How to ensure your children’s safety on internet

In this modern age, we owe most of our progress to one innovation called the internet. And it has become more crucial in today’s times when we as a race are facing a pandemic. It has enabled us to do so many things that were not even imaginable ten years back. Be it Banking, Entertainment, or healthcare, it all has made all aspect of lives so simple due to its 24*7 presence and connectivity to the digital space. Even when you want to search for nursery admission 2021, the first thing we do is go to the internet. While there are so many perks of the internet, it also has its problems. It has become the root cause of many troubles, like cyberbullying, online frauds, and mental stress.

But these threats become even graver when it comes to children. Internet safety for children has become a top priority of parents and even schools. But there are so many dangers online, such as obscenity, malware, scams, phishing, identity theft and cyberbullying. Hence, kids’ online safety has become a challenge in this digital age. That’s why the best CBSE school in Noida have adopted a strict anti-cyberbullying policy for their students who still need to be more cautious about this.

It has become very critical that we teach safe usage of the internet to our children. They don’t know what they should know or not and the Internet is like a buffet of information, and their curious minds would try to see and try every dish present. Hence, we’ve listed some points that will safeguard your children from the Internet and also help them for nursery admission in Noida.

Try attaining the knowledge of the online world yourself.

It is always advised to keep an eye on your child’s online activity and determine the threats of the applications. It’s because if you are not aware of threats on the internet, then it is difficult to choose what’s good and bad for your young ones. So it’s advised to learn more about the internet and decide on what is healthy for your kid.

Teach them about cyberbullying

Cyberbullying has been a common problem that has been there for quite some time now, and unfortunately, there isn’t a way to stop it, but one can ensure the protection of children through some precautionary steps.

  • By not talking to people which they are unsure about
  • Avoiding talking to anyone who seems to be indulged in bad habits.
  • Not replying to any person who may mean harm to you.

Keep a check on their activities.

As parents, it comes to your shoulders to regulate your kid’s internet content. There are many sites and content you don’t want your child to encounter at an age. To avoid any bad influence that can involuntarily stick with them for life, follow these steps.

  • You can set up site blockers and restrict access to explicit content.
  • Every week or after ten days, you must do a brief check of their history and activity, which would give you an idea of what they have been up to.
  • You can even use restricted time usage so that they are not addicted to the game, which otherwise they would end up playing for 2-3 hours without break.

The Internet opens up a world of opportunities and has become a necessity. And like any other technology that has hidden dangers and threats, the Internet is also not an exception. While it has its pros and cons too, children need to know more about its safety and security aspects. The Internet can be a friend if used sensibly or a foe if used carelessly, it is our duty to show the best use of the internet to children.

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