How to prep your child for the new school year?

New school year is around the corner, but most children haven’t given it much thought as they’re busy enjoying their break. While they try not to show it, they may be nervous or excited about having a new teacher, being in a new classroom or learning new subjects at nursery school in Noida.

So when the day finally comes, they might not be ready to deal with it. It’s a big transition for them and require some assistance to cope with it.Therefore, it’s the parent’s job to get them ready for the new session. Here are some tips to get your child ready for the new session at the best nursery school in Noida:

  • Start talking about it

During their break, kids tend to forget about the schools and studies. Therefore, you have to find opportunities to bring up school and strike a conversation about the upcoming school year. It can get them excited about going back to school instead of dwelling in the post-holiday blues.

If they are excited about going back to school, they may start preparing for it. So, ask them what they love about school or do they miss it. It could be about spending time with friends, having playtime or an activity they love to do. Bring up these topics more often during your conversation, so it doesn’t skip their mind.

  • Help them get familiar with the school

If it’s going to be your child’s first day at school, it would be a good idea to get them familiar with it. Therefore, you should take them to their school before they start their schooling. It will help them get a feel of the school’s setting and the environment.

Visit the school grounds, buildings and playground and get your child acquainted with the classroom, playground, restroom and other school facilities. Allow them to explore the grounds of their new school and eliminate their fear regarding the first day of school.

  • Go to the orientation programs

To make the transition easier for children, the top 5 schools in Noida conduct orientation programs before the school starts. Therefore, you should take advantage of this program and get an early start. You will also get to know about the teachers and their study plans.

However, if the school does not have this, you won’t have to worry much. You can ask the schools if your child can meet their new teacher and sit in class. This way, you will help them feel comfortable before the school year officially starts.

  • Organize school supplies in advance

There are plenty of things to organize before school starts, such as uniforms, books, stationery, and a lot more. To avoid any last-minute hiccup, you should start organizing as early as possible. On the plus side, shopping will surely get your kids excited to heading back to school.

Therefore, you should get them involved in the process and let them choose their school supplies. The more new things kids get, the more excited they become as they’ll get more eager to use them in their new school session.

  • Get them back into a routine

During their break, children tend to let themselves go completely. That’s why most kids find it challenging to get back into their old schedule all of a sudden. Therefore, you have to get them back into their old routine for a smooth transition. It will also help you ensure they don’t get late on their first day, or their first weeks in school aren’t too overwhelming.

A week before school starts, make sure they go to bed on time and wake up on time. Introduce them to the routine based on their class schedule at school. When they are following the same routine, they won’t have to get back into it. It will not only make your life easier but will also ensure a smooth transition for your children.

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