Meaningful ways to engage kids during summer holidays

With the school year coming to an end in CBSE affiliated schools in Noida, every student is frantically waiting for the arrival of summer vacations. It provides a long-break and a much-needed relief to students from the school, studies and homework.

While it’s good to have some fun, students must not waste these holidays, as they can utilise this time to enhance their skills. That’s why the best school in Noida gives holiday homework to keep them in touch with learning during these times.

So the conundrum is how you can motivate your children to be more productive while they’re full of holiday spirit. The answer is by making meaningful activities interesting, engaging and thought-provoking.

So if you’re searching for fun and meaningful ways to keep your kids busy during the summer holidays, this blog will certainly help you.Here are some interesting and meaningful activities for children to utilise their summer holidays:

Historical adventures

Summer vacation is an excellent opportunity for you to garner and improve your child’ interest in history. What’s more exciting for children than going on a trip and explore new places? And you can make it more informational by planning a trip to ancient and historical monuments in India. A visit to these historical places can help them learn about significant events from a different era.

It is more of a practical approach that helps children to learn more effectively about important things. So exploring historical places will not only make the lesson first-hand but also help them to perform better in school.

Science projects

If you’re looking for a fun and thought-provoking activity for your kids, a science project can help to infuse the summer with brain-boosting fun. With this, you can turn complex chemical reactions and science problems into fun and easy projects. There are various STEM activities to teach them about physics, chemistry and engineering.

To make the most of their time at home, go to the internet and print out a list of DIY science projects such as making invisible ink from lemon juice, creating a homemade slide or preparing a lava lamp from vegetable oils.


Planting a garden is a great way to teach them about the benefits of putting in the efforts. It allows them to create something tangible and then watch the fruition of their hard work. They will also learn the importance of consistent care and patience. In addition, you both get to enjoy fresh vegetable and fruits.

You can plan the garden as per your child’s interest. It could be a vegetable garden, a fruit garden or a flower garden. And what’s great about this activity that it can also be scale down to an indoor garden to fit your home.

Skill learning

Mastering a new skill requires practice, patience and lots of free time. However, young kids learn a lot faster than adults. That’s why summer vacation can be a golden opportunity for your children to learn a new skill of their choice. With an ample amount of time in hand, they get to concentrate on things they couldn’t do during their usual routine.

You can introduce them to different sports, music instruments or even life skill. There are various options to help them become a better learner, such as crafting, calligraphy, cooking and even swimming.


Summer vacations are an excellent time to encourage a passion for reading in your children. A habit of reading will not help them in your academic growth but also help them become a better person. It also improves their self-esteem, teaches them values, and also help them understand the world.

Apart from being a positive learning experience, the activity is also a mix of excitement and education. That’s why it’s used as an accompanying learning tool to simplify education at one of the best CBSE School in Noida.

As one of the best school in Noida, we believe in honing critical life skills in students with meaningful work and fun assignments. Thus, make their summer vacation a fun and enriching experience that will stay with your kid for years to come.

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