How to prepare your children for nursery admission?

When it comes to education, every parent wants only the best for their children. Even nursery admission in Noida is no exception. But your children’s nursery admission is no child’s play. It takes a lot of preparation and time both from both parents and their child. As a parent of young children, it’s your job to keep track of the application dates, remember and align all the necessary documents that need to go with the registration form. And that’s not all. You also have to apply to multiple schools to ensure your children have a higher chance of securing admission into the best CBSE school in Noida.

But in all this commotion, most parents tend to ignore the most significant aspect of the whole process. While you are busy coordinating the admission dates and preparing timelines to keep our patience level in check, you may forget to prepare the child for the admission interviews. It happens more often than you think as parents get focused on the preparation rather than the goals. However, preparing your children for their interaction during preschool or nursery admission 2021 is equally important. You have to understand that your children’s performance in these interactions will decide their future, and it’s also the first time they’ll be in that kind of setting. Hence, it is only natural for the children to be worried about this whole process. However, this situation can be a lot less worrisome for you and your children if you can effectively prepare them for this transition while making it fun and exciting and at the same time.

Here are some ways that can help you prepare your children for their pre-school or nursery admission:

Do Your Research

Most schools are specific about what they’re expecting from their future students. Hence, it can be helpful to know more about the school into which you want your child to get admitted. You can do simple online research about their admission process or go to their premises to inquire what they ask during the interview and written test. You can also get in touch with the parents of children who are currently going to that same school. Remember to collect all the relevant possible information as much as you can. When you have the notes of commonly asked questions or tests in the particular school, start preparing your kids for them. It will surely help your child prepare better for the interview and not get caught for unawareness.

Get Your Children Comfortable

Most of the children get anxious about going to school. It can also turn into resentment because of the discomfort they feel during the interviews and admission process. Hence, you have to focus on getting your children comfortable about this whole thing. You can introduce them to any other person or children trying for admission in the same school. It will develop a support system for your children and also open them for the whole experience. You can encourage your children to increase their bonding and talk to them about their admission experiences, including the positives.

Work on their Basics

Most schools only check the children’s social and emotional development during the admission interview. But if your children know their parent’s name, numbers, shape and colours during the interview, they might also score some extra points for themselves. Hence, you have to help your children learn both parents’ full names, including the profession, address of the home and country name. Also, teach them about colours, alphabets, numbers, fruits, vegetables, flowers and shapes. Additionally, knowing more about their respective school can end up helping children more than you think.

Try a Home Learning Routine

You have to give time for your child’s learning to secure admission into a prestigious school. You have to take some time from your schedule and help them study him daily. Create a schedule with a set time for each activity. It’ll help them focus on the learning part if they’re already done with the fun part. While it will be difficult for them during the start, this steadfast approach will help them at a great length. When you help your children study, you’ll easily identify their shortcomings. Hence, you can start working harder on those aspects with time on hand.

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