International School Programme

Cambridge School Noida has always been a pioneer in the field of education since its inception in 1981. A Progressive School with a focus on serving the community and producing scholars and well-informed individuals who are growing up in a global setup. The school encourages a rich exchange of ideas with an international dimension in many aspects of the teaching-learning process.


Cambridge School Noida, in its pursuit of holistic education, envisages inspiring and fostering a community of caring, progressive life-long learners and responsible global citizens.


Cambridge School Noida endeavours to prepare each student to be an active citizen in and beyond our communities. We strive to nurture our students to be independent thinkers, self-driven with a positive attitude towards learning and intercultural understanding. The school aims to instil in learners the values, attitudes and skills for creating a more peaceful, inclusive and sustainable world.

Learning Objectives

  • To create joyful and engaging learning
  • To make the students aware of India’s rich cultural heritage and relate it to a broader context of the
  • To appreciate the various dance and music forms across the world and understand how creative arts connect
  • To develop a love for literature and diversity of culture across the
  • To understand the need to use the available resources judiciously and adopt Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) conjoined with environment-friendly practices.
  • To realise their social responsibility and its effects on the
  • To develop an understanding of international issues like human rights, climate change and environmental
  • To sensitize the students to develop an inclusive approach and the need to serve the
  • To ensure that an international dimension is included in the teaching-learning process as part of the school
  • To bond, share ideas, voice opinions and establish links with schools from other parts of the
  • To welcome visitors from other parts of the world as part of the global family and
  • To develop     international     mindedness     through     global engagement, multilingualism and intercultural

 Our Four Pillars of Global Competence

Global Mindedness


Service learning


Environmental sustainability


Social Entrepreneurship


The purpose of education is to empower individuals to reach their full potential as human beings, individually and as members of a society, which in turn make global citizens. Thus, education becomes a dynamic force. Cambridge’s ethos focuses on encouraging the students to utilise their talents and enhance their personal and interpersonal skills through creativity, action and service. For over a decade, the ‘International School Programme’ provides our young minds a platform to recognise the connectivity of our world as an expansion of greater learning.

As part of the school International initiative, the students are actively involved in the following activities/programmes:

  • Generation Global Programme – Videoconferences immerse students in an entirely new experience, wherein they can share their views and engage in meaningful dialogue. Students have been interacting with their peers in the United Kingdom, United States of America, Mexico, Israel, Pakistan, Ukraine, Palestine, Indonesia, Germany and France via video conferences, on issues of global
  • Online Dialogue Forum– The students post their views and comments on key topics on the online dialogue forum. These exchange of ideas with students across the globe widen their horizon and help them build their own understanding of world
  • Webinars-The students participate in highly engaging and interactive global webinars focussed on empowering young minds with 21st-century skills, which are critically essential to succeed in today’s
  • Events and Activities- Green School Programme, Vermicomposting, Interact club, Model United Nations, celebrations of Human Rights Day, Earth Day are some of the events that the school prides on conducting throughout the academic calendar. This contributes immensely towards building global citizens who are aware of and understand the wider world and their place in it.
  • British Council- Connecting classrooms- Forging school partnerships through the ‘Connecting Classrooms’ programme allows children to network with their peers in schools all over India and the world on mutually beneficial It also augurs well with the spirit of ‘Vasudev Kutumbakam’ – The World is a Family.
  • British Council- International Dimension in School- As part of the British Council ‘International Dimension in School’ award, the students worked actively in a plethora of interesting projects with foreign schools. The British Council International Dimension in School award, accredited for the period 2018-2021, has had a positive impact in developing the students’ awareness about important local and global issues.

Learner Reflections

The School International Programme provides a conducive environment for the learner community to explore, inquire, think, apply, communicate and reflect. Given below are some of the learners’ reflections on their very engaging, engrossing and enriching journey.

Maithily Nautiyal

It is quite fascinating how during videoconferences, students who have been brought up in varied cultures and belong to different backgrounds come together to throw light on the problems around the world, suggest solutions for them and also voice their own opinions in such a holistic manner. I have gained immense exposure and got ample opportunities to reflect upon issues with an open mind and comprehend things with a completely new approach.

Arjun Sammi

The insights that students of my age from across the world provided during the videoconference interactions and reflections have made me a more considerate and evolved person.

Ishani Roy

The best thing about the British Council Connecting Classroom partnership project was the time I spent researching the different waste management techniques being undertaken by our foreign partner school. I also learnt that proper waste management could boost the development of countries.

Harsidak Singh

I vividly remember the first time I posted a write-up on the ‘Generation Global’ online forum. I remember being nervous but also excited like a child on Christmas day, wondering if anyone would reply and whether it would lead to a fruitful discussion. And the response was tremendous. I received more than 50 responses from students worldwide. This was an extremely rich and varied experience for me. Since then, I regularly post my queries, comments and views about issues I strongly believe in.

Diya Raj Verma

The video conferences not only enhanced my learning and taught me to look at problems from a 360-degree view but also gave me an understanding of different perspectives of students from various countries.

Anjali Chauhan

Generation Global provided me a platform to interact with students sitting in another part of the world and extend my knowledge. I came to know their views and was able to share my thoughts on some really challenging topics. The best part was the invigorating discussions on jointly thinking about solutions for social and environmental issues.

Jyotika Tomar

I can confidently say that participating in video conferences has helped me develop my communication skills in terms of coming up with dialogue engagers, negotiating, guiding conversations, learning to listen and respect the opinions of others.

Vaidehi Krishnan

We were 35 students from six different countries nominated to participate in ‘Learn with Leaders’ webinar. It was truly inspiring to see students of my age share their thoughts and ideas and demonstrate such curiosity to learn from everything around them. I hope to build upon my curiosity quotient and keep my creative side going.

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