge School, Noida saw 80 students of the newly formed Student Council taking the oath of office in a solemn ceremony on 3rd August, 2019 at the Roma Deb Auditorium. The chief guest for the occasion was Major General Pankaj Sachdeva.

The ceremony began with the auspicious lighting of the lamp amidst chanting of shlokas followed by a musical performance by the school choir and a mesmerizing Kathak dance recital.

Then the Chief Guest gave away the badges to the newly inducted members of the Prefectorial Board. Anuj Kandwal and Megha Bhartiya of class XII were selected as the Head Boy and Head Girl respectively. Shashwat Mehrotra and Kartik Kalra were jointly appointed as the Vice Head Boy of the school. Amrita Behura and Jyotika Tomar were jointly appointed as the Vice Head Girl of the school.

Speaking on the occasion, the chief guest Maj General Pankaj Sachdeva motivated the Student Council members to abide by their oath, fulfil their responsibilities with earnestness and emerge as good citizens of the country.The programme ended with the Vote of Thanks proposed by the School Head Boy.



The Psychology Department   of Cambridge School, Noida hosted an Education Fair on 2nd August’2019   in the school auditorium from 8:30a.m – 12 Noon.

Great  number  of renowned  National and International Universities  of  Delhi  and NCR were present  to help the children discover their dream  programme and  suitable  study options. The fair served a wonderful platform for the students to interact with the University of their choice and interest. Students of sister schools and other schools like Vishwa Bharati, Modern School etc participated in this mega event.



A Fire Drill in collaboration with the Fire Department, Noida was conducted on July 26, 2019 in the school campus on Cambridge Noida. The students, teachers and other staff members participated and evacuated the building within less than 3 minutes.

The Fire Officials demonstrated various procedures to control fire disaster. They demonstrated how to use fire extinguisher, hosepipe for fighting fire. They also shared the phone numbers of different fire stations to get in contact with, in case of fire disaster. Demonstration was done on the ground.

It was a very successful activity.


DIOS-Ground Water Conservation Week 2019  was observed from 16th July t0 22nd July 2019. The aim of the week was to generate awareness on depleting ground water level, harvesting of rainwater and water conservation. In order to create awareness in the school , a host of activities were conducted which included poster making, poem recitation on ‘ Importance of Water’ and talk on ‘water conservation’ in the morning assembly. Also, students from classes VI to IX were also shown various documentaries on water conservation, rainwater harvesting, prevention of water pollution  etc.



After an intensive period of training sessions and preparation, the CSN Intra-Model United Nations 2019 was simulated for students of Classes 8 and 9 in the school premises on Friday, July 12, from 1 PM to 4 PM. They participated enthusiastically as both delegates and members of the International Press. The agenda for the simulation was “Implications of Climate Change on Human Rights”.

Even in the face of setbacks such as a lower level of participation than anticipated due to transport issues and the very short time allocated for the simulation, the participants rose to the occasion and put up an interesting and engaging debate and made several valid points while representing their countries’ stances on the agenda.

The Secretariat’s objective of providing a firsthand experience of an MUN to the first-timers was therefore very successful and we look forward to having their dynamic participation in future conferences as well.


Envirofest 2019 was organized on 5th July 2019. It was attended by Eco Club teachers and students of classes VI to XII. The programme included  plantation drive in the school, poem recitation, group song and installation of Aerocomposter. Students participated enthusiastically in the plantation drive. The working principle of the Aerocomposter was also demonstrated by representatives from IPCA.



Cambridge School, Noida, in its endeavour to enhance scientific research and technological mindset amongst young learners, organised an Inter Cambridge Science Exhibition on May, 9th, 2019,. The theme of the competition was, “Science For the People and People for the Science”. Children from classes VI-VIII of the sister schools participated enthusiastically and prepared innovative models on interesting topics such as bioengineering, sustainability of bio fuels, role of science in advanced communication and tangrams.

The programme began with lamp lighting by the Chief Guest, Dr. P.K.Mukherjee, retired professor of Physics from Deshbandhu college, who also gave away the prizes. In his speech, he congratulated the children on their active participation in the exhibition and their interest in Science and environment.

The winners of the competition were as follows-

ScienceCambridgeSchool, IndirapuramCambridge School,

Greater Noida

Cambridge School,

Greater Noida

MathematicsCambridge School,


Cambridge School,

Greater Noida

Cambridge School,

Greater Noida


In the vote of thanks, Dr.Hemant Singh, HOD, Science Department, Cambridge School, Noida thanked Dr. Kalyani Roy, secretary of Society for Advancement of Education for encouraging and motivating the students and teachers and give wings to their imagination.  He also expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the teachers and students of the guest schools as well as the host school for their participation in all categories. In order to encourage the children, Mr.Vikram Roy, Col.Choudhary and Principal Soumen Chakraborty were present.



The Principal, Mr.Soumen Chakraborty held a congratulatory session on 7th May 2019 in the school auditorium which was attended by all students of the present class XI. The Principal also announced the names of all toppers and subject toppers and congratulated them personally.
On 14th May 2019, students from classes X, XI and XII interacted with students from Israel and Ukraine via video conferencing. The video conference was a great learning experience for the enthusiastic students as it provided them a platform for expressing their views and exchanging ideas on their beliefs,culture and country.


DATE: April 26, 2019
VENUE: Cambridge School, Noida
EVENT: French and German competitions

Lingua Fiesta- Beyond Borders was an initiative to foster and promote the French and German languages among school children through collaborative learning. In a world where unrest is rampant and the order of the day, we at Cambridge School, Noida work towards a world beyond Borders, and this time through a medium of an international language fest

The event was a mélange of various activities of music, dance and art, which portrayed the beauty of the concerned language.A total of six competitions were held in the French and the German language for classes VI, VII & VIII respectively. 35 schools from Noida and NCR participated in the event.The event was graced by the presence of our honorable judges- Ms. Babusha Verma, Ms. Preeti Bhutani, Ms. Jagriti Budhiraja & Mr. Sanjib Sen.


French Competitions

Présentez-Vous. (who am I?)

1st Indraprastha Global School
2ndKhaitan Public School
3rdDelhi Public School, GBN

L’Affiche (poster making)

1st Cambridge School, Greater Noida
2nd Jagran Public School
3rd Bal Bharti Public School

Euphony (group song)

1st Cambridge School, Noida (the award was passed on to Khaitan Public School, as Cambridge School, Noida was the host school)
2nd Indraprastha Global School
3rd Bal Bharti Public School, Noida

German Competitions

Wer Bin Ich (who am I?)

1stAmity School, Saket
2ndMayoor School, Noida
3rdDelhi Public School, Noida


1stCambridge School, Noida
2ndIPS Pratap Vihar
3rdLotus Valley


1stIPS Indirapuram
2ndDPS Saket
3rdDPS Noida





Cambridge School,NOIDA, observedEarth Day on22th April, 2019by organizing a number of competitions for the students which included PosterMaking, Eco Poetry Composition, Model presentations on Innovative designs on waste management and symposium. A brief cultural programme was followed by a workshop on waste management conducted by CEIS, NOIDA.


Cambridge School, Noida under the aegis of SPICMACAY, hosted a violin recital by a renowned violinist Mr. Johar Ali Khan on April 16, 2019 in Roma Deb Auditorium. The spectacular and hypnotizing performance by Mr. Johar Ali and his accompanists held everyone spellbound. The event was graced by Dr. Kalyani Roy, Secretary, SAE, Principal, Mr. Soumen Chakraborty and distinguished members of the management committee.


Day/Date    – Thursday, 14th March 2019

Venue          – Stilted Area, Cambridge School, NOIDA

Time           -5:30 pm- 8:15 pm

SPACE Explorers Workshop is a collection of four one day programs designed to give students a remarkable opportunity to participate, interact and experiment to find answers behind the mysteries of universe. It focuses on teaching Space Science and Astronomy to students through practical hands-on experience, with an objective to help them develop their knowledge base as well as life skills.

A total of 48 students from classes VI to IX had enrolled for the workshops. The night sky gazing session was conducted in the school as a part of the culmination of SPACE activities this year.

The first session of this workshop was conducted in the class for the astronomy club students. In this session, students learnt about the working of different telescopes using two major properties of light, namely- refraction and reflection. Students analyzed the difference between a refractor and a reflector telescope through demonstrations and observations.

The session offered an opportunity to learn planning an evening observation through a planetarium software known as Stellarium or Sky Gaze- an excellent tool to view past, present and future sky.

It was indeed an exhilarating experience to observe the positions of stars and planets in the sky using this software.

The second session of the evening was conducted in the school ground. As the parents and students of classes VI and VII (who are not a part of the club) were also invited to participate in the event, diverse activities centered around the concepts of Astronomy were conducted as under –


Learning outcome

Weigh yourself on different planetsParticipants to weigh themselves on weighing scales calibrated according to acceleration due to gravity of different planetsParticipants learnt the concept of mass and weight and how gravity of Earth is different from other planets
Locating the constellations in the skyParticipants picked up a chit and with the help of clue written on it, identified the constellation and tried to locate it in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere sky mapsParticipants learnt the features of the constellations and their location in the night sky
Train like an AstronautActivities were designed to test the balance, lung capacity of the participants, essential requirements for astronautsParticipants learnt the importance of the hand eye coordination and physical fitness for astronauts.
Making a constellationsParticipants had to make the constellations using dart pins and string referring to the data givenParticipants learnt that many stars make a constellation although we can only see a few bright stars in each of them
Launching of Hydro RocketsRockets using water as fuel, were launched (after every 15 minutes)Participants learnt about parts of rockets and Newton’s third law
Evening sky gazingWith the help of telescopes the participants viewed the moon and MarsParticipants could see the craters on the moon clearly, the red planet and also some constellations in the sky.

All the participants including the parents and our young students actively participated in the fun activities and games. The session also provided the Astronomy Club members, who have now become budding astronomers to handle the telescope and focus it on the celestial objects.

The workshop was designed on an interdisciplinary approach thereby re enforcing many concepts of science, social science and mathematics.

The event was also graced by the presence of Dr Kalyani Roy for some time which was very encouraging for all.

The effort, enthusiasm & energy of the participants were highly infectious, and all expressed the desire to conducts such events more often in the school.

In view of encouraging response to the above & many sessions on Astronomy this year, we are working on series of initiatives to cover diverse aspects of Astronomy,


NCC ‘A’ certificate examination for 37UPBNNCC battalion was held on March 3, 2019 at Cambridge School Noida from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm.

A 3 hour exam was conducted by NCC officials present. One JCO and 3 Hawaladars were present with First Officers S.P. Sharma and Balwant Singh. Students from Rajkiya Intercollege Noida, Amity International School Noida and Cambridge School Noida were present. Earlier in August an Annual camp w

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