Managing time like a pro: Some easy tips for students

Students are always moving back and forth between their schoolwork, assignments, exam preparations and extracurricular activities. As such, it is very important for them to be able to prioritise their tasks and plan way ahead of time. However, this is possible only if you know how to optimise time and make better use of it. Learning time management is very important, irrespective of what age group you belong to. Being able to manage your time in the right way helps you to become more organised and perform each task with confidence and added efficiency. Teachers from the best school in Noida suggest that time management can help students to cope up with many problems including exam time stress, and procrastination.

As students get promoted to higher and higher grades, there are many more things that they have to deal with. These include additional subjects, increased assignment load, frequent tests and extracurricular activities. As such, there is a greater need for proper time management. Wondering how you can teach time management to your champ?

Here are a few tips from the teachers of the top CBSE affiliated schools in Noida

Create a proper schedule – Completing your task seems much easier when you work according to a proper schedule. Enlist the tasks on the basis of priority, with the most important ones first. Do not forget to mention the date by which they need to complete a specific task. You can even use different colours to mark which task needs to be done first.

Keep your child away from distractions – Nowadays, even small children have their own social media accounts and spend hours chatting with friends or scrolling the internet. All these are nothing but distractions that keep your child from completing his/her assignments on time. This does not mean that you have to restrict your child from being on any social media platform. Rather, you just have to make sure that your child is away from all these distractions when it’s time to get down to work. There should be a specified time for everything, be it school work, or using social media.

Set goals for each task – Performing a task is much easier when you set goals and strive to complete them within a specified frame of time. When you know your limits it becomes easier to set your pace and work accordingly. For instance, if your child is reading a book, ask him/her to complete a specific number of pages in a day. Make sure you set the limits within their capacity and do not exceed something that is beyond their ability.

Focus on one goal at a time – Multitasking may be a solution sometimes, however, it does not always work, because when you focus on too many things at a time, it causes your attention to split, making it difficult for you to carry out its task with efficiency. It is very important to make your child understand that he/she should entirely focus on one task at a time.

Avoid working/studying at a stretch – Short bursts of studying are always better than long hours of cramming. While many people think that it is the number of hours a child spends sitting in front of books, that matter, teachers from one of the top 10 schools in Noida suggest that this is completely wrong. A child does not necessarily need to spend long hours in front of the book, rather, brief time quality study is enough. Ask your little one to study for 30 minutes at a stretch and then take a short break of 10 to 15 minutes. This will also polish his/her learning ability.

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