How to keep your children safe online while distance learning?

The internet offers endless possibilities to learn new things, making its value for education quite valuable. However, it also has its risks. The open world of knowledge can be dangerous when it comes to children.

Children are spending more time online than ever before, especially with all the virtual classes and distance learning taking place right now. To ensure a safe online experience, both children and their parents have to be aware of the dangers lurking online.

According to a UNICEF study, more than 83% of kids access the internet more than three times a day. Many kids are not familiar with the safety measures they should take while going online. Hence, they end up sharing too much information and are exposed to malicious content and attacks.

As one of the top schools in Noida, we have compiled the safety measures that help children, teenagers, and parents to be better and safer users of the internet. Here are some of the ways we suggest:

Have a conversation: If you’re a parent or guardian, the first thing you should do is to have an open conversation with your child about their internet usage. Let them know that it’s a conversation and not a lecture. Try to have an honest dialogue about what they’re reading, watching and who they’re communicating while being online.

Educate them about the dangers of inappropriate and unsupervised internet usage. Make sure they understand the difference between kind and friendly interactions from the inappropriate ones.   

Be observant: While it’s good to trust your children, parents must always keep their eyes open for any threats. Monitor your child’s online activities and set the guidelines about what they can or cannot do online. Being familiar with their online activities will not help you understand and identify the risks.

Parents can also make use of the technologies to mitigate the risks. They can set reminders and password protection so their children cannot go online without their knowledge. Parents can also check browser histories and caches to see what sites their kids are visiting.

Try parental controls: The internet put the world at your fingertips, and everything is now a click away. So it would be wise to set up parental control/ search restrictions on your child’s devices. For younger children, these restrictions can help keep their online experience positive. It can also reduce the risk of your child viewing inappropriate content.

You can use various tools to prevent suggesting and viewing inappropriate content to your kids. Also, remember to check the privacy settings to keep your and your children’s information private.

Keep track of time: When children spend more time online, they lose track of time and might develop unhealthy habits. That’s why parents should monitor their child’s online time and set a period of 30 minutes per session.

You can also use tools that set limits to control how much time they spend online. As one of the top ten schools in Noida, we recommend that young children access the internet only two times a day.

Be social savvy: Social networking sites like Facebook allows kids to interact with each other while sharing photos and videos. So if your children share personal information like phone numbers, there’s a chance it might end up in the wrong hands.

To prevent something like it, make sure your children know how to use the privacy and reporting settings. Teach them how they can stay safe on social networks and avoid inappropriate interactions.

However, we also need to remember that children are most likely to follow in our footsteps. We need to lead by example and always maintain a positive behaviour we like our children to follow. Talk regularly with your kids about their internet usage. So if they ever get in trouble, they’ll talk to you instead of hiding it.

As one of the best CBSE schools in Noida, we believe in creating opportunities for your child to have safe and positive interactions, both online and offline. While the internet is now more important than ever, this can also be an excellent opportunity for your children to learn the importance of safety in their virtual interactions.

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