Let Them Make Messes

Children and messes generally go hand in hand. Typically, parents work hard to avoid the spills, stains, and general disarray that seem to follow the kids around; however, not all the messes are created equal. Yeah, we understand that messy hands and dirt are headaches for parents, but sometimes dirt and disorder can be beneficial for your child.

Here are some of the reasons by the best CBSE school in Noida why you may want your little ones to get right and messy:

It May Improve Children Health

A good number of researches have suggested that sometimes the dirt is good for kids. When children are exposed to dirt, it helps build a robust immune system in children that will provide them lifelong protection. There is also a hygiene hypothesis or the belief that dirt can protect children from allergies and illness. While this hypothesis can be contested, the takeaway is that sometimes you should let your child play in the dirt.

However, you should also still follow good hygiene rules in children, including protecting them from illnesses. Teach your kids to wash their hands after playing in the mud or after being exposed to germs.

It Engages the Senses

The feel of mud underneath the bare feet, birds’ sound in the morning, the smell of the rain, and earth-these sensory experiences will help your child understand the world better than any theoretical knowledge. When multiple senses of the child are engaged, the brain is more likely to remember what’s being learned. While teaching your child colours, numbers, and new words, use natural materials that engage multiple senses, such as rough sticks, rocks, and aromatic flowers.

It Builds Motor Skills

We know that there are many ways that you can let your child exercise their motor skills. You can surely encourage your child to play with nice, clean toys, small items or write on mess-free erase boards to promote tidiness. But the downside of these games is that these games do not allow for open-ended play. The game is pre-planned, and children can only perform what they are expected.

Give your child large tubs of washable paints, sheets of paper, and any number of fun tools, and see them get excited. They will use their small hands, fingers, arms, legs, back, and shoulders for an open-ended play.

There is only so much that can be done in a playground jungle gym, and you will be surprised to find what a child can do in a backyard, park, or jungle when given the freedom. The best nursery school in Noida encourages your child to develop their motor skills by giving them ample opportunities.

It Makes Kids Think

If children are given a chance to climb, roll, and jump freely, their little mind will use their imagination and develop ingenious ways to make fun more enjoyable. Let your child test out “what if or hypothetical scenarios.”

Your child will start asking questions about things and nature and make observations. To quell their curiosity, they are bound to get filthy, but they will also be thinking like scientists, which will pave the path for discovery, creativity, asking and answering many more questions in the years to come.

It Makes Children Better at Cleaning Up

Ironically, the children also clean up quickly after a big messy playtime. You can lay some guidelines for a messy and clean up time beforehand. Firstly, create a zone where they could play and let them make a mess in that area. There is no need to clean it right away; you can fill the space with toys and materials to motivate dramatic and constructive play.

Next, you should prepare the child for the transition from messy to clean by giving them a notice of about 15 mins or half an hour to clean their area. One of the top 10 best schools in Noida suggests that you can praise them for their effort when the child cleans their area.

You can all team up to clean with a dustpan and brush or even a clean-up apron and sing songs along for a good quality family time.

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