How to Help Your Child Concentrate Better?

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Concentration is the secret to getting work done, but it’s an elusive quality that is hard to master, even for adults. Hence, it’s only natural that concentration is even harder for your children. They also have a low attention span and get easily distracted. Most kids can’t even sit still, so getting them focused is like a distant dream for their parents. But when they start their schooling at the top cbse school in Noida, it becomes essential for them to be more attentive and concentrate on their studies.  

Concentration skill is essential for children’s academic growth as most academic activities require them to concentrate for long periods. It also helps them learn new skills with ease and improve their mind, leading to self-confidence and positive self-esteem. As they get older, they also have to take part in extracurricular activities that require even more concentration.

Like every parent, you also want to see your children excel in every field. But for that to happen, parents have to improve the concentration power of their kids. Fornutaley, it’s like a muscle that requires regular care and practice to strengthen. While some kids are born with sharp focus, other kids can improve their focus and sustain their attention through various strategies and methods.

Hence, we’re sharing a few tips that will help you to boost the concentration level of your kids:

Use games

Activities that are fun and intrinsically enjoyable attract children’s attention better than ones that are more boring, difficult or just less enjoyable. They have a natural likeness towards games and extracurricular activities. So when you make these games a part of your children’s studies, they tend to focus better and learn faster. To strengthen your child’s concentration and focus, you should encourage them to play games that require them to think, plan and use their memory.

Even Noida’s best school names use legos, building blocks, crossword or jigsaw puzzles to keep their students engaged while they’re learning. On the plus side, these games also stimulate their focus, which helps to improve their concentration without an extra effort. Therefore, you should introduce your kids to the learning games so they can make concentration a habit.

Keep the distractions away.

No matter how focused your kids are in their studies, a slight disturbance can cause them to lose their focus and concentration. A simple slip-up in concentration is enough to ruin hours of preparations. Hence, you have to ensure your child can maintain their level of attention while they’re doing something important. Try to keep the disturbances at a minimum and sources of distraction away from them.

When they’re studying, you should keep gadgets like television, mobile phones, iPods, music systems, and computers away from their reach. However, if they need a computer for studies, you have to keep a close watch to ensure they’re not getting distracted and using the computer only to study and nothing else. Also, keep essentials like water, snacks, books and stationaries within your children’s reach. Hence, they do not have to get up unnecessarily, distracting the mind from study.

Make a schedule.

Self-discipline is crucial for the development of concentration in children. Even all of the top CBSE schools in Noida have a timetable that their students follow during their day. It gives their learning a structure and teaches them to be punctual and focus on the task at hand. But young children don’t know how to make a routine or how to follow it.

Therefore, you have to step in and help them make a fixed routine. Give equal importance and time to each activity, including playtime, screen time and daily chores. When they know they get a limited time to get things done, they will not spare their time or effort in unnecessary things. It will enable them to concentrate on one thing at a time and don’t look ahead at all the other problems.

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