Importance of Teaching Personal Hygiene to Children

Personal hygiene involves taking all the necessary precautions to take care of yourself and achieve a healthy body. But it’s more vital for kids because it helps them grow into healthy adults. It’s because they regularly come across hundreds and millions of germs and bacteria. And maintaining hygiene can shield them from the attacks of bacteria and various infectious diseases. Hence, they need to learn how to follow proper hygiene to keep their health intact. But just asking your child to do something is not enough. You have to help them develop it into a lifelong habit. That’s why the best nursery schools in Noida implement a proper plan to help them start with good and bad habits initially while ensuring they understand everything.


But with the current threat of infectious viruses like COVID-19, the need to practice hygienic habits is more crucial than ever. Hence, staying clean should be an involuntary action of our children and not something that has to be enforced. Luckily, children are like wet soil that takes the shape of the mould they are in. So teaching good habits from a young age will leave an impact for a long time. Hence, the best nursery school in Noida try to teach these practices from grassroots levels. And as parents, it also comes to our shoulders to teach children hygienic habits.


But your kids might not listen to you when you give them the lesson as a lecture. Instead, the best way to encourage your kids to develop an honest habit is to adopt these habits yourself first. Another exciting way to teach your kids to maintain cleanliness is by turning them into fun science experiments. You can also use their toys and cartoons to demonstrate healthy habits and their importance. Even the top 5 schools in Noida try to include personal hygiene in their curriculum. But first, let’s learn about basic practices that both you and your children should follow. Here are some of the habits which you can teach your child.


  • When kids are not going out to play, they grab anything and everything within their reach. While you must be keeping your house clean, the dirt and germs on their hands often go unnoticed. Hence, you have to teach your kids to wash their hands with water and soap.
  • These unprecedented times have taught us to distance ourselves for the betterment of both parties. So you have to educate them about the importance of social distancing.
  • Teach them to brush their teeth twice a day because kids eat a lot of sugar and often experience tooth diseases.
  • Make sure they wear clean and tidy clothes daily. It not only keeps them hygienic but also grooms their personality.
  • Help them bathe regularly as children are more physically active. They tend to sweat more and also get dirty often. So if they skip their bath, it may result in body odour and other health problems.
  • Wash hair regularly as dirty hair may lead to many problems like lice, dandruff, itching, etc.
  • Tell them to flush toilets after every use, which is something that we all should prioritize.
  • Help them keep their rooms clean. It is quite a hectic task to clean, and they may need your help to clean their room. It will not only tidy up their living space but also works great in teaching them life values.
  • Get their nails cut when they grow big as it is both untidy and unhealthy.
  • One of the best ways to keep them away from diseases is by teaching them to stay away from places that might seem dirty. Places like a water-filled ditch in the park or a rusted iron piece are breeding ground for harmful bacteria. Hence, teach them to avoid touching untidy things and if they touch anything suspicious, make sure they wash their hands afterwards.


Now that you are at home and spending more time with your children, make sure to teach your kids some personal hygiene tips, which is also the need of the hour.

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