Disciplinary Rules



  • Students should reach school latest by 7.50 am. Gates will be closed at 8 am and NO ENTRY WILL BE permitted after that.
  • Suitable disciplinary action will be taken against late comers. After three late comings in the academic year, the student’s parents will be called to take their ward back home. Habitual late coming may result in his/her dismissal from school.
  • In case a student arrives late to school for some valid reason, he/she must obtain permission of Headmistress/ Vice Principal/ Principal before proceeding to his/her class.
  • Attendance in the Morning Assembly is compulsory for all students. The bell before the Assembly is a signal for the students to move promptly for assembly, escorted by the teacher concerned.


  • Students should come to school in correct and prescribed school uniform at all times.
  • Students should wear their identity card at all times and will not be permitted inside the school without one even during examinations/ extra class or any other work during the school hours.
  • Students who come with wrong shoes, jackets or any other accessory which is not part of the school uniform will be confiscated and sent for donations for the under privileged under the community services programme.
  • Non Sikh boys are not permitted to keep long hair and must be well groomed with regular haircut at all times.
  • Girls should tie their hair with light blue rubber band or ribbon.


  • Cell phones and other electronic gadgets are not permitted. If the student has to carry a cell phone for any reason, he/she should surrender the mobile properly labeled with his name, class and cell number at the reception in the morning at 8am.
  • If the student is found using or carrying the mobile during school hours, the mobile will be confiscated and returned only after the student passes out of the school.
  • A fine of Rs 1,500 will be charged from the students and parents will be informed.


  • School property must be taken care of. No student should scratch or spoil the desks or chairs or damages school furniture.
  • Damage to school property will have to be paid for by the concerned student.
  • Any student found writing/defacing the school walls will be severely punished.
  • Repetition of the offence will lead to dismissal from the school


  • Violent and abusive behavior within the school premises will be strictly punished.
  • Bunking regular classes, Indiscipline and abusive behavior inside and outside the class room will be punished strictly.
  • Student will have to fill a referral form (first time offence).
  • Repetition of offence will lead to suspension up to 3 days.


  • A student who uses unfair means during tests/examinations will have to surrender the answer sheet. A fresh answer sheet will be given to him/her with no extra time and the parents will be informed by the exam cell.


  • The school reserves the right to dismiss a student who is irregular in attendance, whose academic progress is repeatedly unsatisfactory, whose conduct in the school or outside is harmful to other students or whose parents show little or no interest in the progress of their ward.
  • Attendance on the first day and last working day (before and after vacation)is compulsory.
  • Attendance for Periodic tests and examinations is compulsory unless on medical or prior sanctioned leave.


  • Changing of rooms between periods, going to attend P.T or Activities must be done in an orderly manner. When using staircases and corridors, all must keep to the left.
  • Canteen facilities are permitted only during the break time.
  • Students are cautioned against buying food items from roadside vendors or shops outside the school premises.
  • No student is permitted to bring their private vehicles (car/ scooter/ scooty/bike) to school.
  • All library dues must be cleared before the commencement of Examinations else result will be withheld.






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