Orientation Programme 2022-23


An orientation programme was organized by Cambridge School, Noida on 7th May 2022, for the parents of class X students in the school auditorium to apprise them about the significant ways in which they can contribute to the success of their child.

The informative session began with a warm welcome note for parents, followed by a talk by Coordinators Ms. Kiran Sibal and Ms. Jyoti Joshi. They familiarized the parents with the detailed assessment criteria for class X. The parents were also urged to persuade their child to adhere to the school code of conduct and decorum. Advanced ways of involvement of students in various tasks for improving their decision making ability were also a topic of discussion.  The (officiating) Principal, Ms. Nandita Sinha Roy addressed the parents and advised them to be active participant of their ward’s holistic growth in school. The concluding interactive session, wherein the parents raised queries, was invariably the most important part of the programme.

All staff members together with the parents made the orientation programme a success. 


An Orientation Program for grade XII was organised on Saturday, May 07, 2022, in the school auditorium. Coordinators Ms Deepa Wadhwa and Ms Mamata Rishi apprised the parents about the assessment criteria, attendance rules, discipline and PTM dates. Points of contact were also highlighted. The session was moderated by Ms Sunetra Bannerjee.
Parents’ queries were addressed by Vice Principal Ms Nandita Sinha Ray.

Orientation Programme 2021-22

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