Safety and Security

Safety and security

The school is prompt in taking all steps to ensure the safety and the security of the students and staff of the school. The school reviews and implements the changes from time to time, as issued by CBSE / DIOS / the UP government. To look into this, the school has already set up a committee under the able charge of the Principal and responsible members from the school. The committee keeps meeting periodically to assess the safety standards / issues.

To ensure the safety, security and well-being of the students, we have procedures and standards like – pick-up and drop, visitors, equipment and furniture safety, and a non-threatening environment for the holistic development of the students. These procedures are periodically reviewed and updated keeping in mind the latest safety and security measures and norms. Once in school, the children are under the able care and guidance of the teachers. The children are accompanied / escorted by teachers for all activities. Keeping the security and safety of the students in mind the school has adequate provision of CCTV Cameras and  Fire Fighting units in the school campus.

Pick-up and Drop facility:

The deployed buses are in compliance with all safety norms i.e. CCTV, GPS, fire extinguishers, emergency exit and experienced staff. Each bus has a Driver, Helper, Lady Guard and a School Teacher who drop the child to the last stop. A register is maintained to keep a check on the student’s attendance of the students who are travelling by bus. Attendance is taken every day in the morning and afternoon. The children are required to wear their identity card to school every day. No child is handed over to anybody without proper authorization and identification.

Medical Practices:

Parents are asked to periodically update their child’s medical records. A complete medical record of immunizations and other medical issues (such as allergies, chronic conditions or susceptibilities) are maintained in the medical room. All emergency contact numbers are kept up to date and easily accessible in case of emergency. If a is child unwell, he/she is attended immediately by trained staff, who are always available in the school (during working hours).  The parents are immediately informed / updated about the condition of the ward and if required the child is handed over to the parents. In case a child gets injured, she/he is taken to the infirmary and the teacher informs the parents.

Cleaning and Disinfecting:

The helping staff thoroughly cleans the floor, walls, furniture, etc that the students come in close contact with. In addition to this the washrooms and outside area are disinfected and cleaned to decrease the risk of infection. Keeping hand hygiene in mind, liquid soap is made available in all the washrooms. Dustbins are kept at different places to avoid littering of garbage. Standard procedures for thorough hygiene and cleanliness in the canteen area are kept in mind.


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