Children love to play and be active, and parents can use their zest to benefit their health. It doesn’t have to be a full-fledged sport – anything that gets them on their feet and moving will do. But most children get scolded by their parents for playing outside or getting hurt or dirty while playing sports. Parents are stressed out by the problems of life and try to keep their kids safe. But they also need to understand the importance of letting their children be physically active. According to paediatricians, children over five should be physically active for at least 60 minutes every day. Therefore, as one of the best CBSE school in Noida, we have taken it upon ourselves to make its significance known.

But nowadays, exposure to physical education is more vital than ever. It’s because more and more people are getting more ill and their health is getting worse day by day. And children are no exception and are equally vulnerable. It’s now common for a 12-year-old to be diagnosed with Diabetes or 7-year-old developing arthritis. While some diseases are more complex, most of them can be if you let your children become physically active. Sports are a vital part of a children’s growth and development. That’s why even the Best CBSE affiliated school in Noida implements physical activities in their curriculum to help in the development of mental health and physical fitness of their students. But it also has additional benefits, such as:

  • Physical coordination and strength

Children who are active from a young age and engage in physical activities have better motor skills than others who stay lethargic. Hence, children need to take up sports as early as they can. It can improve their mental abilities and reflexes. It’s because most sports require hand-eye coordination, and with continuous practice, they can enhance it further.

  • It builds character

When a student plays any sports, whether it’s cricket or Hockey, they may feel like they’re just trying to solve a complex problem. When you look at it from a player perspective, you would get the actual idea of how much your children can learn from a sport. In cricket, they would have to look for the opponent’s weakness by bowling differently. If they’re batting, they would have to find gaps, and if they’re fielding, they have to visualize scenarios in their brain, and all that mental process happens within seconds. By playing sports, they also get to improve their social skills. They have to learn leadership by taking captaincy and camaraderie by playing well with others. Hence, they get to develop leadership roles and improve their problem-solving ability in pressure situations.

  • Prepares them for future

It may seem unbelievable, but it is researched by scientists and proven many times. Many studies have found that a student who has played a sport in the early days of life makes better decisions about high-risk situations. When children play a sport with full interest, they can become the best player in that particular sport. If they stay motivated, they could turn their passion into a career or learn valuable lessons from it. We all know life is not always fair, and we lose some, we win some. But if children are engaged in sports, they know these facts well, and their failures would only motivate them to get success the very next time and hence prepare them for facing failures.

While it would be best to check the availability of physical activities in their area, it’s better to get your children enrolled in the best school in Noida, where sports is an integral part of their pedagogy. So after a thorough inspection and considering the opinion of your child, you should choose the best platforms to let your children reap the benefits of physical education.

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