Senior Wing Activities 2022-23


A scholar badge ceremony was organized by Cambridge School, Noida on 29th April 2022, for classes VI to VIII in the school auditorium to encourage and appreciate academic endeavors by the students.

The power-packed session was kicked off with a warm welcome by Ms. Anshu Abhilasha, followed by a motivational song by the school choir. The winners were applauded and cheered by everyone present in the ceremony. The pride of receiving the scholar badge and certificate was unmatchable for the students. The honorable Vice Principal, Ms. Nandita Sinha Roy congratulated the scholar badge winners and motivated the children to perform their best in the upcoming sessions. 

All staff members enthusiastically encouraged the winners and the students were inspired to learn and deliver better.


Cambridge School Noida celebrated 91st Founder’s Day on April 7, 2022, in the school auditorium. The program started by welcoming Dr. Kalyani Roy, Secretary SAE.

The vision of our founder, Mr. Alok Chandra Deb was – A School must seek to provide a sense of stability, encouragement, and hope for boys and girls of widely different abilities and socio-cultural backgrounds, helping students to develop their talents by providing meaningful education in an atmosphere of freedom, secularism, and social unity.

 Principal, Ms. Preeti Sangwan addressed the gathering. She spoke about the motto of the school ‘WE LEARN TO SERVE’ and asked the students to be solution-oriented people. The Vice-Principal of the school Ms. Nandita Sinha Roy apprized the students about the origin of the school and shared some inspirational thoughts. 

The school choir sang a beautiful Bengali motivational song, Anando loke……. followed by a documentary on the life and journey of the founder of the school. The next song is Nayi Manzile Nayi Dishayein ……. Sung by the school choir mesmerized the gathering. The video recording of Dr. Kalyani Roy’s candid conversation was projected in the auditorium. 

The breathtaking Ballad performance of the students caught the attention of one and all present there. The senior coordinator of the school Ms. Deepa Wadhwa spoke about the glorious journey of Cambridge School, Noida, and shared her own experiences. The western music choir of the school sang a beautiful song WE Will Fly…….. which was followed by a documentary showcasing the history of the school. Last but not the least, was the recitation by the students, of the famous poem by Rabindra Nath Tagore, Where The Mind is Without Fear…….

The celebration ended with the singing of the national anthem.  



To celebrate the world PI Day, the children of class VI came together to present the different attributes of the Greek letter ‘Pi’. Along with PI Day, the children commemorate the greatest scientist of all time Albert Einstein on his birthday.

A live experiment on calculating the approximate value of π was done where children collaborated on the google sheet to measure, record and calculate the ratio of circumference to diameter of a circular object from their surroundings.The day concluded with children presenting PI-KU poems composed in ‘3-1-4’ pattern.



An online panel discussion was organized by class XI economics students of Cambridge School, Noida on the topic ‘Repeal of farm laws: A setback or a step in the right direction?’ on January 31, 2022. The panel discussion was attended by 80 students of class XI.

Vidushi Srivastava of class XI introduced the important events starting from introduction of bills to repeal of farm bills.  Mahika Nautiyal moderated the discussion, Shreya Gupta presented the provisions and Adit Narayan presented the fall outs of the three contentious farm bills. PowerPoint Presentation was prepared by Akshita Bhatt.

The highlight of the panel discussion included the three farms laws, and discussion on provisions and against the farm bills are as follows:

  1. The Farmers’ Produce Trade and Commerce (Promotion and Facilitation) Act
  2. Farmers (Empowerment and Protection) Agreement on Price Assurance and Farm Services Act
  3. The Essential Commodities (Amendment) Act

Provisions: The three bills aspire to liberalize and deregulate the market for the agrarian sector, these laws bring long awaited reforms to the key segment of the Indian economy.

The three laws open up new opportunities for the farmers so that they can earn more from the farm produce. The new laws would help to strengthen farming infrastructure through greater private investments. With food markets growing exponentially in India, private players would make agriculture profitable for the farmers. With the repealing of farm laws in November of last year, a huge problem of agriculture sector is left unaddressed.

Against: These Bills do look very lucrative and good on paper but the ground reality might not be the same , the  way these bill were rushed through the parliament without adequate safeguards and checks for farmers it was completely wrong and farmers protested for it, still , better late than never the farm laws were taken back  because it indeed was a very big risk for the farmers where  they could become vulnerable to exploitation in the future . Therefore, these bills need significant amendments before government’s vision can turn into reality.

At the end, Principal, Ms Preeti Sangwan, appreciated the efforts of the students and encouraged them to organize such events in future as well.




An online quiz was conducted for class IX on the occasion of 73rd republic day on 25th January, 2022. The sections of class IX were divided into five team namely Justice, Democracy, Freedom, Fraternity and Equality. Principal ma’am addressed the gathering with encouraging message for all the teams. The quiz was divided into three rounds. First round, desh ek roopanek, included multiple choice questions. This was followed by round two, jaano pehchano,
where the students had to identify quotes and famous freedom fighters. Lastly, a rapid-fire round was organized. The quiz was concluded by a melodious song sung by our students and declaration of the result. Team Democracy won the first place, followed by team Justice in the second place and team Equality in the third place. All the students were well prepared and participated enthusiastically.



Republic day is celebrated every year on 26th January to commemorate the date and moment, when the constitution of INDIA came into effect. With the same cause it is celebrated as the national festival in our school. A day earlier our school organised a virtual republic day celebration. Lots of activities were organised for classes 6 to 8 for different subjects. In Hindi subject we have organised Kavita vaachan activity for students. Even in this pandemic situation we have seen a lot of enthusiasm and patriotism by students. They all had giving best out of them. Quite impress by their poem and the way they were excited for the activities. Students were seemed proud to be an Indian.


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