Junior Wing Activities

Assembly – Class V E(December ,2021)

Class V E presented the assembly on the theme- International Day of People with Disabilities. The assembly started with the prayer, news and Thought for the Day. Yoga, karate and other physical exercises were done by the children. Students spoke about some specially- abled people who excelled in their fields. Some of these personalities were Stephen Hawking, Arunima Sinha, Helen Keller and Sudha Chandran. Children also spoke about some Indian Paralympic athletes who won laurels for the country at Tokyo, such as L.Y.Suhas, Avni Lekhara, Bhavina Patel and Yogesh Kathunia. A video by the NGO- Ability Unlimited, titled Freedom on Wheels was shown

Assembly – Class IV B(December ,2021)

Never Give Up was the theme of the assembly conducted by Class IV B. It started with the prayer and Thought for the Day. News was read out by the students. An inspiring story based on the topic was presented by the students, followed by a song and a dance.

Assembly – Class IV A(December ,2021)

Class IV A conducted the assembly on the theme- Try & Try Until You Succeed. Children spoke about determination and dedication required to achieve success in life Based on this theme, stories of the great scientist -Thomas Alva Edison and the President of U.S.A.- Abraham Lincoln were enacted. A motivational poem- ‘Try, Try Again’ was also recited. There was  a dance performance on the motivational poem – ‘Tum Mujhko Kab Tak Rokoge’ by Amitabh Bacchan.

Assembly – Class I E(December ,2021)

Students of Class 1E presented their assembly to showcase the Beauty of Winter. They shared amazing facts on winters and why they love this season. They also shared some foods which can keep us warm this winter. There was also a dance performance to honour farmers on ‘Kisan Diwas’ which falls on 23rd December each year.

Assembly – Class I C(December ,2021)

Health is Wealth”.  was the assembly  theme of Class 1C. Children spoke on the theme- “I have chosen to be happy because it is good for my health”. They shared some amazing facts about human body such as

  • Measure yourself in the morning then again at night. You will find yourself taller in the morning.
  • Your eyes blink around 20 times a minute- that’s over 10 million times a year.

Children also recited poems and presented a skit on “Why Eating Healthy is Important” In the end there were some healthy recipes shared by the students.

Assembly – Class Prep G(December ,2021)

Prep G had the assembly on the theme- Community Helpers. Children explained about community helpers and how they help us. They also enacted a few community helpers and spoke about them.  Children also conducted a quiz, and at the end they enjoyed the making of a colourful salad.

Assembly – Class Prep F(December ,2021)

Prep F presented the assembly on the theme- What will I be when I grow up? The assembly started with a conversation among four children. One of them was sad because she wanted to do a lot of things that grown-ups do like driving a car, cutting vegetable etc. The friends explained to each other that all of it is possible and can be done when they grew up. Children spoke about what they want to be when they grow up like becoming a chef, a vet, a painter, an astronaut, a pilot or a musician. They also conducted a Chef hat making activity.

Assembly – Class Prep E(December ,2021)

Prep E presented the assembly on the topic – Space Exploration. They spoke about astronauts and space crafts. This was followed by facts about space- the Earth, the Moon & the Sun through role play. Students sang – ‘Star Song’ and ‘Space’.  They also displayed their dancing skills through a Zumba performance.

Online Activity Day- Classes Prep to V(December 23 and December 24, 2021)

Online activities were conducted for the students on Dec 23 [for classes Prep, I &III] and 24, 2021 [ for classes II, IV &V].

Various activities and competitions were organised for children.

  • Class I – Virtual Tour to Mother Dairy and Post Office, Spell Bee, Story session by the renowned Storyteller Sharanya Sriram, Carol singing and Puppet show
  • Class II – Virtual Tour to Air Force museum, English Recitation, Hindi Chitrakatha & Carol singing
  • Class III- Special Assembly, Virtual Tour – Delhi Darshan, Character Portrayal [ Fairy tale characters] Story session by the renowned Storyteller Ms. Sharanya Sriram & Fun with Experiments
  • Class IV- Special Assembly, Virtual Tour to Purana Quila, Delhi, Maths Buzz & Folk Dance Activity
  • Class V-  Special Assembly, Virtual Tour to Mehrauli Archeological Park, English Debate & Social Studies Quiz

Christmas Celebration (December, 2021)

Christmas celebration was held through special assemblies conducted by Classes IF & IV C. Beautiful musical videos with the performances of our children were also shared with the parents on the occasion of Christmas.



Christmas week was held for Classes Nursery and Prep from 20th to 24th December, 21. The significance of the festival was stressed upon -spreading the message of sharing and caring.  Children attended the classes dressed up in traditional Christmas colours -red, white and green. They enjoyed singing and dancing to the tune of – ‘Jingle Bells’ and ‘He had a Red Red Coat and a Red Red Hat’. They enjoyed doing different art and craft activities too related to Christmas.

Adventure Camp -Classes I to V  (23rd and 24th Dec, 2021)

Rocksport organized  day camps for the students of Classes I to V on 23rd and 24th Dec, 2021 from 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

The camp started by dividing the students in small groups. Children did adventure activities like Burma Bridge, Double Rope Bridge, Sport Climbing, Commando Net, Zorbing, Zip line, Tug of War and Magical Maze under the supervision of Rocksport team. The school playground was transformed into an adventure zone where the students enjoyed fun filled games, obstacles and life skill activities making their learning experience rich and rewarding.

Students enjoyed all adventure activities and learnt about team work and importance of coordination while performing the activities.

Sports Activities -Classes I to V  (4th and 18th December, 2021)

Different sports activities like football, cricket, tennis and skating were organized in school for the students of Classes I to V on 4th and 18th Dec, 2021. The activities were conducted under the supervision of instructors and teachers.

Assembly -Class II F (November ,2021)

Class II F presented the assembly on ‘Harvest Festival’.

Students shared information about the different ways of celebrating harvest festivals in different parts of the country. A skit, based on the life of farmers and harvest celebrations, was conducted. A poem and a dance on the theme of harvest festival were also presented.

Assembly -Class II C (November ,2021)

Class II C presented the assembly on the topic – International Chef’s Day and Healthy Eating Habit. Children discussed about International Chef’s Day and how it was started by Chef Bill Gallaghar. It was followed by introduction to different types of Chefs in food industry. Students presented poems on Healthy Food. They also presented a skit depicting the importance of healthy eating.

In the end students pledged to –Eat Healthy and Be Healthy.

Assembly -Class I B (November ,2021)

Class I B presented the assembly on the topic- Joy of Giving. Children spoke about the happiness one gets on sharing things with others especially the ones who are needy. They spoke about some famous social workers such as Mother Teresa, Savitribai Phule, & Sunderlal Bahuguna. They also shared ways to become social worker ourselves by doing small things like donating, caring for animals & caring for the environment. They also recited poems based on the theme of their assembly.

Assembly –Prep D (November ,2021)

Class Prep D presented the assembly on the topic- Are You My Mother?

The assembly started with prayer, followed by Thought for the Day, Amazing Facts and News. Different Yoga asanas were performed by a student. The children then enacted the story – Are You My Mother? The poem – Once I Saw a Little Bird was beautifully recited by a child which was followed by the song Bartilito the Rooster.

Fun with Science – (November , 2021)

Children enjoyed conducting various interesting activities and experiments in their science class. Some of them were- differentiating between solvent and solute [lemonade making], decantation, filtration, sedimentation, light travels in a straight line [passing a ray of light through CDs], understanding the structure of a tooth, types of teeth [by creating their models].

Origami Activity – (November 22, 2021)

Classes Nursery & Prep enjoyed Origami Activity on November 22, 2021. Nursery children made whales with origami sheets. They thoroughly enjoyed making an ocean scene.

Class Prep made birds, a dog and a house. Children later pasted these in their art file and developed a scene around it by drawing tree, grass, clouds, flowers, fence and their family.

The paper folding craft was not only a fun filled experience, but also helped to develop their attention and concentration skills.

GuruPurab Celebration – (November 18, 2021)

Guru Purab was celebrated on November 18, 2021 through special assemblies presented by classes Prep F, IA & VC.  Students showed Prabhat Pheri, walking along with each other while singing the Prabhat Pheri song. They talked about Sikhism , its founder, how Guru Nanak  Jayanti is celebrated and how the Sikhs believe in doing sewa for others.  Mool Mantr was also recited. Famous Gurudwaras in the National Capital Region and also the famous Golden Temple Gurudwara of Amritsar were shown.  Children also recited poems on the ten Gurus of Sikhism. Students also sang shabad kirtan – Tum Sharanayi Aaya Thakur.

Children’s Day

The pre primary teachers made Children’s Day memorable for the little ones. From preparing a special assembly to games, we had it all. Teachers conducted a special assembly for the children. The highlight of the assembly was the dance performance by the teachers followed by a funny song ‘Bandar ki Shaadi’. They were explained why Children’s Day is celebrated. Movie ‘Stuart Little’ was shown to the Nursery kids and Prep children enjoyed watching ‘Baby’s Day Out’. A movie interval was planned wherein the children had a small snack party with their friends. Class teachers [I- V] conducted games like Letter Scavenger Hunt, Spot the Difference and Pyramid Making. The game session was followed by snack time where all the children enjoyed their snacks along with their classmates. Different movies were planned for different classes:
Class I- Moana, Class II- Ice Age-3 Dawn of the Dinosaur, Class III – Charlotte’s Web, Class IV- Ratatouille & Class V- The BFG
All activities planned for the day were thoroughly enjoyed by the students.

Diwali Celebration – (November 2, 2021)

A virtual Diwali celebration was conducted for the students on November 2, 2021. Special assemblies were conducted by Class Prep B, II E &VB.
The song ‘Aayi Diwali’ brought out the essence of the festival. Children were sensitized to the ill effects of crackers and they all pledged to celebrate ‘Green Diwali’ by saying- ‘No to Crackers’. Preprimary children were explained the importance of the festival- why and how it is celebrated. They were also encouraged to share sweets and toys with the less privileged and to keep their house neat and tidy. A skit- ‘Story of Narkasura’ was enacted very enthusiastically by the students of Class VB which was followed by a dance on the song ‘Mere tumhare, sabke liye,- Happy Diwali!
Nursery and Prep: Toran Making activity with mango/ ashoka leaves and marigold flowers
Prep: Children enjoyed painting diyas and decorated them with stars, glitter, lace and bindis.

Assembly Nursery E & Class III C – (October, 2021)

Nursery E & Class III C presented the virtual assemblies on Gandhi Jayanti. It commenced with a prayer ‘All things bright and beautiful’ followed by Thought for the Day, news headlines and amazing facts. Children shared valuable information on the life of Mahatma Gandhi and his role in the freedom struggle. They spoke about the teachings and values professed by him. They also spoke about the importance of charkha. Gandhiji’s 3 monkeys’ depiction was well explained by stressing on the importance of seeing good, hearing good and speaking good at all times. Rhyme ‘Bits of Paper’ was taken up to sensitize everyone towards the importance of keeping our surroundings clean. It concluded with a beautiful dance performance on ‘Bande mein tha dam, Vande matram’.

Assembly – Class II A – (October, 2021)

Students of Class II A presented their assembly on the theme- Never Give Up.

Students shared information on legends like APJ Abdul Kalam, Milkha Singh, A.R Rehman and Captain Gopinath.

Short videos were prepared by students explaining why we should never give up. A video of the story-Never Give Up, was also shown.

Two students presented instrumental music on the song – We shall overcome on synthesizer and mouth organ.

Assembly – Class II D – (October, 2021)

Students of Class II-D presented the assembly on the topic “Mesmerizing India” on 27th Oct, 2021. The assembly started with a prayer which was followed by Thought for the Day and news. Children then discussed the amazing facts that make India different from rest of the countries. The poem “Incredible India” was recited followed by a classical dance performance and a child playing “Teri hai zameen, Tera asmaan” on keyboard.

Assembly – Prep A – (October, 2021)

Students of Prep A presented a virtual assembly wherein they depicted the story “The Sky is Falling”. The assembly commenced with a beautiful prayer. They discussed a new word ‘gratitude’ and expressed their feelings about the same through ‘Gratitude Page’.  They expressed gratefulness for everything- their parents, family, siblings, home, toys, trees, plants, and animals. It was followed by a ketchup dance by all the animal characters.

Assembly Class III F – (October, 2021)

The topic of assembly of Class 3F was Positivity.

The power of positive thinking and its value for achieving one’s dreams was emphasized. A skit on the life of great achievers such as Mt Everest climber Arunima Singh, Ex-President of India Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam and famous writer JK Rowling was shown to inspire the students. A dance was also performed by the children

Assembly Class V A – (October, 2021)

Class V A presented the special assembly on 29th October, 2021. The Theme of the assembly was- ‘ Magic Seasons’

Students talked about how the seasons change and how it affects our life. Children also narrated poems on each season. Some facts related to seasons were also shared by the students. The assembly ended with an English song on seasons.

Assembly Class III D – (October, 2021)

The theme for the assembly presented by Class III D was Indian Air Force day. The assembly started with the greetings followed by prayer, Thought for the Day, news, short skit, Hindi poem recitation and a solo dance performance. A virtual tour of the Indian Air Force Museum (New Delhi) and a video of how this day is celebrated every year was also shown to the children.

Assembly Nursery F – (October, 2021)

Students of Nursery F presented the assembly on Healthy Food. It started with the prayer followed by Thought for the Day, amazing facts and zumba dance. A skit was presented on various healthy foods and their benefits. Two activities were also performed-Sprout Salad Making and Growing Microgreens. Students spoke about the benefits of sprouts and microgreens. It ended with a dance performance on Healthy Food song.

Assembly – Class II B & III E – (October, 2021)

Class II B & III-E also presented the assembly on Dussehra. Students presented a short skit on Dussehra to highlight the importance of the festival. Some facts about Navratri and Durga Puja festival were shared by the students which was followed by some poems. Students also performed a small arti. The assembly ended with a graceful dance performance by the students.

Assembly – Nursery G – (October, 2021)

Students of Nursery G performed a special assembly on Dussehra. They enacted the story of Ramayana followed by a Dussehra song and a dance performance on the song ‘ Hum aaj Dussehra Manayenge’. A craft activity was also done wherein the children made different weapons like bow & arrow with clay.


English Recitation – Nursery (25th October, 21)

English Recitation was held for class Nursery on 25th October,21. All sections of Nursery selected one rhyme each for recitation. They were encouraged to give a short introduction before reciting the rhyme. Children enthralled their teachers with their articulation and expressions. Props used by them made the characters of rhymes come alive.

Nursery AJelly Bean Countdown
Nursery BAll of Me
Nursery CSmile
Nursery DOpen, Shut them
Nursery EZoom, Zoom, Zoom
Nursery FA Chubby Little Snowman
Nursery GBird House

‘Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav’ (21st October, 21)

‘Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav’, a government of India initiative, to mark the 75th year of Indian independence was celebrated on Thursday, October 21, 2021. It marks the declaration of the Provisional Government of Free India. Various events were organized as a part of this celebration including drawing activities, poetry and song recitation, a talk on freedom fighters and their memorable words and a quiz based on the Indian National Movement.

All these events ensured the successful inculcation of knowledge about the glorious history of the Indian freedom struggle. Various activities were organized such as-

Desh Ek Chitra Anaik. Drawing Activity –Class I

Children drew the National Symbols of our country using their imagination and creativity.

Chitra aur Mitra –Class II

Drawing Activity was organized on a virtual platform for the students of Class II. Children with their wonderful drawing presentations, attempted to showcase the importance of independence and the contribution of freedom fighters, including the unsung heroes of the freedom struggle.

Patriotic Songs -Class III

Students recited poems and sang patriotic songs to show their love and respect for their country. It was a delight to hear them.

Talk on Freedom Fighters-Class IV

Children spoke about freedom fighters and their famous quotes. They had also made beautiful PPT presentations on them. The contribution of freedom fighters like Khudiram Bose, Lala Lajpat Rai, Sardar Vallabhai Patel,  Mahatma Gandhi, Bhagat Singh, Chandrashekhar Azad, Mangal Pandey, Subhash Chandra Bose and many more were highlighted.

Quiz on Indian National Movement- Class V

A quiz based on the Indian National Movement was organized for the students of Class V. They were also shown a documentary based on the contribution of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose in the Indian freedom struggle. Students took keen interest in the life of Netaji and solved the quiz questions zealously. They also enjoyed the patriotic song ‘Qadam Qadam Badhaye Ja’ after the completion of the event.

Webinar – Global Handwashing Day – Class Nursery to V– (15th October, 21)

Our school participated in the global event on World Handwashing Day conducted by Lifebouy on October 15, 2021. Students joined the online Youtube event to participate in the fun filled session and learned more about hand hygiene with International celebrities and Bollywood stars in this prestigious global event.

Dussehra Celebration Nursery & Prep – (13st October, 21)

Dussehra was celebrated virtually on 13th October, 21. A Power Point presentation was shown to the children on why and how we celebrate Dussehra. They were also told that on this day effigies of Ravana, Kumbhkaran and Meghnad are burnt to depict the destruction of evil forces and negativity. Nursery G presented a special assembly. Children were told about our rich culture and tradition. They attended the celebration dressed in ethnic clothes and learned about Indian mythology through engaging activities. Preprimary teachers presented a puppet show to make it more interesting for the little ones.
Nur : Making Ravana with biscuits, carrot, beans, cheese slice and black pepper
Prep : Making puppets of Lord Rama, Sita, Ravana and Hanuman. Children enjoyed reciting rhymes related to Dussehra using their puppets

Webinar on Delhi’s Ecological History and Native Trees of Delhi- Class V – (11th October, 21)

A webinar was conducted for the students of Class V on- Delhi’s Ecological History and Native Trees of Delhi on 11.10.21. The webinar was headed by Mr Ashim and Ms Vrinda from Swechha. They spoke about the two most important things related to Delhi’s Ecology- River Yamuna and the Delhi Ridge. The Delhi Ridge is majorly covered with Vilayati Keekar which is not a native tree of Delhi but is occupying space and hence the native trees are not getting enough space to survive.

They showed some plants that can be spotted by the students in their vicinity. Children were asked to do some backyard spotting and find trees like anar, jamun, mousami, curry pata, ber, kadamb etc., which are the native trees of Delhi. The medicinal value and importance of these trees were also shared in the webinar. A small video on how to build one’s own native tree nursery was shared at the end. The webinar was truly enriching and helped the students learn a lot of facts about the native trees of Delhi. It also helped the students to understand and learn more about the trees they should be planting in their vicinity.

Cleanliness Drive – Nursery & Prep – (1st October, 21)

To create awareness amongst the students regarding cleanliness and its benefits, a virtual cleanliness drive was organized for the children of classes Nursery and Prep on 1st October, 21. Various activities were taken up to make it interesting for the little ones. They were taught the correct way to wash their hands- cleaning between the fingers and giving the soap enough time to work.


Story Telling: They were told the importance of keeping their surroundings clean through story telling with the help of stick puppets. (Peppa Pig – Tidying up)

Dustbin Making Activity: They made 2 dustbins with cartons/ shoe boxes by pasting blue and green circles respectively. They also took the resolution that they will keep the environment clean and segregate the wet and dry waste.


Cleaning toys: They were asked to bring their toys and were taught to clean them properly. They wore gloves and apron and enjoyed cleaning their toys.

Assemblies (September,  2021)

Spectacular online assemblies were held in the month of September on various themes such as:

  • Students of Nursery D presented the assembly on the theme- Cleanliness highlighting the importance of health and hygiene.
  • Wild Animals was the assembly theme of Nursery C.
  • Students of Nursery B presented the assembly on the theme –Means of Transport.
  • Kindness was the assembly theme of I G.
  • Nursery A presented the assembly on the topic- Teacher’s Day.
  • I F had National Sports Day as the assembly topic.

Webinar- Fundamental Numeracy and its Application in Daily Life (September 23, 2021)

An interesting session on Number and Numeracy was organized for parents and teachers by Oxford University Press on 23rd September 2021. It was conducted by Ms. Sonia Relia.  Ms. Relia started the session with some innovative ideas for teaching numbers to pre-schoolers. She covered topics like- one to one correspondence, sorting, patterns and many more. Ideas like folding of napkins into different shapes so that children can get exposure to all the shapes, were shared.

She showed some beautiful aids for the children like- bead malas (bead set of 100), blocks and bamboos in a string etc. She talked about the importance of teaching aids as they can be very important mathematical tool for the children.  She also highlighted the importance of stories and said that stories work like magic for the children and maths comes alive with them. All the concepts taught to them must have a story.

It was really an informative session.

Hindi Recitation- Nursery (September 14, 2021)

Hindi Recitation Activity was conducted for Nursery students on 14th September, 2021. Rhymes not only develop speaking skills in young children but also help them in expressing feelings through expressions and gestures. Each section of Nursery selected one rhyme for the recitation. A craft activity was also taken up with each rhyme to make it more interesting for the little ones. Props used by them made all the characters of rhymes come alive.


ClassRhymeCraft Activity
Nursery Aभालू राजाA bear on a paper plate.
Nursery Bचींटी रानीAn ant with three circles.
Nursery Cमेरी प्यारी गैयाFinger printing on the cow.
Nursery Dतितली रानीA butterfly by hand printing
Nursery Eचिड़ियाA colourful bird with different shapes.
Nursery Fकुट कुट कुटA bird by hand printing
Nursery Gचुहिया रानीA rat using a wooden spoon.

Hindi Diwas (September 14, 2021)

Hindi Diwas was celebrated on 14thSeptember 21. Students of different classes participated in various activities.

Class V students gave information about Hindi Diwas, how this day came into existence and how it is celebrated.

Class IV and II children recited poems of various Hindi poets.

Class III students told some amazing facts .

Teachers’ Day Celebration  (September 4, 2021)

Teachers’ Day celebration was organized online on September 4, 2021.The programme started with a prayer song sung by Mr Tapas, followed by a speech delivered by Ms. Baljinder, The Principal, Ms Preeti Sangwan  and the Headmistress, Ms Seema Karki addressed the teachers and appreciated their hard work. Various games were played such as Logo challenge, Bollywood Iconic Steps, Pehchaan Kaun – Posters, Mad for Ads, Khel Khel Mein and English to Hindi Lyrics game. Teachers participated in all the games enthusiastically.

Virtual Tour – Class II (September 1, 2021)

A virtual tour to Lodi Gardens and India Gate was organized for the children of Class II on September 1, 2021.
The children were first shown the Lodi Gardens and the teacher explained the different structures inside it like the Bada Gumbad, Sheesh Gumbad, Tomb of Sikander Lodi, Athpula, etc.
The children were also shown the India Gate. Teachers explained that it was formerly called the All-India War Memorial, designed by Edwin Lutyens, built to commemorate the sacrifice of Indian Army soldiers who laid down their lives during the First World War and the Third Anglo-Afghan War of 1919.
Children learnt many things about Lodi gardens and India Gate and enjoyed a lot.
Children also attempted a short quiz after the tour, based on the places shown.

Assemblies (August, 2021)

Informative and interesting online assemblies were presented by the students of different classes. The themes of assemblies held in August, 2021 were:

Class                                         Theme

Prep G                                      Seasons

Prep E                                      Birds of the World

Prep H & III A                         Janamashtmi

IB                                              Rain- The Rhythm of the Earth

IC & IV E                                  Independence day

ID& IVF                                   Raksha Bandhan

IE                                             Health is Wealth

IV D                                         Dances around the World

Health Week– Nursery to V (August 24, 2021 to August 27, 2021)

Health Week was observed from 24th August 2021 to 27th August, 2021. It aimed to create awareness about being healthy and how to make it a part of our lifestyle. The week started with a discussion on importance of good health, teachers told the children the reason for celebrating Health Week and how we can maintain good health. They were also shown a special assembly on the theme – Value of Good Health.

An array of activities was organized for the students.

PPTs displaying the importance of healthy living, and amazing facts about human body were shown.

Different classes had different activities planned for the Health Week:

Class Nursery

Children enjoyed listening to the story of ‘The Enormous Turnip’.

They were encouraged to do exercise and yoga everyday to keep themselves fit. They were also explained the importance of personal hygiene and cleanliness through the story ‘Pepper Brushes his Teeth’.

Fruit Salad Making activity – They enjoyed making fruit salad on their own and also shared it with their parents.

Pepper and Soap Experiment– Through this experiment they learnt that soap make the germs run away and we should wash our hands before and after every meal.

Class Prep

Children were encouraged to exercise everyday to keep themselves fit.

Caterpillar   Salad   Making–   Children enjoyed making caterpillar salad with cucumber, carrot, corn and tomatoes.

Breakfast Time-They enjoyed having healthy breakfast with their friends.

Learning Table Manners– This fun- filled activity helped the children to learn the basic etiquettes such as not to talk while eating, use of table mats and napkins etc

Class I

Children learnt the recipe of chickpea salad and mango smoothie. They were taught table manners, followed by a story on healthy habits.

Children also presented their healthy breakfast platter and spoke a few lines on it.

Class II

Storytelling session on road safety was organized for the students of Class II.

Students learned about table manners and etiquettes. They had also prepared their own healthy breakfast and spoke about the health benefits of different breakfast items.

Class III

Students made posters to highlight the importance of good health with creative slogans.

Community Lunch– After the online classes, children joined with their meals and shared nutritional values of their food. The teacher further explained how they should take a balanced diet with green vegetables, proteins, carbohydrates etc. The session lasted for about 50 minutes and the children enjoyed having meals with their teacher.

Class IV

Children were given 3 topics for research:

  1. To compare the nutritional value of different components present in different brands of edible oil.
  2. To compare various drinks, tabulate their energy and sugar content and categorize each drink as health or unhealthy.
  3. To find the fat rich foods in their home, check the nutrient content in them and categorize them as- fat rich but healthy and fat rich as well as unhealthy.

Children were given an unseen passage on health and hygiene and a few questions based on it.

They also made a poster on -Health and Hygiene with a slogan and uploaded it on MS Teams.

Class V

Apart from the discussion on – Healthy Lifestyle, a session on ‘Guided Meditation’ was conducted for the students. The scientific power and health benefits of yoga and meditation were told about. Students were also encouraged to talk about their workouts.

Students were explained about the Super Foods and their numerous health benefits such as berries, nuts, aloe vera juice, amla powder, cinnamon powder, flaxseeds, turmeric, alfaalfa etc.

Children researched on a ‘Super Food’ of their choice and spoke about its benefits, usage, how it boosts our immunity and protects us from diseases: Children used their creativity to design posters for advertising any health product of their choice with a catchy caption.

Janamashtami Celebration – Nursery and Prep (August 27, 2021)

Janamashtami was celebrated with great enthusiasm by the tiny tots of classes Nursery and Prep on 27th August, 2021. Children of class Prep H presented a virtual assembly on Janamshtami wherein the story of the birth of Lord Krishna was narrated and beautifully enacted by the children. Significance of this pious festival was explained to them. Children were traditionally dressed as Radha and Krishna and enjoyed making colourful flutes and also painted matkis [earthen pots]


Nursery:  Flute with a peacock feather

Pre       :      Matki Painting

Rakhi Making Activity– Nursery and Prep (August 19, 2021)

Rakhi Making Activity was conducted for the children of Nursery and Prep on 19th August, 2021. Children made beautiful rakhis with the guidance of their teachers. They enjoyed reciting rhymes related to the festival. Children of Class Prep G presented a virtual assembly on Raksha Bandhan. The significance of the festival was explained to them and they participated enthusiastically in all the activities.


Nursery – Rakhi Making (Ladybird)

Prep     – Rakhi Making( Frog)

Recipe: Coconut Ladoos

Patriotic Song Activity – Class IV (August 13, 2021)

Patriotic song activity for Class IV was organized on August 13th2021 as a part of Independence Day celebration. It was held on combined channel of the class.

Children from different sections of Class IV participated in the singing. They prepared and sang patriotic songs which were enjoyed by all.

The session also included a sing along session at the end, in which all the children sang a patriotic song together. The activity was thoroughly enjoyed by the children.

Independence Day (August, 2021)

Independence Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm and patriotic fervor. To instill a feeling of patriotism and to make the children aware of the innumerable sacrifices made by our great leaders, a special assembly was presented by the children of class Prep F. They sang patriotic songs and also presented beautiful dances. Significance of the festival and national symbols were also discussed. Both, the children and teachers, were dressed in tri colour clothes. Children enjoyed making tricoloured sandwich and fruit trifle on their own.

Activities :

Nursery – Origami Activity, Tricolour Fruit Trifle

Prep – Tricolour Sandwich Making

VIRTUAL YAMUNA WALK -Class V (August 18, 2021)

A Virtual Yamuna Walk was organized for the students of Class V in association with Swechha School Programme on Wednesday, August 18,2021.

After a brief introductory talk by Mr. Ashim Berry, the children were taken on a virtual walk to Palla village, the upstream of Yamuna before it enters Delhi.

Children witnessed the plight of the sacred river and its extremely toxic conditions as they travelled with the river through the Najafgarh Drain (the biggest and the blackest drain of Delhi) reaching Kudsia Ghat (opposite ISBT) and finally stopping at Kalindi Kunj( before the river leaves the city for Vrindavan & Mathura).

Children were asked to observe the natural surroundings, and were informed about the fauna and flora found near the river.

The virtual walk developed an awareness among the students towards the increase in pollution due to human activities and its future consequences.

Ms. Vrinda shared a few ideas like making eco- bricks using plastic bottles and wrappers. She also explained how implementing good habits like using steel straws, wooden/ neem toothbrush, can help us to develop a more sustainable environment for all.

This session helped to generate a sense of responsibility towards the environment and ecosystem. It also enabled them, as future change-makers, to identify the major environmental threats and challenges faced today and to realize the importance to develop a more sustainable environment for all.

Social Studies Presentation- The Freedom Struggle -Class V (August 9 to  August 13, 2021)

Students of Class V gave online Social Studies presentations from 9th August to 13th August, 2021. The presentations were based on – different phases of Indian freedom struggle that began with the coming of traders to India in search of spices – to India becoming free in the year 1947.

Class VA started the presentation on August 9, 2021. They spoke on the following topics The Great Revolt of 1857 Or The Sepoy Mutiny, Discontent Among Indians, Doctrine Of Lapse & The East India Company.

Children recited a beautiful poem on My India and presented the song ‘Jahan Dal Dal Par Sone Ki Chidiya Karti Thi Basera

They talked about the coming of foreign traders and the English East India Company. A beautiful link on Vasco da Gama was also shown. Another link was shown to make their classmates understand how the English East India Company established control over the whole of India.

Doctrine of Lapse was shown by different students who enacted Jhansi ki Rani and Begum Hazrat Mahal. They also recited the poem ‘Khoob Ladi Mardaan

The First War of Independence or the sepoy mutiny was shown by talking about Mangal Pandey who started the mutiny by refusing to use the Enfield Rifle. A short documentary was shown on Mangal Pandey and the children also discussed about the places where the Revolt occurred initially and then spread to large parts of northern and central India.

A collage of children dressed as Begum HazratMahal, Tantia Tope, Bahadur Shah Zafar, Mangal Pandey and Rani Lakshmi Bai was also displayed to showcase the people behind the Revolt.

Students of VB had prepared their presentation on the following topics.

Jallianwala Bagh Massacre, Non-Cooperation Movement, Simon Commission and Indian National Army.

They spoke confidently and explained the above-mentioned topics through enactments and videos. They also sang the famous songs of Indian National Army.

Students of VC presented the Swadeshi and Boycott Movement on August 11, 2021. They spoke about the partition of Bengal by Lord Curzon that led to Swadeshi and Boycott Movement by the Indians.

Students enacted the roles of the famous leaders, some of them being- Bipin Chandra Pal, Aurobindo Ghosh, Lala Lajpat Rai , Bal Gangadhar Tilak.

The scenes of Hindus and Muslims tying Rakhi to each other was liked by all. The famous song by Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore- Banglar Mati Banglar Jol– was sung beautifully by a student.

Class VD students presented India’s struggle for independence- social and religious reformers, the rise of nationalism and the Moderates and the Radicals.

Students presented PowerPoint slides with voice-overs and pictures to showcase the struggle of Indian freedom fighters. They also enacted a skit on Swami Vivekananda’s wit and intelligence and his contribution to Indian society.

Class VE presented -The Quit India movement, Civil Disobedience Movement, Partition of India, India becoming free and Independent India.

Jawaharlal Nehru’s speech ‘Tryst with Destiny’ delivered on the eve of India’s independence was presented by a student.

For Independent India- recent achievements in Tokyo Olympics 2020, the accolades and laurels brought by Indian sportspersons were presented giving a glimpse of glory of modern India.

The presentations helped the children in understanding the trials and tribulations faced by Indians in getting freedom.

Quiz on Delhi – Class III (August 12, 2021)

Quiz on Delhi was conducted for Class III on August 12, 2021. The first round of the quiz was held on 30-7-21. Four participants from each section were selected on the basis of performance in the quiz.

There were total of 6 teams, one from each section.

There were four rounds based on the topics : Monuments and important buildings, Delhi Metro, museums, airports and stadiums in Delhi, famous markets and gardens/ parks, trees and flowering plants of Delhi and current affairs. All the teams performed brilliantly.

Session on Conservation of Nature and Bird Nest Making (August 7, 2021)

A webinar was conducted for the students on- Conservation of Nature and Bird Nest Making on 7.8.21 (Saturday) from 10:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m. It was conducted by Mr Rakesh Khatri, Environmentalist, Limca Book Awardee and Founder (Ecoroots Foundation)

Students of Class V joined the webinar through combined Class V teams and the rest of the classes from I-IV watched it on Facebook Live.

Mr Khatri demonstrated how to make nests for sparrows using simple tetra packs, coconut shells, plastic boxes etc at home and provide

shelter to our sparrow friends. He is also known as the Nest Man of India and has made 1,25,000 nests till date.

A beautiful video was shown highlighting his contribution and journey towards saving sparrows.

The webinar ended with a question and answer session with the students. It was a great learning experience for both teachers and students.

Story Telling Session (August , 2021)

A Story Telling Session was organized for the parents of the current session 2021-22 and also for the registered parents and children of session 2022-23. It was conducted by Ms Sharanya Sriram, a certified story teller and special educator. She said that stories and reading create the foundation on which we build our imagination.

She stressed on enhancing these skills with various activities such as- action songs, puppet story, Show, Tell and Guess, Identify the Number and Show with Fingers. She also gave some interesting reading tips so that children can have fun along the way.

Story Telling Session (August 4, 2021)

An online story telling session titled –

THE FORD STORYTHON was organized for the children for Class IV on August4, 2021 by the Ford group, to promote road safety and safety within the car.

It was presided over by Ms.Deepti Sethi, CEO (Reid & Bond) and the famous author Rohini Vij, who took the audience on a safe journey through her book-‘Discover more with Ford’ (published by Ford Motors). She mentioned that they had coined a word – Cartesy- to explain the right behaviour of people – to show courtesy even while driving. She spoke about the safety measures to be taken by the driver & co-driver – fastening their seat belts, no use of cell phones while driving, carrying the driving licence and also having baby seats for little children.

The children listened to the story with great enthusiasm and were very inquisitive to know more.

Assemblies (July 2021)

Online assemblies are being conducted on a regular basis. Each class prepares a special theme based assembly with- Thought for the Day, news – [international, national and sports news] enactment, dance etc. The theme for each assembly is chosen keeping in view special days/dates/ festivals and the children speak about the topic, share information and amazing facts related to it.  Students show their skills of acting, dance and music through various performances

The following assemblies were held in the month of July-

Class Theme
PREP AWings, Stings and Leggy Things
PREP BKindness
PREP CWater- A Precious Resource
PREP DOur Five Senses
Preprimary Teachers’ AssemblyVan Mahotsava
I ASpreading Happiness
Class I  Teachers’ AssemblyVan Mahotsava
II ERainy Days are Happy Days
II FDance Forms of India
IV AFriendship
IV BLet’s Spread Kindness and Fill Someone’s Bucket
IV CNever Give Up
V DLeadership
V EOlympic Games

Science Quiz-Class II (July 29,2021)

Science Quiz for Class-II  was conducted  on 29th July,2021. The topic of the quiz was ‘Water’. Four students were selected from each section based on their performance in the preliminary round. There were four rounds in all- namely Water Animals, Water Sports, Water Bodies and Water Animals.

Each participant got a chance to answer. At the end, a tie-breaker round was conducted to finalize the winners.

The quiz was very interesting and the children participated enthusiastically.

Show and Tell – Class I (July 22, 2021)

Show and Tell activity was organized for the students of Class 1 on July 22, 2021. It aimed at enhancing creativity, interest and excitement in the children. The students made props or got pictures pasted on placards and spoke a few lines about the animal they wish to be.

Each student spoke about a different animal. Three best students from each section were selected on the basis of their speech, expression and overall presentation.  They performed on the combined channel of their class in front of the other sections. This activity helped the students enhance their oral skills and confidence.

The activity was a great learning experience and witnessed a very enthusiastic participation from the students.

Fun with Textures- Class Nursery (July 23, 2021)

Fun with Textures activity was conducted for the children of Class Nursery on 23rd July, 2021. It is all about letting children explore and experiment with different objects. Students made a colourful folder and decorated it with different things like ladyfinger printing, ear bud printing and onion printing. They thoroughly enjoyed the activity.

Hindi Kavita Vachan – Class Prep (July 19, 2021)

Hindi Kavita Vachan was organized for the students of Class Prep on July 19, 2021. Children selected the poem of their choice from the Rhyme Book and recited it with great zeal and enthusiasm. Their costume and props made the recitation even more interesting. Overall, it was an enjoyable experience for the participants as well as the audience.

Colour Month-   Nursery ( April to July, 2021) 

Colour Month was observed by the tiny tots of Class Nursery.  It began in the month of April and extended till July, 2021.

Children were given colour codes and they dressed according to the colour code of the day. Rhymes like ‘Red is a Stop Sign’, ’ Red Coloured apples growing on  the tree’, तोता हूँ मैं तोता हूँ’ , लाल पीली मोटर, and ‘Yellow is a Lemon’ were recited by the children. They were also introduced to different shades of blue and green. Children enjoyed playing Tippy, Tippy, Tap and were really excited to look around for objects related to the colour called out by the teacher. It was a fun learning experience for the children.

Activities :  Art and craft : Hand Printing (Fish with red paint)

StoryTelling : Laalu and Peelu

Bead Box: Making a necklace with red, blue, green, orange and yellow

Tear and Paste Activity – Nursery (July 16, 2021) 

Tear and Paste activity was conducted for the children of Class Nursery on 16th July, 2021. Children were ready with coloured origami sheets and glue stick. They enjoyed tearing the sheets into small bits of paper and pasting them in the shape of a boat. They were totally engrossed in the activity and enjoyed it thoroughly.

Van Mahotsav Activity (July 9, 2021)

Each One Plant One

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.

Van Mahotsav activity was conducted online on July 9, 2021.

Van Mahotsav or Forest Festival is an annual tree-planting festival celebrated in the month of July in which thousands of trees are planted all over the country. It is celebrated to spread awareness of forest conservation to save the environment.

The day started with a presentation on Van Mahotsav explaining the meaning and importance of it. Students were made aware of the Chipko movement or Chipko Andolan which is a forest conservation movement in India. The presentation highlighted the role of Gaura Devi and Sunderlal Bahuguna. Forest man of India-J.M Payeng and SaalumaradaThimmaka-who planted a forest single handedly.

A video explaining how trees communicate with each other, was played. The teachers explained that in order to communicate through a network, trees send chemical and slow-pulsing electrical signals through fungi which form a Wood Wide Web.

Pre Primary teachers presented a virtual assembly on 2nd July, 2021. The aim was to sensitize children towards conservation of trees. They were explained the meaning of Van Mahotsav and how it is celebrated. The importance of trees was highlighted through a skit and a beautiful dance performance. Children were  encouraged to take care of their plants at home.

Class I students presented the assembly on the theme- Van Mahotsava

Students were motivated to pot a plant using old containers or plastic bottles.

Class teachers gave a demo of ‘Making a Planter’ using waste materials. Children were asked to make planters at home and post pictures on MS Teams.

To sum up, a worksheet was uploaded to assess students’ comprehension .

Interactive Session by the School Counsellor (July 3, 2021)

Topic- Tips and Techniques on Supporting Children’s Mental Health During Lockdown

An interactive session was conducted by the School counselor, Ms Veena Dhyani for the parents of Classes 1- V on 3.7.21 (Saturday) from. The session was conducted on MS Teams – Combined Channels of different classes. Ms Veena Dhyani shared how parents can support children during this lockdown phase and what strategies they can apply to motivate their children during these times.

She emphasized on the fact that children must be encouraged to follow a consistent daily structured routine and they must take school time seriously. She also highlighted the importance of regular physical activity to help channelize their energy positively. It’s important to give responsibilities to children and include them while planning their daily activities. She said that parents too must keep themselves motivated in order to motivate their children in a positive direction.

The parents shared their concerns in the interactive session and sought advice from the counsellor.

Coding workshop (July 2 to July 6, 2021)

A free and voluntary coding workshop was held by “Avishkaar” on 2nd, 3rd,  5th ,and 6th  July, 2021 for the students of Classes III ,IV and V. The duration of the workshop was 1 hour each day.

Students were taught about scratch, coding and making an app on CODE.ORG.

Students made a variety of apps using CODE.ORG like

  1. Dancing studio
  2. Car racing
  3. Copying and pasting the characters
  4. Giving limited commands and using them in a loop

They enjoyed the workshop.

Assemblies (June, 2021) 

Children presented meaningful and entertaining assemblies conveying important messages and fun facts to start the day with. The themes of the assemblies were:

  • The Amazing Sea World was the theme of the assembly conducted by Class II C
  • Class II D conducted the assembly on the theme- Eat Right, Live Right.
  • Different Ways of Greetings Around the World was the assembly theme of Class VC

Orange Colour Day– Nursery (June 25, 2021) 

As a part of the Colour Month, Orange Colour Day  was observed by the students of Class Nursery on 25th June, 2021.Children were dressed according to the colour code of the day. Rhymes like ‘Orange Coloured Oranges Growing on the Tree’ were sung by the children along with their teacher. Children also enjoyed playing Tippy, Tippy, Tap and were really excited to look around for objects related to the colour called out by the teacher. It was a great learning experience for the children.

Activities :

  • Colouring Activity
  • Bead Box : Making a necklace with orange beads

Lemonade Making Activity- Nursery and Prep (June 23, 2021)

Lemonade Making Activity was conducted for the tiny tots of Classes Nursery and Prep on  June 23, 2021. Children were ready with the required ingredients-  a glass of water, lemon juice, powdered sugar and salt as per the instructions given earlier. They followed the steps given by the teacher and made the lemonade on their own. They enjoyed squeezing lemon and mixing the various ingredients. They were encouraged to drink enough water, lemonade and fresh juices and to avoid aerated drinks. They thoroughly enjoyed the activity.

International Yoga Day Celebrations – Yoga Sessions for Class V (21 to 23 June, 2021) 

On the occasion of International Yoga Day, yoga sessions were conducted for the students of Class V on 21st, 22nd & 23rd June, 2021. The sessions were conducted by Ms Ruchira Bathla, a yoga trainer, working with The Art of Living for the last sixteen years.

Ms Ruchira spoke about the importance of yoga for our overall fitness. Students learnt various asanas such as Taad aasan, Vajra aasan, Surya Namaskar and breathing exercises- Anulom Vilom and  Bhastrika.

She also showed videos of stories with meaningful messages.

Summer Coding Classes  

Classes:                                     III -VIII

Dates:                                       8-5-21 to 19-6-21

Timings:                                     9.00 AM TO 1.00 PM

Session Duration                    1 hr

The online sessions were conducted by Ms. Shivami Parikh from Mindwize Academy.

Students were divided into four groups according to their classes and understanding level with around 10 to 12 students per group.

They  used Code.org  to create various apps like Calculator, Timer App, Catch the dots: random and co-ords, Find the Blind  Spot: if-else, Grading App, Turtle App and many more.

Some students are already learning Scratch wherein they  create interactive and creative programs and games like Birthday Scene, Dance Party, Painting with Sounds, Paint Editor and Record Sound, Mouse Catching, Shark Attack, Animate your Name, Backdrop: Change Backdrop on Click, Storytelling etc.

The sessions were hands on and interactive. Students queries were regularly answered. Through these classes students were able to enjoy their summer break as well as enhance their logical and critical thinking.

Summer Camp – Aeromodelling workshop  

Aeromodelling workshops were organized for students as a part of Summer Camp from May 18 to June 19, 2021. The resource person was Mr. Anant Chaitanya.

Mr Chaitanya began by talking about how birds fly. He also explained terms like- thrust, force, lift, dihedral, anhedral,  gravity, drag etc. They were also shown videos for explanation of the activity.

Students were taught to make a variety of planes and gliders using paper such as- Bulldog Paper Glider, Nakamura Paper Plane, V-Wing Paper Plane,  Bat Plane Glider  and Canard Wing.

World Environment Day (June 5, 2021)

World Environment Day was celebrated on June 5, 2021. A webinar on ‘Ecosystem Restoration’ was conducted in collaboration with Schools under Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Sahodaya group.The programme included address by the President of Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Sahodaya School Complex, Noida – Ms Preeti Sangwan, Principal, Cambridge School, Noida.

Performances by the students of participating schools were held followed by a talk by Ms Sushmita Sengupta, Programme Head- Rural Water & Sanitization Division, Centre of Science & Environment, New Delhi, who created awareness about the most pressing environmental issues. The event was streamed live on Facebook.

Assemblies (April 2021)

Spectacular online assemblies were presented by the children and teachers during the month. These assemblies not only imparted knowledge on the themes they were based on but also unveiled the skills and talents of the children. Melodious music, both vocal and instrumental, along with enactments, dance and amazing facts made them most interesting.

  • Special assembly was conducted by the teachers of Class V on the theme- Founder’s Day.
  • Another Teachers’ Assembly was held by the teachers of Class II on the theme- Friendship
  • Class II A presented their assembly on the theme- Kindness is a Super Power
  • Books Are Our Best Friend was the theme of assembly presented by Class II B.
  • Earth Day was the theme of the assembly presented by Class V A
  • Class VB presented a beautiful assembly on the theme World Dance Day

Book Week – Nursery- V (April 26, 2021 -April 30, 2021)

Book Week was celebrated by the students from Class Nursery- V from April 26-April 30, 2021. The joy of reading was shared by all through a special reading class organized from 8:30 am to 9:00 am everyday throughout the week. The class teachers read out a story to the children which was followed by a discussion on the story.

A story telling session by the well-known story teller and newsreader, Mr Sanjay Mutto was organized for Class III. Other classes watched it on Facebook [through live streaming]. The students had a wonderful time listening to him and the week turned out to be an extremely engaging experience for them.

Children of Classes Nursery and Prep also took an active part in the celebration and enjoyed doing various activities. They were counseled to take care of their books by:

  • Holding their books properly with clean hands.
  • Keeping their books away from babies, pets, food and drinks.
  • Turning the pages carefully.
  • Keeping their books properly in the bookshelf.

It was indeed wonderful to see children fully engrossed in the story telling sessions and enjoying art and craft activities.

The following Art and craft activities were done class wise-

Date                   Nursery             Prep
26.04.21Taking Care of Books(PPT)Story Sequencing
27.04.21Puppet Show(Three Little Pigs)Puppet Show (Silly Dilly)
28.04.21Bookmark Making Activity(Flower)Bookmark Making Activity
29.04.21Puppet Making Activity with old socks (Rabbit)Puppet Making Activity (Ladybird)
30.04.21Story Telling (Laalu and Peelu)Story Telling (Lara the Yellow Ladybird)

Class I – Students learnt how to make book corners with paper folding which can be used to mark the page of their favourite book.

Hindi Kavita Vachan was also organized. Students recited poems on ‘Kitabe’.

Class II– Children made beautiful book marks with origami sheets in the shape of animal / insect characters (cat, caterpillar, etc)

Class III – Children drew their favourite character from stories or comic books. They actively participated in the activity and drew some amazing characters of their choice.

Class IV- Story Pyramid activity was conducted where the children made Story Pyramids based on their favourite books.

Class V- Children wrote a book review of their favourite book and made book jackets.

All about Me – Prep (April 28, 2021)

All About Me activity was organized for the students of Class Prep on April 28, 2021. The objective was to make the students reflect upon what makes them special and develop a sense of self-worth. Students were asked to look at themselves in a mirror and notice how they look, colour of their eyes and hair. Thereafter, they drew themselves, wrote their name and enjoyed printing their hands.  They also discussed their likes and dislikes with their friends, hence celebrating the spirit of uniqueness. It was fun learning about themselves and students enjoyed it thoroughly.

Earth Day –  Nursery -V (April 22, 2021)

Earth Day, which is celebrated worldwide on 22nd  April every year, is a day to think about our planet and what we can do to keep it special; to think about saving water and energy, reducing pollution, recycling, protecting our animals, trees and plants, and generally getting people aware of the importance of  protecting their environment.

To demonstrate support for environmental protection, various activities were planned for our children. The day started with a special assembly conducted by Class VA wherein the significance of Earth Day and the importance of nature in our lives was stressed upon.

It was followed by a video about the need of the hour to ’Restore Our Earth’ which was also the theme for Earth Day 2021.

Students learnt about the importance of waste management. Teachers showed a PPT to discuss about the benefits of segregation of waste. Children were also sensitized about  biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste. A video about the ‘Journey of Plastic’ explaining what happens to the plastic we throw away, was shown.

Children were also taught how to make compost from kitchen waste.

Many other videos related to the Earth Day were shown to the kids followed by an interactive session in their respective classrooms.

A short quiz on ‘How Green Are You?’ was also conducted.

Different activities were conducted for different classes:

Classes I& II – Children made bird feeder using newspaper rolls.

Class III – Children learnt the need to reduce plastic waste and made a mobile stand using bio-degradable (paper) materials.

A hands-on activity of preparing compost using kitchen and garden waste was also performed.

Class IV – Poster making Activity on the theme ‘Save Earth’ was conducted which they uploaded on MS teams. In the afternoon, Earth Day – Sow Good talk was organized on Class 4 combined channel. It was an interactive session in which students were apprised of different threats to our Mother Earth and were motivated to take small steps for its conservation.

Class V – Children had Kavita Lekhan activity. They wrote poems on the theme-  conserving the environment. They uploaded their poems on Teams.

The NGO, Swechha held an online session for students of Class V on April 22, 2021. In the session, children were told about the concept of ‘Urban Gardening’ and ‘Terrace Farming.’ The resource person, Mr. Aseem Berry apprised the children of the importance of growing our own food, as it helps mitigate climate change and builds a more sustainable world. The session also dealt with up cycling and managing waste creatively, so as to reduce the load on landfills.

The session was interactive and very informative. The children were very keen to learn more about these topics.

Children of Classes Nursery & Prep also celebrated Earth Day with great enthusiasm. They were made aware of the importance of saving water, fuel and electricity. They were also told about the significance of 3R’s Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Songs, videos and craft were a part of the day’s activities.

Nursery: To make children aware about recycling, the story ‘Pepper Learns About Recycling’ was narrated which was followed by a video. Children also did activities like germination of fenugreek seeds and making a bird feeder with  orange peel.

Prep: Students had fun recycling old newspaper into gift wrapping paper by making leaf impressions. They also made bins for waste segregation.

Colour Month – Nursery (April 9, 2021 – April 30, 2021)

Colour Month  was observed by the tiny tots of Class Nursery from 9th to 30th April, 21.

Children attended the class dressed according to the colour code of the day. Rhymes such as  Red is a stop sign, Red coloured apples growing on  the tree, Yellow is a lemon -were sung by the children. They were introduced to different shades of blue and green. Children enjoyed playing Tippy, Tippy, Tap and were really excited to look around for objects related to the colour called out by the teacher. It was a delightful experience for the children.

Activities :

Art and craft : Hand Printing (Fish with red paint)

Story Telling : Laalu and Peelu

Bead Box : Making a necklace with red, blue, green and yellow beads

Founder’s Day (April 7, 2021)

The School celebrated its Founder’s Day on April 7, 2021.The 90th Founder’s Day was celebrated online through an assembly wherein the great work of our founding father Shree A.C. Deb was remembered. The virtual assembly conducted on the day was very inspiring with Dr Kalyani Roy speaking to the Head Boy and Head Girl of the School reminiscing her childhood days and years of hard work of her father in shaping the school. The mission, purpose, and ideals upon which he laid the foundation of our School still stand strong.

Assemblies (March , 2021)

Class Prep B presented a beautiful online assembly on March 12, 2021. The theme was Spring Season. It was a delight watching them dressed like colourful flowers dancing on the Flower Dance song.

Class I B also presented the assembly on a similar theme- Flowers, on March 3, 2021. They recited the poem Phool and presented a skit ‘Don’t Pluck Flowers’.

Farewell  (March 31, 2021)

Ms Anu Mankotia and Ms Neena Lamba were given a warm farewell on March 31, 2021. Though everyone was present in school, it was done online, following the UP Government’s guidelines.

Dr. Kalyani Roy graced the occasion and conveyed her best wishes to Ms Mankotia and Ms Lamba for a happy and joyous future.

The Principal Ms Preeti Sangwan and the Headmistress Ms Seema Karki spoke highly of both the teachers and appreciated their hard work and dedication for the School. It was an emotional moment as the teachers shared their memories with other members of the staff. The programme was followed by lunch which was served keeping social distancing in consideration.

Orientation Programme –  Orientation Classes IV & V (March 24, 2021)

Orientation programme for Classes IV and V was conducted online on March 24, 2021 following the directives of the U.P Government.

Parents were shown a Power Point Presentation on the working of our school. Covid protocol being followed and sanitization of the school building to ensure the safety of our students was also a part of it.

The Resource person Ms. Tancy Moore addressed the parents and explained the importance of taking care of the mental well-being of the children especially during the pandemic. She emphasized on the need to keep the children disciplined and build their mental and physical immunity to deal with any kind of situation.

Parents interacted with the resource person and clarified their doubts. The Principal, Ms Preeti Sangwan addressed the parents and assured them that whether the classes are conducted online or offline, our school is well prepared for it and the children’s learning will go on as usual without any disruption.

The orientation was followed by a brief interaction with the parents.

Orientation Programme –  Orientation Classes I, II & III (March 21, 2021 and March 23, 2021)

Orientation programme for Class I was held on March 21, 2021 and for Classes II and III on March 23, 2021.

The Principal, Ms Preeti Sangwan addressed the parents and thanked them for their support during the pandemic.

Parents were apprised of the curriculum and activities of the school through a Power Point Presentation.

The resource persons for the different classes were:

Class I & II– Ms. Veena Dhyani, the school counselor who spoke to the parents about child psychology, parenting, and importance of family values.

Class III- Ms SeemaTaneja- Ms Taneja spoke on positive and negative parenting.

Orientation Programme –  Class Prep Orientation (March 22, 2021)

Orientation programme for the parents of Class Prep [session 2021 – 2022] was held at Roma Deb Auditorium, Cambridge School Noida on March 22, 2021.

The Principal Ms. Preeti Sangwan, welcomed the parents to the school fraternity and thanked them for the support extended during the pandemic. It was followed by a brief presentation on the school’s vision, curriculum, teaching methodologies and co-scholastic activities.

The resource person Ms. Seema Taneja, a consultant counsellor to schools for behaviour, academics and career counselling, spoke to the parents about Effective Parenting. She gave suggestions on how to raise children who are not only disciplined but also happy and responsible. She emphasized that parents should always encourage their children in a positive manner. An open interaction with the parents was held in the end, in which their queries were answered.

The session concluded with the vote of thanks by the Headmistress, Ms. Seema Karki.

Orientation Programme – Nursery Orientation (March 20, 2021)

Orientation programme for the parents of Class Nursery [session 2021-22] was held on 20th March 2021. Parents were familiarised with the curriculum, teaching methodologies and co-curricular activities of our school.

The programme commenced with the lighting of the lamp, followed by a welcome song.

Welcoming the parents to the new academic session, the Principal, Ms Preeti Sangwan spoke at length about the benefits of effective communication between parents and teachers. She also spoke about the different ways of nurturing a child with love and care to build a strong foundation for a glorious future. It was followed by an interesting session on Priceless Parenting by the resource person, Ms. Vinita Berry. Parent’s queries were answered in the end. The programme concluded with the vote of thanks by the Headmistress, Ms. Seema Karki.

Assemblies (February, 2021)

The month of February witnessed some very colourful and vibrant online assemblies on various themes. Some of the themes of the assemblies were:

  • Nursery C presented the assembly on the theme, Wonderful World of Trees
  • The little ones of Nursery E presented their assembly on the topic,
  • The topic for the beautiful assembly of Nursery F was
  • The little ones of Nursery G presented their assembly on the topic- Importance of Safety and Health.
  • Our Feathered Friends was the assembly theme of Class IA.
  • The assembly theme of Class II F was Folk Arts of India.
  • Reading is the Key to Learning was the theme of the assembly presented by Class III A.
  • Class III B presented a beautiful assembly on the topic- Springing into Spring

Guidance Session for the selection of Third Language – Class V (February 20, 2021)

An online session was conducted for the parents of Class V on February 20, 2021  to help them select the most appropriate third language for their wards .The session was organized on MS Teams- Class V [Combined Channel]  at 10:00 a.m. Language experts in the field of Sanskrit and German were invited to throw light on the  importance of these languages.

The session began with Dr Asheesh Kumar who highlighted the importance of learning Sanskrit and the career opportunities related to this language. He said that by learning Sanskrit we can remain connected to our tradition and culture and spread our diverse Indian culture internationally too.

It was followed by Ms Shilpa Sharma and Ms Priyam Gupta who spoke about the importance of learning German in today’s times. The Max Muller Bhawan calls students from all over the world to come together and interact with each other. Students choose the workshops organized according to their own interest to maximize the learning outcomes. They also spoke about various career options available after learning the German language.

Ms Sanya Panjrath spoke about the different French companies and the opportunities associated with learning French. Ms Panjrath highlighted the fact that one needs to have a good command over English to learn French.

The session was very informative.

Hindi Hasya Kavita Vachan- Class V (February 1, 2021) 

Hindi Hasya Kavita Vachan- for Class V was held on February 1, 2021on the Combined channel of Class V on Ms Teams.

All the children were given a chance to recite the poem in class in the preliminary round out of which three finalists were selected from each section for the final round.

The judges were – Ms Richa Sharma and Mr Manbir Singh from the Senior Wing. The theme of poetry was Humour.

Students recited the poems with appropriate voice modulation and expression.  It was a pleasure hearing them recite such hilarious poems.

The judges appreciated students’ performance and encouraged them to keep up their efforts.

Maths Buzz- Class IV  (February 04, 2021 ) 

As a part of extended learning, Maths Quiz was conducted for the students of Class IV on February 04, 2021. All the sections of class four participated in the preliminary round conducted on January 18, 2021. Three students from each section were selected on the basis of their understanding of concepts and calculation. The final round of Maths Buzz was held on February 04, 2021.

The event had eight rounds:

Round 1: Place Value and Four Operations

Round 2: Logical thinking

Round 3: Recognizing Mathematicians (Indian and foreign)

Round4: Factors and Multiples

Round 5: Fractions/ Decimals & Time

Round 6: Shapes and Measurement

Round 7: Money (bills and balance)

Round 8: Rapid Fire

The objective of the quiz was to encourage children to look beyond their textual knowledge. Children had good team spirit and gave a tough fight to make their team win.

It was a great learning experience for the students.

Folk Dance – Class III (February 8, 2021) 

Folk Dance activity was organized for the students of Class-III on February 8, 2021. Children were asked to record their videos and upload the same by February 1, 2021. Three videos were selected from each section and were presented on the final day on MS Teams. Children performed folk dances of various states like Rajasthan, Punjab, Assam etc. They participated enthusiastically in the activity and their performance was appreciated by all.

Group Recitation- Class II (February 9, 2021)

The online English Group Recitation activity for Class II was held on February 9, 2021.  Children enjoyed reciting poems with expression and voice modulation.

In the preliminary round, all the students recited a poem on ‘Nature’ and the best four were selected from each section.  Students participated wholeheartedly in the activity and chose a variety of poems on the topic ‘Birds’. They recited the poems with great enthusiasm.

The topics of poems for each section were:

  • Class II – A     The  Parrot
  • Class II – B Birds of Spring
  • Class II – C Birds  Of Paradise
  • Class II – D The Little Nest
  • Class II – E When Winter Comes
  • Class II – F The Canary

Spell Bee – Class I (February 11, 2021)

Spell Bee competition for Class I was held on February11, 2021. There was an enthusiastic participation of students. The preliminary round of dictation was conducted on 29.01.21. The second round for the short- listed students was held on 05.02.21 and two students from each section were selected for the final round.

The final event had six rounds:

Round 1– Fruit/vegetable

(Identify and spell the given fruit/vegetable)

Round 2 – Homophones

(Identify and spell the word)

Round 3 – Unscramble

(Unscramble and tell the right word)

Round 4– Animal/bird

(Identify and spell the given animal/bird)

Round 5 – Alphabetical order

(Arrange the given words in alphabetical order)

Round 6 – Opposites

(Spell the opposite of the given word)

All the teams performed very well. The competition helped in enhancing their vocabulary further.

Webinars(January , 2021)

Ms Jatinder Kaur and Ms Subia attended Teachers’ Reading Programme on January 12, 2021

Ms Shubhra Vadera, Ms Baljinder Kaur, Ms Ruchika, Ms Lorain Sinha, Ms Manisha Sarbhoy and Ms Subia Khan attended a webinar on – Women of the Medieval Period: Raising a Feminist Future conducted by the History Department, Cambridge School, Srinivaspuri on January 15, 2021.

Ms Vishakha Gill and Ms Khushboo Dubey attended a webinar on the topic –Practising and Imparting Positivity on January 16, 2021.It was conducted by the Psychology Department of Cambridge School, Indirapuram.

A webinar was conducted by Cambridge School, Indirapuram on the topic –How to Create Engaging Online Classes for Primary Students on January 19, 2021. It was attended by the Headmistress, Ms Seema Karki and all the teachers of Junior Wing.

The Headmistress, Ms Seema Karki and all the teachers of the Junior Wing attended a webinar on Food Adulteration conducted by the Home Science Faculty of Cambridge School Srinivaspuri on January 22, 2021.

Ms Anita Parmar and Ms Shilpa Jasmine attended a webinar on Meaningful Pedagogical Practices For Online Classes (Jodo Gyan Workshop) conducted by Jodo Gyan Team on January 27 & 29, 2021.

The Headmistress, Seema Karki and all the teaching staff of the Junior Wing attended a Webinar on Art Integrated Learning- Creating Joyful Classrooms organized by Orient Black Swan on January 29, 2021. The webinar was conducted by Ms Ruchi Sengar, educational consultant, author, material writer-CBSE & NCERT, communication skills professional

Assemblies(January , 2021)

Spectacular online assemblies were presented by the children during the month. These assemblies not only imparted knowledge on the themes they were based on but also unveiled the skills and talents of the children. Melodious music, both vocal and instrumental along with enactments, dance and amazing facts made them most interesting.

The themes of the assemblies were:

  • Army Day was the theme for the assembly of Class IV D.
  • Nursery B presented the assembly on
  • Class II D presented the assembly on the topic Everyone’s Hero
  • Republic Day was the assembly theme for Classes Nursery H, II E & IV E.
  • Class IVF presented the assembly on the theme – Martyrs’ Day.
  • Lifecycle of a Butterfly was the topic for the assembly of Class Nursery D

Our Proud Achiever(January , 2021)

Tashvi Darshini of  Prep H got the Second Prize in Enviro Tip Toes held at RADIANCE 2020- Pre-Primary Competition Vishwa Bharati Public School, Noida on January 19, 2021.

Sow Good Session for Teachers (January 7, 2021)

A session on Environmental Sensitivity was organized for teachers in School by Sow Good Programme, conducted by Ms Deviya  on January 7, 2021. It was attended by the Headmistress, Ms. Seema Karki ,   Ms. Divya Pal Das, Ms. Gayatri Jawa, Ms. Meenakshi Varshnei, Ms. Neelam Bajaj, Ms. Jyoti Arora, Ms. Shalini Singh, Ms. Manisha Sarbhoy, Ms. Reema Dutta, Ms. Neha Bhagat, Ms. Ruchika Mathur, Ms. Naina Garg, Ms. Ruby Gulati

The interactive session with Ms. Deviya began with an ice-breaking activity where each attendee had to introduce themselves by associating themselves with a vegetable and mentioning the quality of the vegetable that makes us relatable to it. Then a short activity was organized where attendees identified 6 logos and a collection of leaves.

According to Ms Deviya, the connection of students with nature has weakened over time as the place where they grow up is far away from farms where vegetables and fruits grow. Such identification activities can be conducted with the students with samples from the field to establish the bond between them and nature. This will sensitize them to the needs of the environment and will help in creating awareness in the coming generation. Waste, especially plastic waste is a major concern these days, thus we need to think of creative ideas to reduce the waste production and dumping it in a way that adds lesser waste to the landfills. One such idea was shared – making of eco-bricks using plastic pet bottles and wrappers. These eco-bricks can be used to make various structures like flower beds. Instilling the awareness that – what’s not good for us is not good for the environment will help the children to make choices that keep the environment safe.

A nature walk was also conducted and the group visited the vegetable garden. Each attendee collected soil from the garden to plant seeds to grow micro greens. Health benefits of consuming micro greens were discussed. When and how to harvest the micro greens, was also discussed.

Coding Webinar for the students of Classes IV & V (January , 2021)

A coding workshop was organized  by ‘Avishkaar’   for the students of Classes IV  and V on 27th  and 28th  January, 2021.

32 selected students attended the webinar.  They were taught about coding a game and making an app on CODE.ORG. The duration of the workshop was 1 hour per  day.

Children enjoyed the workshop and learnt a lot from it.

Hindi Kavita Vachan- Mera Desh- Mera Bharat – Class I (January 25, 2021)

Hindi Poem Recitation was organized for the students of Class 1 on January 25, 2021.

Children recited patriotic poems on “Mera Desh-Bharat” with zeal and enthusiasm, dressed in ethnic costumes. Props used by them enhanced their presentation. It was a very enjoyable experience for the little ones.

Live Parenting Session- Milestone Moments! (January , 2021)

Cambridge School, Noida [Junior Wing] organized a session on Parenting – Milestone Moments for the parents of Class Nursery. It was conducted by Ms Vinita Berry, Founder of Priceless Parenting, a well-known Clinical Psychologist, Researcher and Cognitive Behaviour Therapist.

The session was attended by the Headmistress, Ms Seema Karki, teachers and parents.

The resource person gave a very insightful and in-depth knowledge about Positive Parenting. She stressed on the fact that positive parenting or conscious parenting will help the parents reach the right milestones in their child’s life and at the right time. Few other important points covered in the webinar were:

  • How to raise a happy child
  • The need for emotional coaches
  • How to raise a resilient child

She mainly focused on creating a positive environment for the children by listening empathetically to them, by praising them as and when required and validating their feelings.

She also gave a few tips on how parents could calm themselves during certain situations like giving them a time-out zone, highlighting happy memories of their child and many more.

Fun with Experiments – Class III (January 20, 2021)

The activity ‘Fun with Experiments’ was conducted for the students of Class III on January 20, 2021. Students shared their videos performing an experiment of their choice using materials easily available at home on General Channel of MS-Teams. Two videos per section were selected which were played on Combined Class-III channel. Rests of the videos were played during the science periods. Students enthusiastically participated in the activity and performed brilliant experiments.

Show and Tell Activity – Class I(January 18, 2021)

My Favourite Toy

Students of Class 1 participated in online Show and Tell activity held on January 18, 2021.

The students spoke about their favourite toy. They were excited to show their favourite toy to everyone and share their feelings about it. It was a pleasure watching them speak so eloquently and endearingly about their toy.

The activity helped in building their social, emotional and language skills.

Inter Class Quiz Competition 2021 – Class V(January, 2021)

The World around Us was held online on 14th January, 2021 on MS Teams.

There were 8 (visual and oral) rounds based on –

  • Bridges of the World
  • Animals of the Amazon Rainforest
  • Historical Buildings and Monuments
  • Festivals of the World
  • Modern Architectural Wonders
  • Natural Wonders of the World
  • Currency
  • Flags

There were 5 teams comprising 4 students each. The preliminary round (selection round), for the Quiz, was conducted on Tuesday, December 29, 2020 through MS Forms (MCQs and one-word answers).

Live Session- Cartooning Tricks (January 9, 2021)

A session on Cartooning Tricks was conducted by Mr. Ajit Narayan, Professional Cartoonist and Founder of Doodle on January 9, 2021, for the students of Class III, on Microsoft Teams and rest of the classes attended it live on Facebook. It was also attended by the Headmistress, Ms Seema Karki, teachers and parents of the Junior Wing

The session started with learning how to make different types of lines and geometrical shapes without using any geometrical tool. Thereafter, the children learnt to make different things which we see around us using the two-dimensional shapes such as, in order to make the basic structure of a bird we can use shapes like circle, triangle and oval and then give it a look of a proper drawing. The children learnt how to make different cartoon faces by cutting a circle into four parts and then making their nose, eyes, ears etc. The children also learnt how to make the body of cartoon figures through stick drawing, making faces with different expressions like angry, sad, scared etc.

The session ended with a question and answer round.  Overall, the session was very interesting and the children enjoyed drawing cartoons.

Baking session with Chef Gaurav Wadhwa (January 2, 2021)

A baking session was organized for all the sections of Class IV on Microsoft Teams on January 2, 2021. It was conducted by Chef Gaurav Wadhwa. The session was live on facebook for the other classes.

Mr. Wadhwa is the founder and co- owner of Theos located in Delhi/NCR. It is a 100% artisanal patisserie, and they use natural ingredients in their bakery items.

Mr Wadhwa first spoke about the basics of cooking and baking. The children were already ready with all the ingredients as they were too excited to bake Carrot and Pineapple Cake with walnuts.

The Chef demonstrated step-by-step procedure of baking the cake and cleared their doubts at the end of the session. It was a very interesting and engaging session as our children got an opportunity to explore their culinary skills.

Republic Day (January 26, 2021)

A beautiful video was shared on the Facebook page of Cambridge School Noida on the occasion of Republic Day. Dr Kalyani Roy, Manager, Cambridge School Noida, addressed the parents, students and teachers and conveyed her best wishes.

Students shared their views about our country and our duties towards it and also displayed their talents of dance and music in the video.

Our Proud Achievers 

  • Our students participated in various online interschool competitions and won laurels for the school.IMAGE 2020- Celebrating Life
    • Kashvi Uppadhyay – IVA secured the First Positionin Kavyanjali
    • Vanya Tandon – III A won the First Prizein Once Upon a Time [ Story Telling]
    • Avni Sharma – I A  got the First Prizein Nrityanjali
    • Tashvi Darshini – Prep H  won the First Prizein Little Chef (Muffin Decoration)
    • Anshul Soni  of Class IV bagged the Third  Position in Doodle Art

    ADHARSHEELA AURA 2020 [Adharsheela Global School, Vasundhara]

    • Avika Agarwal – VC won the Second Prizein Creators [Poetry Hindi]

    HARMONY- 2020 [Bal Bharati Public School, Ganga Ram Marg, Delhi]

    • Ishaan Tyagi – IVE secured the First Positionin Kavyanjali
    • Divyansh Gairola – III B bagged the Third Positionin Hridyamritam (Shloka Recitation)

    KALEIDOSCOPE- 2020  [Indirapuram Public School]

    • Pankhudi Kaushal –IIA got the Third Positionin Smile- Happiness Song (English)

    SYNERGY- 2020 [Mayoor School, Noida]

    • Avneet Kaur- Nur H won the First Prizein My Queer Animal- Clay Modelling
    • Tashvi Darshini- Prep H won the Third Prizein Fairy Tale Dish- Fireless Cooking

    EXPRESSIONS-2020 [Somerville School, Greater Noida]

    • Komya Gauri Gaur- IV F won the Second Prizein Indian Music- Devotional song

Farewell (December 31, 2020)

  • Ms Chhabi Ghosh, [librarian Jr Wing] was given a warm online farewell on December 31, 2020 on her retirement. Dr. Kalyani Roy also graced the occasion and expressed her good wishes for Ms Ghosh. The farewell was attended by the Headmistress Ms Seema Karki and all the teachers of the Junior Wing.

Christmas Celebration (December 24, 2020)

  • Online Christmas celebration was held for the students [Classes Nursery to V] on December 24, 2020. Students celebrated Christmas with great fervor and enthusiasm. They wore festive red elf caps in the true Yuletide spirit. Many children had beautifully decorated Christmas trees displayed in the background.The celebrations began with a special assembly based on Christmas celebrations around the world and the birth of Lord Jesus. The assembly was very informative and it showed many fascinating ways in which the festival is celebrated all over the globe.This was followed by craft work display. Children had earlier been guided through videos to make craft items related to Christmas to bring cheer to their houses. They were excited to show their Christmas caps, X-mas tree, reindeer face, stars, snowman etc. They also spoke about their work and showed them to their classmates.Christmas carols were played, and the children sang along with their teachers. Amidst a lot of excitement, a quiz was played with Christmas as the theme. The quiz was presented on a PPT by the teachers and everyone tried to guess the answers.In addition to this, Christmas Contests were also held for different classes:
    • Family Dance Competition-Classes Nursery &Prep

    The children got together with their parents and danced to some popular numbers. The special feeling of togetherness which the dances depicted made the festive occasion a memory to cherish,

    • Family Photo Contest- Classes I & II

    Happy moments were captured for ever in photos, making sure that this Christmas will stay a happy memory for the children whenever they look at their photos.

    • Christmas Poetry Writing Competition- Classes III

    The young poets of Class III penned down some beautiful lines about what the festival means to them. Original and creative poems on Christmas were posted, which described the feelings of the children about the festival. It was reassuring to learn that the months of lockdown had not affected their spirits as they spoke about sharing with people who are less fortunate.

    • Letter to Santa Contest- Classes IV & V

    Caring and informative letters to Santa were written by the students of classes IV and V. While asking for the gifts of their choice, the letter were full of caution against the raging pandemic, asking Santa to take appropriate care while he went around delivering gifts.

    Though the festival was enjoyed virtually, the children were extremely happy and their spirits were high as they logged out amidst a chorus of season’s greetings.

Prize Distribution Ceremony 2019-20 (December 24, 2020)

  • The Annual Prize Distribution Ceremony [ Jr Wing] was held on 24th December 2020. The ceremony was conducted to reward the children for their hard work and meritorious performance in the session 2019-20.The chief guest for the occasion was Ms Deepa Agarwal who is an author, poet and a translator; she writes for both children and adults and has over 50 books published.The ceremony started with a welcome message followed by the lighting of the lamp and a motivational song sung by the School choir.The ceremony proceeded with the virtual distribution of the awards for the session 2019-20 through a PowerPoint Presentation, which was followed by the motivating address of the chief guest.The ceremony concluded with a vote of thanks given by the headmistress, Ms Seema Karki. It was indeed a very special day for all the children as their hard work was rewarded. The live session of the ceremony was also attended by all on Facebook.

Workshops for Teachers (December , 2020)

  • Ms Anjana Arora and Ms Lata Ijral attended a webinar on Quantum Computingconducted by Prof Dr. Madan Mohan Pant,  CEO, Planet Edu on December 1,2020.
  • The Headmistress, Ms Seema Karki and all the teachers of the Junior Wing attended a webinar on Rivers- Lifeline for Humanityorganized by the Social Science faculty of Cambridge School Indirapuram on December 5, 2020.
  • The Headmistress, Ms Seema Karki and all the teachers of the Junior Wing attended in a webinar on Magic of Games in Online Teachingconducted by Cambridge School, Indirapuram on December 8, 2020.
  • Ms Anjana Arora and Ms Lata Ijral attended a webinar on Internet of Thingsconducted by Computer Department of Cambridge School, Srinivaspuri on December 11,2020.
  • All the Hindi Teachers of the Junior Wing attended a webinar organised by Madhuban Publications on December 12, 2020. It was conducted by Ms Nirmala Dwivedi.
  • Ms Manisha Sarbhoy and Ms Ruchika Mathur attended a webinar on the topic- Working For the Underserved To Help IndiaGrow conducted by Hitesh Bhatt (Former Director IRMA) on December 18, 2020. The webinar was organised by Social Studies Department, Cambridge School Noida [Sr Wing].
  • SurachitaRoychowdhury and Ms. Neha Bhagat attended a webinar on the topic-  Solar Power- Switch to Solar for a Brighter Tomorrow conducted by the teachers of Cambridge School, Noida, (Physics department) on 16.12.20.
  • Ms Anjana Arora and Ms Lata Ijral  attended a webinar on –Equipping Teachers and Students with 21st Century Skillsconducted by Computer Department, Cambridge School Indirapuram on December 18, 2020.
  • Ms Madhu Khare and Ms Sunita Jain attended a Theatre in Education presentation- Van Ke Marg Mein conducted by Class VI students of Cambridge School, Indirapuram on December 19, 2020.
  • Vishakha Gill and Ms  Khushboo Dubey attended a webinar on Creative Movement Therapyon  Tuesday, 22nd  December 2020. It  was conducted by Psychology Faculty of Cambridge School, Srinivaspuri.
  • The Headmistress, Ms Seema Karki and all the teachers of the Junior Wing attended a webinar on Art Integrationconducted by Ms Jyotsana Tiwari, Professor, DEAA, NCERT, New Delhi  on December 24, 2020. 
  • The Headmistress, Ms Seema Karki and all the teachers of the Junior Wing attended awebinar on parenting, conducted by Vinita Berry, Founder of Priceless Parenting on Wednesday, Dec 30th, 2020.
  • The Headmistress, Ms Seema Karki and Ms Divya Pal Das attended an interactive session on Organization, Leadership and Faculty Developmentwith Dr. Sundar Kumar Gandikota, Founder & CEO, School Education and Management Services- SEAMS on December 31, 2020 at 01:10 pm on Google

Assemblies (December , 2020)

  • Online assemblies with spectacular video graphics, informative facts, news, poems and amazing dance and music performances by students were held on various themes during the month.
  • Class                                  Theme
  • 1F                                       Echoes of the Earth
  • VF                                      Navy Day
  • Prep F                               Our Universe
  • II A                                    The Power of a Smile
  • IV A                                   Birds
  • Prep G                               Unity in Diversity
  • II B                                     Dance forms of India
  • IV B                                    A Virtual Tour around the World
  • Prep H                               Jungle Safari
  • Nursery A, II C & IV C       Christmas

Story Telling Session by Sharanya Sriram (December 19, 2020)

  • A story telling session, “Rumpelstiltskin- a German Fairytale” was conducted by Ms. Sharanya Sriram on 19.12.20. The students of Class III attended the session along with their parents on MS Teams. The live session was also attended by all the other classes on Facebook. The session started with a Clap Along activity in which the children had to perform certain actions according to the instructions given. It was then followed by narration of the German  story- Rumpelstiltskin. Thereafter, the children sang a song along with the story teller and performed certain actions while singing. An activity was also conducted in which the children learnt to make Santa.Overall, the session was interesting and the children enjoyed it thoroughly.

Image 2020 (4 and 5  December  2020)

  • The 32nd edition of IMAGE was held virtually on the 4th & 5th of December 2020. The theme of Image 2020 was ‘Celebrating Life’. 52 schools from Delhi, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Gurugram, Greater Noida and Noida participated in various competitions held during these two days.Streamed live on Facebook, the inaugural function had Padma Vibhushan,  legendary Kathak maestro Pt. Birju Maharaj as the chief guest, while Padma Shri Nila Madhab Panda, Indian film producer & director was the chief guest for the Valedictory Function. Also present were Dr. Kalyani Roy, Secretary, Society for the Advancement of Education, along with members of the School Management Committee.A total of 21 events were held over two days like ‘Kavyanjali’, ‘Flight of Poetic Fantasy’, ‘Once Upon a Time’, ‘Budding Journalist’; ‘Folk Art’, ‘Doodle Art’, ‘Retro Canvas’; ‘Sanskrit Lok Geet Gayan Pratiyogita’, ‘Nrityanajali’ and ‘Ullas’. Carrying forward the theme of Celebrating Life, the students of Cambridge School Noida staged ‘Dance of Jubilation’ on Guru Rabindranath’s famous song ‘Hriday Aamar Nachere Aajike’.The A. C. Deb Memorial Rolling Trophy for IMAGE 2020 was bagged by Vishwa Bharti Public School, Noida for their brilliant performance.

Assemblies (November, 2020)

  • Virtual assemblies are being conducted on a regular basis. The month of November witnessed some very colourful and vibrant online assemblies on various themes -from festival celebration to life skills. Beautiful audio video effects, eloquent speaking of the children, enactment, recitation and singing- everything added to the wonderful presentation of the assemblies.

Our Proud Achievers(November, 2020)

  • Our students have been participating in various online competitions and winning accolades for their commendable performance. Some of them are:
    • Geetank Sehgalof IIIC won the Second Prize in Bataille De Rap- Self  Composed Rap  and Era Tyagi of  VB & Avika Agarwal of  VC won the Third Prize in Fusion of two dance forms at Jyotirgamaya-

    A Journey from Darkness to Light organized by Army Public School, Noida  on 5th & 10th November 2020.

    • Aarav Maheshwari of II C was the 1st Runners Upin Super Spellerz Spelling Competition and Aadya Goel of IV B was the Winner of Advertainment – Create an Advertisement organized by Billabong High International School, Noida LITSPREE – 2020 – Chapter 5 held on November 6 and 7, 2020.
    • Mishka Malhotra- of VDbagged the Third Position in Thahake- Hasya Kavita at SPECTRUM – 2020 organized by Vishwa Bharati School, Ghaziabad on November7, 2020.
    • The following children participated in various competitions in Hastkala Online Competitionsorganized by G,D, Goenka, Swarn Nagri, Greater Noida on November11, 2020 and did us proud:
    • Clay Modeling – Avneet Kaur (Nur H) & Yashashvi Singh (Prep E)won the Second Prize
    • Branch Decoration/ Best  Out o f Waste- Iqra Siddique (Prep G)won the First Prize
    • Aboriginal Art – Dot Painting- Pankhudi Kaushal (II A)won the Second Prize
    • Mandala Art- Manya Khokhar (III B) – Special mention
    • Benediction of a Deity – Shreya Verma (V D) won the Third Prize

Webinars/ Presentations (November , 2020)

  • A webinar on the topic ‘Cueing Approach to Learn Mathematics’was conducted on 4th November, 2020 by Mr. Abhinav, one of the representatives of Cuemath. Ms. Meenakshi, Ms. Radhika, Ms. Amrita and Ms. Naina attended the webinar.
  • A mathematics presentation was conducted by the Maths Department of Cambridge School Srinivaspuri on 6.11.20. It was attended by Ms Meenakshi Varshney , Ms Radhika Ray and Ms Amrita Banerjee from the Junior Wing.
  • Cambridge School, Indirapuram organized a webinar on “The World of Mathematical Constants”on November 7, 2020. The webinar was conducted by the Mathematics Faculty of Cambridge School, Indirapuram. It was attended by the maths teachers of the Junior Wing.
  • Manisha Sarbhoy, Ms. Divya Pal Das and Ms. Ruchika Mathur from Cambridge School, Noida, [Junior Wing] attended an online theatre presentation by the students of Class IX on the topic-National Movement in Indiaheld on November 10,2020.
  • The Headmistress, Ms Seema Karki and all the teachers of Junior Wing attended a Webinar on the topic‘Effect of Winter, Air Pollution and Festivals in Delhi-A Dangerous Cocktail’ on November 21, 2020  It was organized by Cambridge School, Greater Noida.
  • World Fisheries Day 2020was celebrated by WWF through a webinar conducted by Vinod Malayethu (Sr. coordinator, WWF, India) Abhishek Jamalabad (Programme officer, Marine conservation, WWF) on 21st Nov, 2020. It was attended by the science teachers from the Junior Wing.
  • Ms Baljinder Kaur, Ms Jatinder Kaur and Ms Lorain Sinha attended a presentation by Geography Faculty of Cambridge School, Srinivaspuri on the topic – Self Reliant Villages: Growth Engines for 21stcentury India on November 27, 2020

Diwali and Children’s Day Celebration( November 12, 2020)

Diwali and Children’s Day were celebrated with a plethora of activities. The week started with a piggy bank making activity in which the students were taught how to make a piggy bank using different mathematical shapes. They were asked to save money in their piggy banks for charity.

Two videos were released on 12th November, 2020 to celebrate Children’s Day and the festival of Diwali.

On November12, 2020, a virtual celebration was organised for students. In the beginning of the celebration they were shown a special assembly on Diwali and Children’s Day. Teachers had recorded a special song for the children which was shown to them after the assembly.

Children then showed the rangolis made by them to the whole class. This was followed by different activities for different classes.

Pre Primary

Children’s Day was celebrated virtually with fun and frolic for pre primary children. It began with a special assembly. The teachers stepped into students’ shoes and conducted the assembly themselves- reading news, saying the thought for the day followed by a wonderful dance performance. It continued with performances by students wherein they spoke about Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru, his birth anniversary and his love and affection for children.

An interesting online story telling session was conducted by Ms. Sharanya Sriram for the children of Class Prep. The session was indeed exciting. Children found it really interesting and enjoyed the story of ‘Leo, the Lion’ and ‘The Billy Goats’. The use of puppets, facial expressions and voice modulation made it more interesting and fun filled for children.

To mark the celebration of ‘Festival of Lights – Diwali,  an online class party was organized for the little ones. The celebration started with the assembly where children spoke about the importance of the festival and why it is celebrated. A beautiful dance performance was also presented. After the assembly the children got engrossed in the fun filled activity of making Diyas and Torans. They also enjoyed dancing and eating their favourite snacks.

Class I made diya wall hanging using origami sheets and ribbon. Children also enjoyed a story telling session on Ramayana.

Class II had fun craft activities such as door bell wall hanging making and rangoli making. Children also enjoyed the movie Rio.

Class III had the craft activity in which the children were taught to make diyas using coloured sheets. After the craft activity, a movie show was organised for them . They enjoyed watching  the movie Charlotte’s Web.

Class IV did a craft activity in which they were taught to make paper lanterns using resources available at home.

After the craft activity a movie show was organized for the children. They were shown the movie Ratatouille which the children enjoyed a lot.

Class V had Bandhanwar making activity. Children had also created very colourful rangolis which they displayed proudly. After that it was movie time, children loved the movie – The BFG.

After the movie show and activities, all the classes had a virtual class party in which they played games like ‘Building a Pyramid’, ‘Nemo on a Search Mission’, ‘Transferring Gems’, ‘Freeze Dance’, Simon Says, Tongue Tanglers and many more. They enjoyed their healthy snacks while playing these games. The celebration was concluded by a loud cheer from the students. They had a great time.

An Action-packed Evening with Jeffrey Archer ( November 7, 2020)

Bookaroo LitHouse- Pan Macmillan India organized an online session with the famous author Jeffrey Archer and his wife Mary Archer on November 7, 2020 for the children of Classes III to V. The children had a wonderful time listening to the great author. They also asked questions and shared their views with the couple. It was a memorable evening for the participants.

INVESTITURE CEREMONY ( November 6, 2020)

The virtual investiture ceremony of Cambridge School Noida (Jr. Wing), for the academic year 2020-2021, was held on 6th November, 2020. It was a proud moment for the school to select the deserving students as office bearers of Junior Wing.

The programme started with a short video of Cambridge School, Noida followed by the lighting of the lamp and motivational speech.  After that, an English poem “Be the best of whatever you are”, was recited by Nitika followed by a Hindi poem “Karmveer” and a patriotic song.

The newly elected student council was then introduced. The Headmistress of the school administered the oath, where the Head Boy, the Head Girl and prefects pledged to serve the school and fulfill their responsibilities to the best of their abilities.

The Head Boy and Head Girl shared their experiences and thanked the teachers for showing confidence in their abilities.

The ceremony concluded with the Principal’s address where she congratulated the student council and advised them to be the good role models for others.


An online workshop on Urban Gardening was organized for all the sections of Class V by the Swechcha Group on October 10, 2020 to explain the importance of urban gardening and upcycling.

They emphasized that the children should make their own little gardens /kitchen gardens by using waste material like tyres, empty bottles, old used containers- which would help to reduce pollution & also grow their own chemical free vegetables which are much more fresh and healthier. This would help to make the surroundings cleaner and greener.

The method of making compost pit and growing vegetables i.e.  ‘the Farm to Fork’ was explained in detail.

Materials needed to make the pot soil – 40% of compost and 60% of coco-peat were mixed together in a container and some coriander or mustard seeds could be sown in it (the entire process was explained through a PPT).

Teacher Enrichment Webinars & Presentations (October , 2020 )

  • Launch of Altura- Advancing Learning and Teaching Using Resources and Assessments
  • Art Integration in Teaching
  • Impact of Music on Learning
  • Mathematics, Science and Music
  • Art Integration Education for Future Readiness
  • WORLD TEACHERS’ DAY- Teachers Leading in Crisis, Reimagining the Future
  • Cyber Issues- Digital Health and Well Being
  • Free Speech- Constitution, Law and Practice in Modern India
  • Urban Gardening
  • Managing Socio- Emotional Learning of Students
  • Aligning Assessments with Learning Resources
  • Art Education and its Future Prospects
  • Reflective Talk- Making Conversation a Tool for Learning
  • Molecules and their Applications in Day to Day Life
  • Maintaining Children’s Fitness & Good Health during the Pandemic

Assemblies (October , 2020 )

Online assemblies are being conducted on a regular basis. Each class prepares a special assembly with- a thought for the day, news – [international, national and sports news] enactment etc. The theme for each assembly is chosen keeping in view special days/dates/ festivals and the children speak about the topic, share information and amazing facts related to it.  Students show their skills of acting, dance and music through various performances. It’s a pleasure to watch these spectacular assemblies.

Gandhi Jayanti -A Tour of the Universe through the Planetarium (October 1, 2020 )

To commemorate Mahatma Gandhi’s 150th birth anniversary, the Nehru Planetarium brought the Father of the Nation’s interest in astronomy to the people. A show was organized and original quotes of Mahatma Gandhi on his own sky observations were showcased.

A virtual tour of the universe was conducted for the student of classes 1 to 5 on 1st October, 2020 on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti. The aim of the programme was to educate people on observing the night sky using a telescope and emphasizing on the importance of sky gazing especially for children.

Dr. N Ratnashree, director of the Nehru Planetarium conducted the show sharing thoughts of Mahatma Gandhi on astronomy. These thoughts were shared by him with the people at Sabarmati Ashram.

This virtual tour was part of the “Bapu Khagol Mela,” the first-of-its-kind programme to celebrate Mahatma Gandhi’s deep-rooted liking for astronomy. It is a year-long celebration of his vision on promoting sky gazing and imparting knowledge of celestial objects to a large number of people.

VIRTUAL YAMUNA WALK ( September 12, 2020 )

In association with Swechha School Programme, our school organized a Virtual Yamuna Walk for the students of Class V on Saturday, September 12, 2020.

After a brief introductory talk by Mr. Ashim Berry, the children were taken on a virtual walk through a small patch of forest area to the banks of the River Yamuna.

They were told about the origin of River Yamuna, the states through which it flows, the rising pollution in the river and the importance of the barrage. They were asked to observe the natural surroundings, and were informed about the flora and fauna near the river.

The virtual walk developed an awareness among the students towards the increase in pollution due to human activities and its future consequences.

This experience helped in sensitizing the children to their responsibility towards the environment and ecosystem. It also enabled them to identify the major environmental threats faced today and to realize the importance of developing a more sustainable environment for all.

English Debate Class V ( September 17, 2020 )

English Debate competition for Class V was held on September 17, 2020. The topic was ‘The pandemic has made me a better person’.

Twelve children participated in the debate [two from each section of Class V]. The judges appreciated the confidence and poise of the participants and the fluency with which they spoke.

Hindi Recitation Competition – Class IV ( September 14, 2020 )

Hindi Recitation Competition for Class IV was conducted online on September 14, 2020 on the occasion of Hindi Diwas. The theme of recitation was Motivational Poems. The theme was selected keeping in view the difficult phase of the lockdown and ways to boost the morale during these trying times.

Students recited the poems beautifully with voice modulation and expression. It was a pleasure to hear them recite so eloquently.

Character Portrayal Competition – Class III ( September 18, 2020 )

Character Portrayal Competition was organized for the students of Class III on Friday, September 18. 2020. Children chose their favourite character from the Noddy series/The Jungle Book.

All the characters were dressed appropriately and spoke their lines confidently. The backdrop, props and music added to the overall effect and left everyone mesmerized.

Weave a Story [ Story Telling with Puppets] – Class II ( September 16, 2020 )

Story Telling activity for Class II was held online on September 16, 2020.

Three students from each section were selected for the final round. The participants used various types of puppets such as stick puppets, finger puppets, hand puppets and stuffed puppets. Children narrated beautiful stories using these colourful puppets.  Each and every story was a delight to hear.

Show and Tell –  Class I ( September 9, 2020 )

Show and Tell activity for Class I was held on September 9, 2020.

Through this activity, children learnt about the rich culture of India and its traditional dresses. Five students were selected from each section who performed on a common platform on MsTeams. It was a joy to see them speak with confidence and clarity. Efforts of the students were appreciated by all.

Online Parent Teacher Meeting ( September 12, 2020 )

Online PTM was conducted for Classes Nursery to V on Saturday, September 12, 2020. Most of the parents attended the PTM and appreciated the school and the teachers for conducting effective online classes. They were happy and satisfied with the online teaching and activities.

Teacher’s Day Celebration ( September 5, 2020 )

A fun filled celebration on Teacher’s Day was organized on Google Meets. The event took place online and everyone’s presence helped in generating hope and optimism even in these challenging circumstances.

Webinars ( September 20, 2020 )

  • A webinar was held by HEYMATH for the Junior Wing teachers of all the branches of Cambridge Schools on Friday, September 3, 2020 (from 4 pm to 5.45 pm). It was attended by the Headmistress Ms Seema Karki and maths teachers of the Junior Wing
  • Ms Madhu Khare and Ms Reema Datta attended a theatre presentation based on visualization of famous poems conducted by the students of Class VII of Cambridge School, Sriniwaspuri on September 3, 2020.
  • Ms Lata Ijral and Ms Anjana Arora attended a webinar on De-Coding Coding with NEP 2020 on September 4, 2020. It wasconducted by Captain Tesseract, an Ed-Tech start-up.
  • The Headmistress, Ms Seema Karki and teachers of Junior Wing attended a webinar on Empowering Educators on Teacher’s Day [An Enriching Discussion on NEP] -Winds of Changeon September 5, 2020. It was conducted by Mr G. Balasubramaniam, Dr Usha Ram and Dr Radha Singh
  • Ms Divya Paldas and Ms Manisha Sarbhoy attended an online Social Studies presentation on the topic ‘Swach Bharat Abhiyan’conducted by students of Class VIII of Cambridge School, Srinivaspuri on 6.9.2020.
  • A webinar was organized for parents by Kinderuni, an organization working with Max Muller Bhawan to promote the learning of German language on 7.9.20 on Zoom. It was attended by Ms Ruchika Mathur and Ms Amrita Banerjee from the Junior Wing.
  • Lata Ijral and Ms Anjana Arora attended a webinar on 3-D printers and printing as an Atal Tinkering Lab activity on Wednesday, September 09, 2020. It was conducted by Cambridge School, Noida.
  • Mridha Kashmiria, Ms. Surachita Roychoudhary and Ms. Neha Bhagat attended a session on Body and Mind: Are they Connected? conducted by the teachers of Cambridge School, Srinivaspuri on September11, 2020.
  • Hindi teachers of the Junior Wing attended a webinar on Hindi language organised by Cambridge School, Sriniwaspuri on September 18, 2020.
  • Baljinder Kaur, Ms. Ruchika Mathur and Ms. Lorain Sinha attended a webinar on Lifestyle Diseaseconducted by Cambridge School Indirapuram on September 19, 2020 .
  • The Headmistress Ms Seema Karki and the teachers of Junior Wing attended- One Day Storytelling Session- Celebrating International Literacy Day on 20thSeptember, 2020.The session was conducted on Zoom and was organized by Nurture Roots.

Webinars/Training Sessions ( August 2020)

  • Parents of Classes IV&V attended a session organised by German Digital Kinderuniversity- Goethe Institute on August 26 & 29, 2020 on Zoom.
  • Ms Anuradha Mankotia attended a CBSE Webinar on Innovative Pedagogy in English -Experiential Learning- By Swapna Nair, Principal, Arwachin International School, Delhi on August 5, 2020.
  • Ms Manisha Sarbhoy attended a CBSE webinar­ on Teaching Strategies/ Methodologies in Social Science held on August 6, 2020. The resource person was Ms. Yogita Kapil, Principal, Delhi Public School. Sahibabad.
  • The Headmistress Ms Seema Karki and all the teachers of Junior Wing attended a webinar on the topic- Discussion on National Education Policy 2020 held on August 6, 2020. It was conducted by Mr Anil Swarup.
  • Ms Mridha Kashmiriya attended a CBSE webinar on Capacity Building Training Programme – Experiential Learning held on August 14, 2020. It was conducted by Ms Gurpreet Singh.
  • The Headmistress Ms Seema Karki and all the teachers of Junior Wing attended a webinar on the topic- Inside NEP 2020 organized by Ratna Sagar on August 4, 2020. The speaker was Dr. Ameeta Mulla Wattal, an eminent educationist and Principal, Springdales School, Delhi.
  • Ms Shubhra Vadera attended an online CBSE Training Session on Assessment in English on August 10, 2020. The session was conducted by Ms Pratima Jha, TGT, Delhi Public School, Sahibabad.
  • Ms Khushboo Dubey [special educator] attended an online training session conducted by CBSE on the topic, Happy Teachers Creating Happy Spaces, on August 11, 2020. It was conducted by Ms. Vandana Pande, Principal, Columbus Public School, Rudrapur.
  • Ms Khushboo Dubey [special educator] attended an online training session conducted by CBSE on the topic, Ethics- Kohlberg’s Stages of Moral Development, on Google Meet on August 22, 2020.  The resource person was Ms. Rupa Sharma, Counsellor- Ram-Eesh International School, Gr. Noida.
  • Vishakha Gill, [special educator] attended a webinar on Emotional Intelligence conducted by CBSE. The resource person was Ms. Priyanka Mehta, Principal, Sarvottam School.
  • Ms Divya Pal Das attended a webinar on Multiple Intelligence organised by CBSE on 13th August, 2020. Ms Monica Chawla, Principal, St. Joseph, Sr. Secondary School, Chandigarh conducted the webinar.
  • Ms Arundhati attended a webinar on Designing Effective Assessments on 8thAugust, 2020. The webinar was conducted by Macmillan Education and the speaker was Ms. Asllesha Thakur (CEO Lead Innovation).
  • The Headmistress, Ms Seema Karki and Ms Gayatri Java attended a webinar on Effective Parental Engagement for Student Learning on August 6, 2020. It was conducted by Ms. Monica Chawla.
  • Ms Surachita Roychowdhury attended a Science webinar on the topic-Integration of Arts in Science on August 7, 2020. It was conducted by Ms Vandana Pande, Principal, CPS, Rudrapur.
  • The Headmistress Ms Seema Karki and all the teachers of Junior Wing attended 2 webinars on Emerging Landscape of Indian Education hosted by Pearson India, on August 27 & 28, 2020.
  • Ms Lata Ijral attended a webinar on Digital Learning and Management on August 7, 2020. It was conducted by Ms. Renu Sharma , Principal, DAV Public School, Hapur.

Social Studies Theatre Presentation ( August 5 to August 14 , 2020)

Students of Class V gave online Social Studies presentations from 5th August to 14th August, 2020. The presentations were based on – different phases of Indian freedom struggle, that began with the coming of traders to India in search of spices – to India becoming free in the year 1947.

The students of Class VA gave a presentation on The Great Revolt of 1857. They highlighted the richness of our country and how we attracted traders from all over the world. Through story narration and video clippings they showed us how gradually these traders became our rulers, the exploitation of people and our growing resentment which finally led to the Revolt of 1857. Students were dressed as Begum Hazrat Mahal,Tantia Tope, Bahadur Shah Zafar, Mangal Pandey and Rani Lakshmi Bai to showcase the important leaders of the revolt.

On 6th August, 2020 , the students of Class VB gave their presentation on the social and religious reformers who were greatly influenced by western education. They strongly protested against some social and religious customs which were being blindly followed by the people. The rise in nationalistic feeling brought the people together and led to the formation of the Indian National Congress. The leaders requested for reforms to improve the living condition of people. As the early Congress leaders achieved limited success another group of leaders called the Radicals came forward and put forth their demands more aggressively. The presentations was supported by slide shows and  photographs.

Students of VC gave a presentation on the Swadeshi and Boycott Movement on August 10, 2020. They spoke about the partition of Bengal by Lord Curzon that led to the Swadeshi and Boycott Movement by the Indians.  Students enacted the burning of foreign clothes and other items and also enacted roles of the famous leaders, some of them being- Bipin Chandra Pal, Aurobindo Ghosh, Lala Lajpat Rai , Bal Gangadhar Tilak. The scenes of Hindus and Muslims tying Rakhi to each other was liked by all. The famous song by Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore -Ekla Cholo Re was also presented.

 On 11th August, 2020,  the students of Class V D gave a presentation on the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre, Non- Cooperation Movement and the Simon Commission. They showed excerpts from the movie “Gandhi”, documentaries and original video footage of those times.

On 13th August, 2020, the students of Class 5E talked about the great leader of the Indian National Army or INA, who gave us the slogan ‘Give me blood and I will give you freedom’ –Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. They talked about his birth and childhood and that he was popularly known as Netaji. An inspiring documentary film ‘Bose, The Forgotten Hero’ was also shown to the students.

On 14th August, 2020, the students of Class VF gave a presentation on the Civil Disobedience Movement and the Quit India Movement . The presentation included a short role-play and videos of the actual incidents that happened during the freedom struggle. Children spoke about the Dandi March and how Mahatma Gandhi galvanized the entire country to protest against the unjust laws made by the British. They also spoke about the Quit India Movement and how the freedom fighters were jailed by the British. The presentation ended with India becoming free in 1947 and the famous speech delivered by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru on the eve of our Independence.

All the children participated in the presentations. They learnt the lines given to them and recorded their videos. The videos were then compiled together by the Social Studies teachers. It was an enriching experience for them. We also received full support of the parents who later appreciated the hard work put in by the teachers.

Hindi Kavita Vachan Activity  (August 14, 2020)

Students of Class III participated in an online Hindi Recitation Activity on August 14, 2020. The theme of recitation was Unity in Diversity is the Pride of Our Nation.  Students recited beautiful poems with patriotic fervour. It was a pleasure to hear them recite so eloquently.

Achievements (JULY , 2020)

Simranpreet Kaur Chawla of Class IVB won the Third Prize in the Interschool Competition organised by Lancer’s Convent, Prashant Vihar in the category My Lockdown Masterpiece

Van Mahotsava  (JULY , 2020)

Children celebrated Van Mahotsav during the second week of the month from July 6 to July 10, 2020.

Children were explained about the importance of this festival and how trees should be protected for our environment. They were told about the meaning of ‘Van Mahotsav’ which is a Hindi word- ‘Van’ meaning forest and ‘Mahotsav’ meaning celebration. It is a weeklong tree planting festival celebrated in India.

Students did a range of activities shown online through Microsoft Teams.

Webinars for Teachers (JULY , 2020)

The Headmistress, Ms Seema Karki and English teachers of Junior Wing attended a webinar on ‘Bringing Vocabulary Alive in the English classroom’ on July 4, 2020. The webinar was organized by Oxford University Press and was conducted by Mr Amol Padwad.

The pre primary teachers of Junior Wing attended a webinar on Multiple Intelligence and Phonics on July 7, 2020. The resource person was Dr. Richa Sood and Anjan Ganguly. It was organised by Full Marks Pvt Ltd.

The Headmistress, Ms Seema Karki and English teachers of Junior Wing attended the following webinars held from Monday, July 27, 2020 to Friday July 31, 2020.

Teaching Poetry Online to Nurture Students’ Aesthetic Competence held on 27.7.2020

Reading- the Adventure Within held on 28.7.2020

Teaching Speaking in a Virtual Classroom held on 29.7.2020

Teaching Grammar in context using the Digital Platform held on 30.7.2020.

Sure Fire Methods to Teach Vocabulary held on 31.7.2020.

Webinars for Students (JUNE , 2020)

  • The children of Class V along with their science teachers attended a Webinar on Importance of Butterflies in our Ecosystem on June 5, World Environment Day. The webinar was conducted by Mr. Ashim Berry & his group. The webinar was very informative and the children learnt about the beautiful creatures who play a very vital role in our eco-system. The resource person Mr Berry encouraged the children to form their own butterfly gardens and share the pictures.

Webinars for teachers (JUNE , 2020)

  • Pre-primary teachers attended Storytelling Sessions held on 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th June, 2020. The sessions were organised by Oxford University Press.
  • Ms Shyamoli Dhar [Art teacher] attended a webinar- Why Must Children Visit Art Museums on June 6, 2020. The webinar was conducted by Argha Kamal Ganguly and Vaishali Chakravarty.
  • Ms Meenakshi Varshney, Ms Radhika Ray and Ms Amrita Banerjee attended a webinar on Joyful Teaching and Learning of Mathematics conducted by Ms Madhumita Ray and Ms Sunita Pandita on June11, 2020.
  • Ms Sonia Nayar attended a Webinar on School Readiness on June 14, 2020. The resource person was Ms. Aparna Athreya
  • Ms Meenakshi Varshney, Ms Deepa Wadhva and Ms Bindu Murlidharan attended a webinar on Creativity for Teachers on 9th and 11th  June, 2020. It was conducted by Dr. Harish Chaudhry and  Priyank Narayan and was organised by eduExcellence. Ms Meenakshi Varshney put up a presentation of the same for the teachers of Junior Wing on June15, 2020.   All the teachers of Junior Wing attended the presentation.
  • The Headmistress, Ms Seema Karki and Ms Shubhra Vadera attended a webinar on the topic Parents’ Involvement in Challenging Times organised by Curio Team for parents and educators on June 14, 2020. The resource persons were Ms Charu Bajaj, founder and CEO, Skills and You, Ms Rajni Jauhari, Principal, Bharat Ram Global School and Ms Upasana Kinra, Psychologist and Career Counsellor.
  • The teachers of Junior Wing attended a webinar on the topic Safe Learning Environments in the Post- COVID World on June 26, 2020. The webinar was conducted by Ms Nandini Rao. The Guest Speaker was Dr. Srinath Reddy, President of the Public Health Foundation of India.
  • Maths teachers of the Junior Wing attended a webinar on the topic What Needs to Change in Mathematics Education in the 21st Century conducted by Ms. Aashalata Badami on June17,
  • Surachita Roychowdhury and Ms. Mridha Kashmiria attended a science webinar on the topic Backyard Birding on June 20, 2020. It was conducted by Mr. Sohail Madan, Head Manager, Bombay Natural History Society.
  • Ms Mridha Kashmiria, Ms. Surachita Roychodhury and Ms. Neha Bhagat attended a webinar on the topic Getting laboratories inside the classroom, experiential learning in Science on June 11, 2020. The webinar was conducted by Hemant, Ms Mamta Rishi, Ms SushmitaDey.
  • Ms Anjana Arora conducted Movie Making Training sessions for teachers of Classes Nursery to V from June 30, 2020 to July 2, 2020. The teachers were shown steps to compile videos and merge them together through the movie making app adobe.
  • An Online Assessment Webinar was conducted by Ms Mamta Rishi and Ms Preeti Khanna on June 13, 2020. It was attended by the Headmistress, Ms. Seema Karki, Ms. Divya Pal Das, Ms. Meenakshi Varshnei, Ms. Vinoo Mehta, Ms. Lata Ijral and Ms. Anjana Arora. On June 19, 2020, Ms Lata Ijral took an in -house webinar to explain the working of net to Junior Wing teachers.
  • All the teachers of Junior Wing attended a webinar on the topic- Teachers’ Empowerment Programme- Blended Learning- A challenge or an opportunity. The webinar was organized by ‘Skills and You Education on 13th June, 2020. Mr. Anirudh Gupta, Ms. Charu Bajaj, Ms. Supriti Chauhan and Ms. Onika Mehrotra were the panelists for the session.

Mother’s Day Celebration (May 10, 2020)

The unique bond of love and affection between a mother and child was celebrated by children on May 10, 2020- Mother’s Day.

On May 8, 2020, students were given ideas to surprise their mother with their creative talent – making cards, flowers etc. Teachers also shared easy recipes of making chilled cake and Oreo chocolate balls using easily available ingredients at home.

Students had a splendid time making Origami flowers and a card for their mother. They were also asked to capture the special moment of happiness and emotions and share it on Ms Teams.

An online photo contest was also organized on Mother’s Day. Students had to share their favourite photograph with their mother for this contest. A small write up on why they considered it their favourite photograph along with the information about when and where it was taken had to be sent.The response to the photo contest was over whelming with over 700 entries received. It was a treat going through each and every entry.

ONLINE CLASSES ( April, 2020)

Online classes continued on ZOOM for the students of classes IV and V. It began on 6th April For the students of class III and on 7th April for the students of classes I & II . All class/sections were provided with a timetable and HRP was also integrated into it

Parents Teacher meetings were conducted for all classes (Nur –V) from April 20 to April 24th on Microsoft Teams

Activity periods of art, music, physical education and dance were also introduced into the timetable from April 27th 2020.


This year our little ones have been a part of e-learning. The main intention of the online classes has been to keep the children happily occupied. Other than curriculum-related topics being incorporated in the sessions, there is a lot of story narration and singing of rhymes.

ONLINE CLASSES ( March, 2020)

During the lockdown period our students were kept constructively engaged by uploading worksheets for them on the Parent Portal.  We also began with online classes for Classes IV & V from March 28, 2020.

WhatsApp groups have been created to keep the parents updated on the online classes to be conducted for students during the lockdown period. PDF and screenshots of the chapters to be taught are being sent for the convenience of the students who have not yet purchased the books. Lesson plans have also been uploaded on the Parent Portal. Interesting links of creative activities, songs, books etc are being shared on WhatsApp groups to keep the children actively engaged.

All efforts have been made to keep the teachers stay connected with the students in the most effective manner ruling out any possibility of academic loss.

VISITS & EXCURSIONS (February , 2020)

Students of Class Nursery went for a picnic to Nandan Kanan Park. A trip to Parle Biscuit Factory was organized for the students of Class II. Students of Class Prep went for a picnic to Nandan Kanan Park and Waste to Wonder Park. Students of Class III went on an educational trip to Nehru Planetarium, National Museum of Modern Arts and Lodhi Gardens. Students of Class IV visited Gandhi Smriti, National Gallery of Modern Arts and the newly built National War Memorial at India Gate. Students of Class V visited the the Mehrauli Archaeological Park and the National Gallery of Modern Art.

Pre Primary Sports Day (February 15, 2020)

Pre Primary Sports Day was held on February 15, 2020. The tiny tots of Nursery and Prep participated in it with full vigour and enthusiasm. The day started with a March Past by the students of Class Prep followed by various drills and races like Flat Race, Frog Race, Pack the Bag Race, Pass the Ball Race, Three Legged Race, Balance the Ball Race etc. Among the most appealing events were  the splendid field drill and yoga, having 100% participation of students. The proud parents, gathered in large numbers, constantly applauded the enthusiastic young sports stars. The school playground rimmed with flags, reverberated with the sound of cheers. It was a spectacular event and the parents were overwhelmed to see their children perform so beautifully. The winners of the races were felicitated with medals and certificates.

Beautiful spring season  ( February, 2020)

With the beautiful spring season spreading its splendour all around, the school garden came alive with flowers of different hues. The beauty of nature seemed to have infused the students with renewed zest to perform their very best in the Term Tests, Sports Day and other activities held during this month.

Let’s Dance Activity – Nursery (January 31, 2020)

Let’s Dance Activity was conducted for the tiny tots of Class Nursery on January 31, 2020. All sections of Nursery had prepared folk dances from different states of India such as Goan dance, Bihu, Garba, Ghoomar, Bhangra, Pahadi dance, Bengali dance to name a few. Children enjoyed dancing to the foot tapping folk songs of different states. They also spoke a few lines about their dance form. It was a pleasure watching them perform so beautifully.

English Recitation – Prep (January 28, 2020)

Students of Class Prep participated in English Recitation Activity held on January 28, 2020. The theme of the activity was Animals. Children recited poems on wild and domestic animals. Before reciting the poems, each class performed a small role play to give an introduction to their poems.   As kids connected very well with this theme, their enthusiasm was inevitable. The kids recited the poems very confidently with actions and expressions.

One Nation Reading Together – Nursery -V (January 24, 2020)

One Nation Reading Together Program by Scholastic India was conducted on January 24, 2020 at 10 a.m. It began with a reading pledge written by the renowned writer, Sampoorna Chatterji. The staff and students actively participated in it. The aim of the programme was to reinforce the habit of reading in students. It was heartening to see the students blissfully lost in the wonderful world of books.

Theatre Presentation by NSD – Classes IV and V (January 22, 2020)

Artists from National School of Drama presented a show titled ‘Kisse Sujh Bujh Ke’ for the students of Classes IV and V. Five short stories of the famous Mullah Nasreddin were presented. The show began with an interesting dance performance. The props used such as Mulla’s headgear and mask glowed in the dark which captured the interest of the students. The actors on stage ensured that the students were being attentive by throwing question at them at regular intervals. Children thoroughly enjoyed the wit and humour of Mulla in the stories.

Pre Primary Christmas Celebration (December 24, 2019)

Christmas was celebrated with great fervour and enthusiasm by the tiny tots of  Nursery and Prep on December 24, 2019. The pre primary wing wore a festive look with colourful bells, stars, stockings etc decorated in the corridors. Children were told about the birth of Lord Jesus and the spirit of sharing was inculcated amongst the tiny tots. The boundless joy of celebrating the festival was visible on their faces especially when Santa moved around distributing sweets to them. Children enjoyed singing Christmas carols and songs like Jingle Bells, He has a red red coat etc.

International Kids Film Festival  (December 10, 2019)

Students of Class II to V attended the International Kids Film Festival on December 10, 2019. They were shown short films on different themes, highlighting different aspects of life. The movies were from different countries like France, USA, Spain, Japan, Canada, Ireland and Russia. The message of friendship and cooperation was well highlighted in the movies.

It was a great learning experience for the students and they thoroughly enjoyed watching all the films.

13th Shri A.C. Deb Memorial Football Tournament (9th to 13th December, 2019)

The 13th Shri A.C Deb Memorial Football Tournament was held from 9th to 13th December, 2019. 16 Boys’ and 14 Girls’ teams participated in the tournament.

Swecha School Programme  (December ,2019 – January, 2020)

Swecha School Programme was conducted for Class V by the NGO, Swecha in order to sensitize the students to the need of environmental conservation. Various walks and workshops were held under the programme.

Class V attended a session with Mr Ashim who informed them that the basic water needs of our city are met by River Yamuna. The river is polluted and needs to be revived. It needs combined efforts of all the citizens to bring it back to life. The session ended with a presentation by the children of Class V A where they shared some research they had done on ‘invisible water’ present in some commodities of daily use.

Students of Class VC visited the office of Swechha Green, an NGO located at Khirki Extension, N. Delhi on December 3, 2019.

The students were told how the use of plastics is damaging the environment and how we can make a difference by recycling waste and reducing the garbage.  Items, such as tables, book racks, cabinets etc, made from old discarded things were displayed at the office. It was an enriching experience for the children.

Students of Class V E went for Yamuna Walk on December 2, 2019. The walk started from Alipur Band which is the first stoppage. This is the place close to the Haryana border from where river Yamuna enters Delhi. Clear flowing water full of aquatic life supports a variety of plants around itself. Students observed the farms around this place which were irrigated using the river water. Migratory birds like seagull were also spotted at this location. The history of river Yamuna and facts about it were shared with the students. It was also noticed that the river was the least polluted here. No industry is located near Alipur Band which is the reason why no smoke could be seen and the purity of water was maintained.

Sanjay Van Forest Walk

Students of Class V-B went for Sanjay Van Forest Walk on December 04, 2019. They were accompanied by their class teachers. This walk was a part of the awareness programme about creating urban green. The aim of the walk was to educate children about the importance of conserving nature and protecting the environment. The trip gave an enriching experience to students about the benefits of staying close and connected to nature

Urban  Gardening Workshop

A workshop on Urban Gardening was conducted for the students of Class V D by the NGO, Swechha on December 6, 2019  .

Students were told about the increasing air pollution and how it is causing health hazards and decreasing average life span of people. They were acquainted with the measures being taken to fight this menace. Among them one important step is to make air purifiers. They were also provided with three different types of plants –snake plant, syngonium and spider plant. They mixed and made the soil bed inside the bottles and planted the sapling of their choice.

They promised to take care of it and make many more like this to improve the air quality of their surroundings.

Annual Prize Distribution Ceremony Session 2018-2019 (November 21, 2019)

The Annual Prize Distribution Ceremony [for the session 2018-19] for Classes I to V was held on November 21, 2019 in the Roma Deb Auditorium [Sr. Wing]. The chief guest for the occasion was Mr. Ranjit Lal, an author, environmentalist and journalist. Dr. Kalyani Roy also graced the occasion with her presence. It was also attended by the parents of the prize winners. There was a small cultural programme comprising Odissi dance, ballet, poem enactment and skit followed by the prize distribution.

The Chief Guest, Mr. Ranjit Lal gave away the prizes to the meritorious and talented students who had shown outstanding performance in various fields in the last session. In his address, Mr. Lal appreciated their hard work and good performance and also brought everyone’s attention towards the need of providing a clean pollution free future to the coming generation.

Mathematics Exhibition  (November 25, 2019)

Mathematics Exhibition was organized by the students of Classes IV and V on November 25, 2019. It was in the form of projects, puzzles, models, posters, games etc. It not only honed the mathematical skills of students but it also

motivated them to research and work in an organised manner with their peers. With great enthusiasm, students showcased their models and puzzles in front of teachers and students, and explained them the working of these.

Theatre Presentation – Class IV (November 2, 2019)

Students of Class IV had their English and Social Studies Theatre Presentation on November 2, 2019.

Students of Classes IV A and B presented the topic ‘Our Fundamental Rights’. In the beginning, students were briefed about our Fundamental Rights and Duties. Brainstorming sessions were held before finalizing the scenes. They also helped their teachers to prepare the script which underwent modifications during successive rehearsals.

Classes IV C and D had put up the theatre presentation based on the lessons taken from their English course book. The first story was Tenali Raman and the Dream Kingdom which was followed by the story –Tansen. Students scripted the stories, wrote the dialogues in their own words and put up a wonderful performance.

Children also presented the poem, Dreams by Langston Hughes. Their acting and speaking skills were appreciated by all.

Community Service – Nur – V (October, 2019)

Visit to Saksham School

Students of Classes II, IV and V visited Saksham School on October 21, 2019 to meet the differently abled children studying there. They were told about how the children are looked after in the school and how the special educators train them to be independent. There were different rooms for different age groups such as the Early Intervention Unit (for beginners- infants to toddlers), Assessment Room (for informal and formal assessments.), Therapy Room (for therapies), Integrated room and Library (for children going to different public schools) Vocational Room (for vocational activities), Music Room etc.

Our students interacted with the children and the special educators there. Students of Class II recited a poem on Diwali and the students of Class IV & V presented a song before them. Our children had also carried pendrives, juice packets, biscuits and stationery items for them.

Saksham School had also organized a few games for our students.

The visit was a great learning experience for the children.

 Visit to Old Age Home

Students of Classes IV and V along with 3 teachers visited the Bhagwant Dham Old Age Home in Mayur Vihar, N. Delhi on October 18, 2019. They were greeted by Mr. Handa who took them around the place. Children had carried a gift hamper comprising juice packets, fruits, biscuits and freshly baked cakes by the meal planning club children. They were very appreciative of children’s loving gesture.

The students presented  Saraswati Vandana , the song- Manzil ki doori se humko darne ki kya baat and a dance  in front of the senior citizens. They were very happy to have the children there and also sang along with the children. The senior citizens interacted with them and presented some handmade gifts to them.

It proved to be an inspiring experience for the children.

 Visit to Goonj

Students of Class V, along with a few students from the Senior Wing visited the NGO, Goonj, on October24, 2019. They got an opportunity to learn about its history and initiatives taken for the welfare of the weaker sections of the society.

Children were divided into two groups and shown around the processing unit where they learnt about the whole procedure of converting vast stocks of items of everyday necessities and material into carefully designed family kits, blankets, mats, school kits, etc. It was amazing to see the smooth and systematic functioning of the processing unit.

Students asked questions to learn more about the organization. The children had also carried with them clothes, toys, books etc. donated by the children on the occasion of Diwali.

Art Week – Nur- Prep  (October 14 to October 18, 2019)

The little enthusiasts of Pre Primary had a fun filled Art Week from October 14 to October18, 2019. They had various art and craft activities in the week. The little ones enjoyed trying different forms of painting and learned the techniques of the same. Each day of the week had a different activity planned for them like painting and decoration of diyas and block printing on paper bags to name a few.

The children took part in the activities with great enthusiasm. Art Week helped them to express their creativity and artistic talent.

Spelling Bee – Class II (September 20, 2019)

Spelling Bee competition for Class II was held on September 20, 2019. Five students from each section were selected on the basis of their marks in dictation in the preliminary round. The final round consisted of questions based on animal sounds, jobs, antonyms, synonyms, homophones etc

Hindi Storytelling Activity- Class  Prep (September 20, 2019)

Students of Class Prep participated in Hindi Storytelling Activity on September 20, 2019. The activity was held in classrooms. They narrated short stories of six to eight lines with expression and voice modulation. The narration began with a small introduction of the story. They enjoyed narrating as well as hearing the stories from their peers. The children who spoke exceptionally well in their classrooms, narrated their stories in front of the entire Class Prep in the Reception Foyer on the September 24, 2019.

Talent Hunt (Class- Prep) -(September 17, 2019)

Talent Hunt activity was conducted for the students of Class Prep on September17, 2019. Children enthusiastically displayed their talents of dance, music, art and clay modelling. A few students also narrated stories and recited poems. It was elating to see the little ones perform so brilliantly.

Hindi Quiz- Bujho To Jaane Class III (September 12, 2019)

Students of Class III participated in the Hindi Quiz –Bujho To Jaane held on September 12, 2019. The first round was held on September 2, 2019. Three finalists from each section were selected on the basis of merit. The questions were in the form of puzzles, word ladder, one word answer etc based on grammar and general knowledge.

Hindi Diwas Class I-V (September 9, 2019)

Students from Classes I to V presented a special programme to celebrate Hindi Diwas on September 9, 2019.  The programme comprised poems, skit, interesting facts, dance and questions based on Hindi language.

Janamashtmi Celebration (Nur – Prep) -(August 22,2019)

Children of Classes Nursery and Prep enjoyed the Janamashthmi celebrations  organized for them on August 22, 2019.  Their class teachers narrated the story of the birth of Lord Krishna and how he used to live in Braj, Mathura.The little ones of Class Nursery did the activity of making a head band with a peacock feather symbolizing Lord Krishna’s head gear. They coloured the feather with crayons and added glitter to make it look beautiful. Class Prep made a mukut [crown] with finger printing . They also did a small play and dance depicting the birth and life of Lord Krishna in the special assembly held on the same day. Later on, the children were served lunch comprising Aloo sabji and Poori along with mouth watering Sooji Halwa .

Independence Day Celebration 

Independence Day assembly for the students of Nursery to V was held on August 13, 2019. Nursery A and Class I D conducted the special assembly. The children came dressed in white kurta pyjama and tri colour dupatta.  They spoke about our national symbols and slogans of famous freedom fighters. They also performed enthusiastically on patriotic songs.

Patriotic Song Activity Class IV  -(August 14,2019)

Students of Class IV had their Patriotic Group Song Activity on August 14, 2019. Each section presented a song full of patriotic fervour sung in its true spirit.  The themes of the songs were- love for our great beautiful country, paying homage to martyrs who laid down their lives for us, our duty towards our country etc. It revived the love for the country in the audience.

Raksha Bandhan Celebration Prep   – (August 14,2019)

Students of Class Prep celebrated the festival of Rakshabandhan, the festival of love and bonding between brother and sister on August 14, 2019. The children folded origami paper into a flower which was later converted into a Rakhi. It was later tied to each student by the teacher and children went home wearing it. The little ones had got sweets from home and exchanged them amongst themselves.

Raksha Bandhan Celebration Nursery  – (August 13,2019)

Rakhi Making Activity was conducted for the tiny tots of Nursery on August 13, 2019. The children made beautiful rakhis and decorated them with sequins and stars. They enjoyed reciting rhymes related to the festival. The significance of  the festival was explained to them. They exchanged sweets with their friends.

Health Week  Nursery- V  – (August 5,2019 – August 9,2019  )

Health week was organized from August 5, 2019 to August 9,2019. The aim was to reiterate the benefits of daily exercise, meditation and nourishing food. The children were given a menu for the whole week beforehand and were asked to bring their tiffins accordingly. Class wise fun games were organized in the front lawns. The class teachers organized meditation sessions for the children to make them aware of the health benefits of meditation.  The teachers also demonstrated how to make smoothies using fruits and nuts and the children enjoyed tasting them.

Movie Show Class III  – (July 28, 2019)

Children of Class III watched the movie Charlotte’s Web in the Roma Deb Auditorium [Senior Wing] on July 28,2019. The movie is based on their supplementary reader of the same name. Charlotte’s Web is a classic of children’s literature by American author E.B. White.

A brief introduction was given by the English teachers before the screening of the movie. Watching the film helped the children to visualize life in the countryside. The children thoroughly enjoyed the watching the movie.

Fire Safety Demonstration  (Nursery – V) ( July 26 , 2019)

To educate students and teachers about fire safety, a fire safety demonstration drill was conducted in the campus by a group of police officials. Various preventive measures that one must follow during a fire breakout were discussed in detail with students of grades Nursery -V. Emergency telephone numbers, evacuation methods etc were told to the staff and children.

The session was all about understanding the basic nature of fire and causes of its breakout, and how we can protect ourselves under such circumstances. Use of firefighting equipments were demonstrated by the team to help students understand and act on time during a fire breakout situation. A few teachers were made to use the firefighting equipment to help them practically understand how they operate.

Workshop on Urban Green Spaces (Class V) ( July 19 , 2019)

A workshop by the volunteers of SWECHHA was organized for the students of class five in  Seminar Hall, Junior Wing, Cambridge School, Noida. The aim of the workshop was to sensitise the children about the need to increase the green spaces in our cities. It also covered the ways and methods to turn the space available with us into green spaces. The topic was introduced very interestingly by singing a small song about trees. After a brief interaction with the students a video was played which showed how a rooftop farm, Brooklyn Grange in New York, is producing fifty thousand pounds of food each year. The children learnt about different alternatives to soil and later did a very creative group activity. They were assigned the role of school planners and community planners and were asked to plan for their domains, including green spaces, on charts. Students thoroughly enjoyed this exercise and came up with very innovative ideas to make the spaces around us green. The charts were later put up for display.

Holiday Homework Display (Class I to V) – ( July 8 – July 12,2019)

Students from Classes I to V had been given project based holiday homework. They were excited to show the work they enjoyed doing in the summer break.

Learning happens by sharing knowledge with each other. In order to share the work of students with other classes, a display of holiday homework was organised. All the projects were class wise displayed for the students in the canteen foyer from 8th to 12th July, 2019.

Students of other classes visited the stalls which were based on various themes. Student representatives from each section explained their themes to the students. They enjoyed the experience of sharing their work with others and felt proud about their hard work.

RAIN DANCE ACTIVITY ( Nur – Prep)  (July 8 and 9, 2019)

The children enjoyed a Rain Dance activity along with music. The children were taken class wise to the front lawn where they enjoyed playing with their friends in the cool water. Later on the children ate boiled corn which was served to them in their respective classes. They also did finger printing and tear and paste activity . The children had fun and thoroughly enjoyed the activities.


28 students of classes III,IV and V along with Mrs Meenakshi Varshney, Mrs Deepali Srivastav, Mr Dhan Singh and Puspender went to an adventure camp at Camp Spilling Retreat, Dehradun. The camp organized by DARE 2 GARE. It gave the students an opulent opportunity to be in nature’s lap, in the serene arms of tranquillity, far away from the hustle and bustle and baffling city lights. The students savoured the true nectar of adventure.

INVESTITURE CEREMONY 2019-2020 ( May 10,2019)

The Investiture ceremony of Cambridge School Noida (Jr. Wing) for the academic year 2019-2020 was held on 10th May 2019.  The ceremony began with the lighting of the lamp which signifies removal of darkness and the continuous upward movement of the flame denotes the path of wisdom and divinity. It was followed by a classical dance performance and poem on leadership.

The members of the newly  elected school council  marched smartly onto the stage to the beat of the drum. The Principal, the  Headmistress and the senior teachers of the school pinned the badges and sashes. After this the headmistress of the school administered the oath and the student council pledged to serve the school and fulfil their responsibilities to the best of their abilities. The head boy and the head girl shared their views on being elected for the prestigious posts. This was followed by Principal’s address who congratulated the elected members and advised the other students not to get disheartened as they could also achieve this post if they  worked  hard in future.

Book Week  Nur – V (April 29, 2019 to May 4, 2019)

Book Week was celebrated in school  from April 29, 2019 to May 4, 2019.  It was a fun packed week with children immersed in a plethora of activities to develop understanding of how books can entertain and inspire all of us. It is rightly said that the world belongs to those who read. The most interesting activity in  the book week  was DEAR (Drop Everything and Read) wherein the whole school was made to drop everything to read a book. It was held on April 30, 2019. It was an amazing experience having the entire school including the contract staff engrossed in reading.

A book fair by Scholastics was also organized for the students from 2nd to 4th May,2019.

Visit to Philatelic Museum  – Class IV ( April 25 ,2019)

Students of Class IV visited the National Philatelic Museum, Dak Bhawan, New Delhi in April , 2019. Students saw an extensive stamp collection including the first stamp issued in India by the Sindh Dak in 1854. It was an enriching experience for them as they watched a video based on the history of postal stamps. They wrote messages on postcards and put them in the post box. They also participated in the stamp designing competition held there and won prizes.

Earth Day  Nursery – Class V (April 22,2019)

Earth Day was celebrated with the aim of reminding ourselves about our duty towards conserving nature and saving our planet. The day began with a special assembly conducted by class V students followed by a nature walk around the school campus. Students were familiarized with the trees and shrubs and their medicinal values, flowering season etc.

As a part of Earth Day celebrations, students had something green on their dress- green T shirts, ribbons, bands etc. They also carried greens in their lunch boxes. Lights, fans and all electronic gadgets were switched off for half an hour to highlight the importance of saving electricity.

Different activities were planned for various classes –

Nursery and PrepEarth Day was celebrated by the tiny tots of Nursery and Prep with great enthusiasm. The teachers also spoke on the topic ‘Say no to Plastic’ describing its harmful effects. They told them about different types of bags one can use to replace plastic bags.

Children also made newspaper head bands (Nursery) and book marks (Prep).

Class I – . All students participated in a colouring competition organized on the theme –How I Can Change The World With My Own Hands. The little hands beautifully exhibited their creative talents. A meaningful poem on Earth was also recited by the students.

Class IIAn Art Competition based on paintings by Jamini Roy was conducted. They were shown two different pictures of animals. They chose and drew the animal figure of their choice. The theme was aimed at creating sensitivity towards animals

Class III– Students exhibited their creativity and participated in Gond Art competition. They made beautiful drawings.

Class IV – Students participated in Warli Art Competition and made beautiful paintings.

Class V– To celebrate the beauty of nature the students were asked to draw animals in Madhubani Art form. Their efforts were praiseworthy.

The celebration of Earth Day helped students to understand that our natural resources are limited and we need to use them judiciously to save our planet.

 Folk Dance Activity  Class V (March 15 ,2019)

A Folk Dance Activity was organised for Class V on the penultimate day of the session. There was a lot of excitement in the amphitheatre as it was the last assembly of the year. Each of the five sections performed a folk dance from a different region of India.

There was Gidda from Punjab, Mauli from Maharashtra, Kumaoni from Garhwal followed by dances from Rajasthan and Himachal Pradesh. The lilting music and the colourful costumes added to the gaiety of the occasion. The performers as well as the audience thoroughly enjoyed the performances.

Assembly Class III –E (March 15, 2019)

Class III-E had their assembly on 15.3.19. The theme was the colourful festival of  Holi. The story of demon Holika was narrated through a poem. The children also spoke about their feelings on going to a new class.The assembly ended with a folk dance on Holi.

The Toony Tails Cartoon Exhibition Classes IV and V (February 25 to March 1, 2019)

Students of classes IV and V (all sections) attended The Toony Tails Cartoon Exhibition  held at WWF-India from February 25th to March 1st 2019.The exhibition had different thematic sections dealing with various environmental issues. Children thoroughly enjoyed participating in fun learning activities like a Giant Board Game, a Show-and-Smell Corner, Animal Quizzes and talks by experts.

Trips and Excursions Class I (February 27, 2019)

An educational trip to the Rail Museum was organized for Class 1 on February 27, 2019. It was a pleasant Wednesday morning and children were filled with excitement. An outdoor visit is always an attraction to the children as they get the opportunity to explore, observe and question, along with having fun with their friends.

Trips and Excursions Class V (February 25, 2019)

An educational trip to the Yamuna Biodiversity Park, Wazirabad village was organized by HT Pace for the students of class V E on February 25, 2019. The aim was to make the students aware of the deteriorating condition of their environment, various conservation strategies and their own role in preserving it.

Trips and Excursions Nursery (January 30,2019)

A trip to the Rail Museum was organised for the tiny tots of class Nursery on  January 30, 2019. On reaching the museum, the children queued up in a disciplined manner and boarded the toy train which took them on a fun filled ride through the museum grounds which were dotted with carriages and engines. On disembarking from the train they enjoyed their lunch sitting on the green grass. Thereafter,they went for a tour of the museum.   It displays exhibits on the history of rail transport and a collection of over 100 real size exhibits of  Indian Railways.  The line-up of old coaches includes the handsome Prince of Wales Saloon built in 1875.  The star attraction here is the Fairy Queen,built in 1855 and considered to be one of the best preserved steam locomotive engines of her age.  The museum collection is the largest collection of Railway real life size exhibits and other rail components in the country.  The Patiala State Mono Rail and the John Marris Fire Engine are also displayed here.

Maths Buzz Class IV (January 24, 2019)

Maths Buzz was held on January 24, 2019 for the students of class IV. The preliminary round for the quiz was conducted on January 11, 2019.  Highest scorers from each section were selected for the final round. There were 8 rounds in the final round – Place value, Matchstick, Guess the number, Time, Guess the Mathematician, Let’s go Shopping, Logical Reasoning and Rapid fire. The participants as well as the audience enjoyed the quiz.

Educational Excursion to Yamuna Biodiversity Park ( January 21,2019)

An Educational excursion was organized by HT Pace for the students of class V A and B to the Yamuna Biodiversity Park, Wazirabad village on Jan 21, 2019.  The students were sensitized with  the deteriorating condition of their environment, various conservation strategies and their own role in preserving it. It was an adventurous and exhilarating experience in which the budding botanists got a chance to get acquainted with the flora and fauna of the region which is on the verge of extinction due to human interferences. Ms Preeti,the HT coordinator took the students to a well-planned trail of the park explaining the important zones of the park with the plants and animals inhabiting it. Students were thrilled to see the migratory birds so closely in a specially maintained wetland area.

Science Quiz Class II ( January 17,2019)

Science quiz for class II was held on January 17, 2019. Five teams with five participants each were selected for the final round. The rounds comprised identification round, multiple choice round, true or false, unjumble and find and rapid fire round. Questions were based on- animals on land, water and on trees, animal habitat, reptiles, amphibians and mammals. Children participated with great enthusiasm and zest and learned a lot about animals.

Trip to Nandankanan  Park Nursery and Prep ( December 27 and December 28, 2018)

Educational trips and excursions form an  integral part of the teaching learning process. They inculcate the qualities of self discipline, sharing and caring. A  picnic  was  organised  for the tiny tots  of classes Nursery and  Prep  on 27th and 28th December,18.They were taken to Nandankanan  Park. The children enjoyed playing on the swings.They were thrilled to be out with their friends.  It was a good  learning experience and a memorable day for  everyone .

Sports Day Pre Primary ( December 21, 2018)

Sports, whether team based or individual, are great for children as they provide not just physical activity, but also help build theirself esteem, confidence, social skills and motivate them to excel in life. During the fun filled day, the children participated in various races, drills and exercises. The day started with a March Past by students of class Prep. The children entertained the audience with a spectacular drill where they performed various exercises. The children participated in innovative races like Rabbit race, Hoopla race, Caterpillar race, 3 legged race, while the spectators cheered and motivated them.

Inter School School Football Tournament 2018 ( December 3 – December 7, 2018)

Shri A.C. Deb Memorial Inter School Football Tournament 2018 was held at Cambridge School Noida (Junior Wing) from Monday, 3rd December, 2018 to 7th December, 2018. In this tournament 17 team of boys and 11 team of girls from different schools in Noida and NCR participated.

The final matches were held on December 7. The winners of the tournament were the Cambridge School, Noida -Girls Team and Somerville School, Greater Noida -Boys Team

Local Trips for Class I and II ( December 5 and December 6, 2018)

On 5th December 2018, an excursion to Lodhi Garden was organized for grade-I. The Lodhi Garden is situated on Lodhi Road and is spread over an area of 90 acres.This trip provided the opportunity to the young learners to explore a historically important place and to appreciate nature. The students were  engaged in exploring the place under the supervision of the teachers.  Students went to the Bara Gumbad and Shish Gumbad and also took a stroll around the garden. The National Bonsai Park was a major attraction for the students.  A worksheet was given afterwards to consolidate the learning experience.

Air Force Museum:

The students of class II  went to the Indian Air Force Museum, New Delhi as a part of their educational trip on 06.12.18. The museum has an indoor display gallery that contains historic photographs, memorabilia and weapons of the Air Force from its inception in 1932.

The children got the opportunity to see vintage aircrafts, small and large aircrafts, radar equipment, anti-aircraft guns, vehicles. They learned about the history of Indian Air Force through the vast collection.

Deer Park, Hauz Khas Village:

The second destination on 06.12.18 was the Deer Park at Hauz Khas Village.The children were delighted to see the deer prancing around in their natural habitat. They enjoyed the scenic beauty of the park while walking on the green trails.

Outstation Trip Classes IV and V ( November 30 , 2018 to December 3, 2018)

An exciting trip to Jodhpur and Osian was planned for the students of classes IV and V from 30th November to 3rd December 2018.

The students were taken for a visit to Mehrangarh Fort, one of the largest forts in India. It was built in around 1460 by Rao Jodha. A local guide conducted the tour .The students also visited the museum which is one of the most well-stocked museums in Rajasthan. They were totally awed by the collection of palanquins, arms , paintings , costumes etc.

There next stop was JaswantThada .The JaswantThada is a cenotaph located in Jodhpur, in the Indian state of Rajasthan. It was built by Maharaja Sardar Singh of Jodhpur State in 1899 in the memory of his father, Maharaja Jaswant Singh II, and also serves as the cremation ground for the royal family of Marwar. The mausoleum is built out of intricately carved sheets of marble and is called Tajmahal of Marwar.

Later in the afternoon the students travelled to Osian Desert Camp. They thoroughly enjoyed the camel safari in the desert, bonfire and folk dances after sunset.

The students visited the Kaylana Lake , an artificial lake, built by Pratap Singh in 1872. This was followed by a visit to Jodhpur’s Machia’s Biological Park maintained by the forest department. Students were able to spot some rare and distinct types of animals such as the wild cats, mongoose, desert fox, deer, black buck, monitor lizard, monkeys, ostriches, sloth bears, hyenas and so forth.

Outstation Trip Classes  III,IV and V ( November  23, 2018 to November  25, 2018)

An educational trip was organised for the students of class III,IV and V from 23rd -25th of November 2018.

The itinerary of the trip was as follows :
23.11.18 –  Visited the City Palace Museum.
24.11.18 –  Amer Fort, Sanganer Paper Mill and Chokhidhani.
25.11.18 –  Albert Hall Museum.
These kinds of trips helps children develop the confidence and have bonding with their peer groups and in a fun way they learn about their culture and history.

Annual Day 2018( November 17,2018)

Cambridge School Noida ( Jr. Wing ) celebrated their Annual Day on 17.11.2018.The programme was held in the Roma Deb auditorium. The chief guest for the evening was Dr. Varsha Das, former director of the National Book Trust. The occasion was also graced by Dr. Kalyani Roy, Secretary,Society for Advancement of Education and members of the management committee. The programme commenced with the lighting of the lamp and ended with the vote of thanks by the Principal, Ms. Dipannita Mondal. The Annual Report was presented by the Headmistress, Ms. Seema Karki. The highlight of the evening was the play “ Mulla Nasruddin”. The humour in the story left the audience spellbound. The chief guest addressed the gathering and lauded the efforts of the students and teachers.

Children’s Day November 14, 2018)

Children’s Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm on 14th November,18. Teachers entertained the students by performing dance and stand up comedy acts in order to express their love for them. Nursery A conducted a special assembly on children’s day. They were treated to chocolates which they thoroughly enjoyed.

Diwali Celebration November 5, 2018)

Diwali was celebrated on 5th November,18 by the tiny tots of classes Nursery and Prep. Children came dressed in festive clothes and brought a piece of their favourite sweet. Special assembly was conducted on the occasion of Diwali. Children enjoyed reciting rhymes related to Diwali. They were counselled not to burst crackers as it leads to pollution. Children enjoyed decorating diyas with sequins and glitter. Foyer area was decorated with colourful lanterns.

Mathematics Theatre Presentation (October 27, 2018)

A theatre presentation on mathematics was conducted by the students of classes III-C and III-E on October 27, 2018 in the seminar hall (Junior Wing). The topic of the presentation was Fractions. The presentation had 100% participation of the students. Children beautifully depicted the concept of fractions as part of a region or collection, with the help of a skit. They also performed a song and dance on the concept of fractions.

Children were completely involved in the presentation and enjoyed performing for their parents. They even helped the teachers in scripting the play. The presentation helped them understand the concept of fractions well as they were able to relate it to their surroundings and see how maths is a part of our day to day life. It was a great learning experience for both students and teachers.

Hindi Theatre Presentation (October 27, 2018)

Students of class III [sections A, B and D] presented their chapter Anokhi Chidiya and poem Shoonya [ Paathmala]  through theatre on October 27,2018. It was a spectacular presentation with students displaying their acting skills with confidence and beautiful expressions. Parents applauded their wonderful performance.

Show and Tell Activity (October 23, 2018)

Show and Tell Activity was conducted for the tiny tots of class Prep on  October 23,2018. Children had brought an object of their choice and spoke six to eight lines about it. They participated with full enthusiasm and enjoyed the activity thoroughly. It provided an impetus to build self confidence and communication skills in students.

Maths Exhibition (October 12 and 13, 2018)

Our young mathematics enthusiasts of class V participated in the Mathemagic Exhibition held on October12 and 13, 2018. Projects, puzzles, models, posters and objects made by paper folding [origami] were displayed. The objective of the event was to enhance the confidence of the children and give them a platform to interact independently with people. The event not only honed their mathematical skills but also motivated them to research.  Students showcased their models and puzzles in front of parents, teachers and students with great enthusiasm.

Spell Bee  Class-II (September 27, 2018)

Class II had Spell Bee competition on September 27, 2018.Each class was represented by a team of five students. The round were varied and the questions were chosen to keep the participants as well as the audience fully engaged.

Bujho To Jaane Class-III (September 20, 2018)

Bujho To Jaane, a Hindi puzzle competition for class III was held on September 20, 21018 in the junior wing. Five teams from the five sections participated in the competition and solved tricky puzzles enthusiastically. The various rounds comprised  PPT visuals and oral questions based on grammar and general knowledge.

English and Hindi Recitation Activity Class-Nursery and Prep (September 13, 2018)

English and Hindi Recitation Activity was conducted for the tiny tots of class Prep and class Nursery respectively on September 13, 2018. Children recited various   rhymes of their   choice with proper actions and expressions .  They also used props to enhance their presentation.  It  gave  them  confidence  to  express  themselves  in  front  of  others.

Mock Fire Drill (September 4, 2018)

A mock fire drill was held on September 4, 2018 at 1:10 P.M in the junior wing to reinforce the rules to be observed in case of emergency evacuation. Different staircases and corridors to be used by the students and teachers have been specified. This was a part of regular fire drills conducted from time to time.

Janmashtami Celebration (August 31, 2018)

Janmashtami was celebrated by the tiny tots of classes Nursery and Prep on August 31, 2018. Children came dressed as cowherds [gwalas and gopis] and enjoyed a sumptuous repast of halwa and puri.

Rakshabandhan Celebration (August 24, 2018)

The sultry weather could not dampen the spirits of children as they enjoyed a plethora of activities held throughout the month of August

Rakshabandhan was celebrated by the students of Nursery and Prep on August 24, 2018. Children made beautiful ‘rakhis’ and decorated them with sequins and stars.

Health Week (August 6 to August 10, 2018)

Health Week was observed in the junior wing from August 6 to August 10, 2018. It was indeed a complete health- packed week, full of energy for students. Children were asked to bring a variety of healthy food items everyday to ensure that they eat essential nutrients daily.

Rain Dance Activity (9 and 10 July,2018)

Rain Dance Activity was held on 9th and 10th July,18 for the tiny tots of class  Prep. They came dressed in casual summer clothes. The school’s sprawling front lawn was used for the rain dance activity. The children enjoyed themselves as they ran around and danced to the beat of music being played. After they had enjoyed, they were brought back to the classes and treated to corn.

They learned about  the rainy season and things related to it –raincoats, umbrellas,  gumboots. Insects found during the rainy season-snails, frogs, earthworm etc were discussed in the classes. The  seven colours of the rainbow were also discussed. Rhymes related to rainy season were taken up to make it more interesting for the little ones like “There is a rainbow in the sky”, “I hear thunder” etc

BOOK WEEK ( May 1, 2018 to May 7, 2018)

The book week was observed from May 1, 2018 to May 7, 2018. To inculcate good reading habits, DEAR (drop everything and read) time was held for classes Nursery to V. Teachers and group D employees also enjoyed reading their favourite books. Class wise activities were held to encourage the children to showcase their talents. Storytelling and creative writing workshops were organized for the children. Competitions were also held to ensure that the children kept reading on a regular basis.The students of Class IV were taken to the Philatelic Museum to observe different types of stamps.

Earth Day Celebration (20th April, 2018 )

The Earth Day was celebrated on April 20, 2018. The children participated  wholeheartedly in activities to create things out of waste products. Through talks, assemblies, movies, videos, songs, activities and discussions, the children were told about a planet which needed love and care. The children spoke about how they are doing their bit for plants, animals and birds affected by human greed. Most of the children had also arranged bird-baths at home. Many children promised to plant trees on their birthdays, many are already doing so. It seemed that the message – ‘Earth Day Everyday’ had truly been imbibed. Almost everyone had turned out in green for the occasion and had brought something green to eat too.  Banyan, peepal, neem, asoka were ad