Importance of Quality Education and Good School

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Education is a powerful weapon for changing lives and shaping the future.

Good quality education is an essential tool for gaining the best knowledge and develop modernization in society. The outcomes of learning for individuals may vary based on different contexts but at the completion of the elementary education cycle, every person should imbibe basic life skills, scientific knowledge, and beginning levels of numeracy and literacy.

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Features of good quality education:

• It lays the foundation for equity in civilization. This is possible by breaking the poverty cycle, reducing inequalities, and achieving gender equality.
• It is the key to meeting the goals of standard global development.
• It makes the students capable of contributing their best in both individual and community developments. It focuses on the social, mental, physical, emotional, cognitive, and economic development of every learner irrespective of their race, ethnicity, gender, geographical location, or socioeconomic status.
• Through quality education, an individual can seek better job opportunities, progress with sustainable livelihoods, and have a healthy lifestyle. Best delivered education spurs innovative minds.
• Well-educated masses can tolerate the resilience of the communities and become a part of a peaceful democratic society.
• It allows the prosperity of individuals, communities, and society as a whole.

Features of good schools:

At Cambridge School, the best CBSE school in Noida teachers are committed to their work and keep on delivering the updated knowledge which they handle in the classroom. Their performance is made better with the use of modern teaching tools and methodologies such as smart classrooms and digitalized content of the course. Admission open now!

• Special attention is given by teachers to every student to assist them spiritually, psychologically, socially, and nutritionally, among others.
• There is a contribution in the learning of the child from both school and home by cooperation between the academic environment and family members.
• Extracurricular activities are well-organized to improve the skills. Outside space is made necessary for sports and social training.
• The learning climate is conducive i.e. the requirements in terms of infrastructure, modern facilities, the operational environment, and human resources are available according to the child’s satisfaction.
• The school takes disciplinary actions against all the fault-committing students based on the fair rules.

How can quality education be attained?

Three supportive pillars of quality education can lead the nation towards success. The ways by which quality education can be available at every doorstep includes:

• Easy access to good quality teachers that teach in a child-friendly way to make students reach their full potential. It also requires active participation from the children’s end.
• Availability of good study materials and use of quality learning tools for professional development of every student.
• A Foundation (i.e. good schools) with supportive, safe, and standard learning environments.
• Successful quality education requires certain initiatives to be taken:
• Every country shall prioritize the idea that “learning is mandatory for all”.
• The government must ensure that every child enrolls and attends schools.
• Making and implementation of certain strict and concrete policies to address the dire crisis in developing countries in the education sector.
• Issue of educational reforms and their persistence.
• A strict introduction of actions of education framework and its functioning to monitor and catalyze the progress.

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