Community Service


Theme-  Donation of Juice cartons and Get well soon cards to children ward patients Of Government District Combined Hospital, Gautambudhnagar , Noida

Date –26 July’2019

A visit was carried out by the Interact club students along with Teacher incharge Ms Roomki Mitra  to Government District Combined Hospital, Gautambudhnagar

They carried with them Juice Cartons (collected from the students of the school )and Get well Soon Cards made by them. The students distributed them in different wards and interacted with the patients there. They also got the opportunity to interact with children patients in the Out Patient Department and distributed juices and cards. It was an enriching experience for them and a good exposure too.


The Interact Club teacher incharge Ms. MAMTA RISHI, Ms. KIRTI SASAN, Ms. ROOMKI  MITRA along with the student incharge AMBIKA SHARMA (ZIR) and LAKSHAY (PRESIDENT) of Cambridge School Noida under its ‘Go Green Project’ collected old newspapers and books from the school students on MAY 23, 2019 . The Club collaborated with Wasteroots organization (the organization collects old books and newspapers and in return of the total amount that is collected gives plants and saplings).

185kgs (old newspapers and books) was collected and given away, the Interact Club received total 18 plants for their donation. The interactors enjoyed doing this project and learnt the importance of flora for the existence of life on earth.


Donation of woollen clothes in slum area.

On 26 December 2018, ten students of classes IX and XI accompanied by Interact Club Teacher in charges Mrs. Mamta Rishi and Mrs Kirti Sasan went to slum area located in Sector 44, NOIDA (U.P.) to donate the woollen clothes. The woollen clothes were collected by Interact Club members from students of the school and teaching staff. The collection was done in November till the mid of December ,and were able to collect a good number  of woollen clothes.

The clothes were distributed in various areas in the slum Receiving fairly nice clothes the inmates of the area were thrilled. This attempt  to help the people may  not alleviate all their problems, but may decrease their sufferings to some extent 




As a part of community service program and as an Interact Club Activity, ten students of class X along with   Ms. Kirti Sasan ( Interact Club In charge) visited GOONJ (NGO) On 26 October 2018 to distribute basic necessities like clothes, books, etc.

At Goonj , the donated material is segregated and checked to know whether they are in usable condition. Then, the recycled and sorted items are dispatched to various rural parts of India.  It also provides material and relief at the time of natural calamities.

The students of our school came forward and donated whole heartedly clothes, books and toys as part of their community service program. It was indeed a learning and memorable experience for them. It was an awakening experience for them to see the segregation units and the way each piece of the products are being used till its last use and made into a valuable commodity that is consumed as a resource by the needy.

These visits organized by the school are not just a display of our social responsibility but also a forum to in still the values of empathy and compassion among students. These are life skills demonstrated in action.



Thirty two Interact club students of classes  IX,X and X  accompanied by Interact club teacher incharge Ms  Roomki Mitra embarked their journey on October 11, 2018 to G L BAJAJ INSTITUTE GR. NOIDA.  The  installation ceremony was held  where both the former and new DIR exchanged badges and expressed their determination to accept their forth coming challenges . Ambika Sharma ZIR ZONE 1 from our school was given away the badge along with other ZIRs..

The visit was an inspiring and enriching experience  for all the interactors.



  1. On 13 July 2018, Interact Club of Cambridge School, Noida had an Installation Ceremony to choose the upcoming leaders to serve the community better. Chief Guest of the event was Rtn. Sudhir Walia, President, Rotary Club of Noida. This was a new and worthy experience for all the interactors who understood the meaning of our school motto ‘ We Learn to Serve’ and our Rotary Club ‘ Service above Self’.
  2. On August13, the Rotary Club of Noida organized a meeting to honor the families of the martyrs, who had laid their lives in defending the honor of Mother India. The meeting was attended by Rotarians and Interactors of Noida and  approximately 130 people were in attendance. The Chief Guest of the meeting was DG RTN. Subhash Jain. Mrs.  Mamta Rishi, Mrs. Kirti Sasan and 4 NCC Cadets from Cambridge School, Noida attended the meeting.
  3. VISIT TO SETU SCHOOL On 24 August 2018 eight members of Interact Club accompanied interact teacher incharge Ms Kirti Sasan embarked their journey to NGO SETU SCHOOL sector 31 Nithari to donate books . There  were around 700-800 books donated by Cambridge school Noida interactors.
  4. Visit to PRIMARY SCHOOL NEAR VINAYAK HOSPITAL on 24 August 2018, five students of interact club accompanied the interact club in charge Ms Roomki Mitra, they went to Primary school near Vinayak hospital in  sector 18 Noida to donate the stationary items to the children.
  5. KERALA RELIEF TASK taking into account the recent calamity that that has taken place in Kerala, Interact Club of  Cambridge School, Noida collected total Amount of Rs. 43,600/-from studnets. Also teachers of our school have donated their one day salary for this noble cause.
  6. On the 16thof September, 2018 (Sunday) Mrs. Mamta Rishi, President of Interact Club, Secretary of Interact Club and  ZIR attended ‘PARVAAZ’ (Official Visit of District Governor) organized by Rotary Club of Noida at Hotel Radisson, Sector-55, Noida, where District Governor interacted with our students and students presented a report on Interact Club activities of Cambridge School, Noida conducted so far and also upcoming planned activities of the Interact club of our school. District Governor appreciated each one’s work and thumbed up for our future activities.