How to Make Homework Fun and Engaging for Children?

Every teacher wants to help their students succeed in school. But as the demands on educators increase, they’ve adapted to more innovative curriculum and learning programs. But teachers also require additional assistance from home to meet the needs of each student. Hence, it has become a traditional ritual in the best school in Noida to extend the learning beyond the classroom.

But establishing a balanced relationship between home and school is essential to improve student academic success. Teachers provide homework to extend the learning experience from the concepts learned in class. It serves as a communication device to inform parents of the objectives practised in school and get them on the same level. It’s widely used at all grade levels to ensure the involvement of parents in their children’s academic life.

Teachers have been giving homework to students for many years to teach persistence, diligence, and accountability. It also provides students with some extra time and practice to refine their skills outside the school. With so much to do and not enough time in the school day, homework is a way to provide students with extra time on academics. Hence, teachers at the CBSE affiliated schools in Noida always strive to find new ways to help their students become successful in academics.

But the mention of homework alone is enough to bring on an enormous yawn in children. After spending a long day at school, your children are not in the mood to sit down quietly and do their homework. Hence, there is a possibility your kids will throw a small tantrum to complete their homework and assignments. But instead of fighting off their scowls and tears, you can turn their sluggish homework session into a productive and fun-filled activity. Here are a few tips that will make even complex problems bearable according to the best CBSE school in Noida:

Set a Timer

Weekend blues are genuine and often affect children. After a long vacation or adventurous weekend, children find it hard to settle back into their old routine. Hence, it is necessary for them to follow a fixed schedule. But children can lose sight of what matters, and you have to step in and help them out. When your child comes home from school, give them some time to play and rest after lunch to refresh their mind. Then you can tell them to begin the work at the assigned time. Most kids find it tough to start their homework on weekends, so don’t go lax and try to set some time on weekends for school work.

Work with them

Children find it unfair when you tell them to finish their homework while you’re watching television. While your school days are long gone, your child needs your attention and support to cover their homework. Children don’t like to be left out of the fun. Hence, you have to sit next to your child while they are working on their assignments. When they see you’re in it together with them, it will encourage them to work harder. Even if you’re working on your office presentation, monthly budgeting or even a novel, always try to be available for your little ones when they need your help with the homework.

Give them snacks

After a hard day at work, even adults become cheerful when they see a large box of freshly baked brownies or goods. When you eat your favourite foods, you feel instant happiness. Hence, you can brighten up boring activities for your child with yummy treats between the daunting tasks. But you have to keep their diet in balance and offer them healthy and creative snacks in between. You can give them a mix of snacks such as cupcakes, homemade cookies, smoothies, fruit salads, pretzels, and chips with delicious dips.

Most children do their homework in the evening so they’re more likely to feel hungry and can’t focus on the task at hand. Healthy snacks can help them focus and provide a much-needed boost of energy to finish their homework sessions. But, remember to give them snacks in a limited amount if you don’t want them to skip their dinner because they are feeling full.

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