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The campus comprises two buildings which house the junior and the senior wing. The school has beautifully landscaped courtyards with waterfalls and perennial trees. This keeps the children in touch with nature.

Unlike the modern institutions where space is a constraint, the school can be proud of the sprawling grounds and a stilted area where multifarious games and sports are played namely, Cricket, Hockey, Volleyball, Athletics, Gymnastics, Karate are played not only by the students but also by the Bhaichung Bhutia Soccer Academy after school hours where football enthusiasts and budding players find great training being imparted. The basement also boasts of spaces for students to indulge in indoor games like Table Tennis, Badminton, etc.

Adjacent to thye main school building is the ERC which houses the manager’s office along with the school’s resource centre. Even though its indomitable presence as a Teachers ‘ resource Centre, it functions as an independent entity with competent administrative staff and resource persons. The teacher’s reading programmes, Film appreciation, planning for all Cambridge schools under the aegis of Society For Advancement of Education.


  • CHEMISTRY LAB: The well-equipped Chemistry laboratory is extensively used by the students of the senior classes namely, IX-XII. The hands on learning through trial and error of experiments makes learning comprehensive and experiential.
  • PHYSICS LAB: The Physics la offers students a way to learn by doing under the able guidance of the teachers. The laws of heat, motion, magnetism , electricity , buoyancy are exemplified through the various experiments to make the subject meaning and with the bounds of experiential learning.
  • BIOLOGY LAB & THE VEGETABLE GARDEN: Life Sciences find their hand on activities being done in the Biology Laboratory. The world of flora and fauna are best preserved in the various forms. The practical knowledge of learning about the plants finds its expression in the school garden and the kitchen garden where students learn concepts of composting, germination, nitrogen cycle etc through the practical classes.
  • GENERAL SCIENCE LAB: Students of the middle school use the facilities of the General Science Room where students learn the Anatomy of Man and Other Species, The Chemical Reactions, The Periodic Table, Sound, Electricity and Magnetism, Space and the Universe etc. The use of diverse audio visual aids enable students to be better informed of their subject domain before they move to the higher plane of learning at the secondary and senior secondary level.
  • MATH LAB: Numbers without facts and figures become mere literary classes. The Math laboratory gives students scope to figure out the mathematical problems through hands on activities making the subject more realistic, logical and experiential where the phobia of the subject becomes a thing of the past and the subject real and living!
  • COMPUTER & MULTI-MEDIA LABS: Two well equipped computer laboratories in the senior wing and two in the junior wing help the children to supplement theoretical knowledge of computers with hands-on learning thus making the subject more interesting and meaningful. Emphasis is laid on responsible usage of the internet.The Multimedia Centre has sparked the imagination and creativity of the students producing outstanding art work, photography and documentaries at the Centre. The students are exposed to the various user friendly softwares and programs to enable them to become competent computer users and engineers in the future.


To stimulate and foster interest in reading, viewing and using information the school has two well equipped libraries one at the Junior Wing and the other at the senior wing. The Senior School Library conducts Interaction with eminent authors, book reviews and reading sessions regularly exposing students to good written and reading skills. The reference library which is nearly computerized and houses over 16,000 books, which is a treasure trove of information that has been built arduously and continues to grow each year.

Attached to the Senior Library is a reading room where faculty members and students alike can read silently or even hold short faculty or group meetings. The reading room doubles up as practice room for small one act plays or group reading programmes.

Roma Deb Auditorium

The School auditorium named after Mrs Roma Deb, the wife of the Founder Principal, Mr. A .C Deb occupies an extensive area in the school. The stage is fitted with an elaborate light and a new sound system making it a coveted area to hold the school’s major events and functions. The seating arrangement in this auditorium is for an 800 member capacity.

Smart Classrooms

Interactive white boards are used for classroom teaching and involve students to learn with technology. Notes, flowcharts, drawings and PPTs used in the course of teaching are saved to be accessed as and when required. Students AND Teachers are actively involved in their learning through presentations made by them using the whiteboards

Seminar Room

The seminar room is the hub for all discussions, debates and deliberations. The various seminars, staff meetings and workshops for faculties from various schools are conducted in this space which has the state of art infrastructure.


The Junior School boasts of an amphitheatre, an oval open air venue designed on the lines of Greek architecture for outdoor performances by the students.


To promote love for sports among the children the school campus has facilities for playing football, throwball, volleyball, badminton .hockey, basketball and cricket. Regular periods are allotted for sports, besides specialized coaching that is provided early morning before assembly. The school has an association with the BhaiChung Bhutia Football Academy.

The school makes special arrangements for Roller skating classes during the work experience and sports period. Students have won accolades both at the state and national levels making them potential skaters to represent the country in the near future.

Study / Learning Centre with Special Educator

The Counselling Department provides support and services to students and parents for academic, behavioral and personal counselling. The department organizes talks by eminent psychologists and educators for students and parents from time to time to help them lead well-adjusted and happy lives. Guidance and assistance is provided to students in their college search and application process. Career guidance related activities at school include the Annual Career fair along with talks and interactions with professionals and experts from various fields counsel, guide and help students to explore their choices. Inclusive education is an essential element of our Curriculum. Cambridge recognizes and supports diversity in all its myriad hues that each child is unique in his/her learning potential. The inclusive learning experience through its special curriculum meets the differential developmental and learning ability of the children. Accommodations are made as per the criteria of the CBSE.

Swimming Pool

The school rightly is proud of having a swimming pool for the students and staff in the premises. The full size pool is not only well maintained but also manned by a competent team of life guards, coaches etc. Students of the school have known to have participated in various interschool, state tournaments and the novices learn swimming both during and after school hours.

Music and Dance Rooms

Music and dance have a special place in the culture of the school. There are separate and spacious rooms for Western music, Indian music, Indian dance, Western dance, Sarangi, Pakhawaj. Students learn to appreciate music and eventually compose their own songs. Expert teachers have been appointed to train the students. Renowned Pakhawaj player Mr Mohan Shyam Sharma takes Pakhawaj classes for our children. A music concert is held every month to celebrate and appreciate music.

According Howard Gardner, the pioneer of the multiple Intelligence has propagated the role of kinesthetic development as an important intelligences of learning. Students learn various dance forms of the classical and the modern hip hop through the Indian and western dance classes and perform during not only during cultural events but also for competitions.

Art Room

Coupled with academics the aesthetic qualities of the students find their expressions in the various art forms where regular classes are held to bring out the creativity and artistic abilities in the art room. Students are exposed to the artwork national and international artists before creating their own art forms.

Clay Modelling / Sculpture

Playing with clay to create new objects enhance the students’ motor muscles and develop a sense for aesthetics through the creativity. The sculpture classes are not only fun but have a therapeutic value in the personality building of the child.

School Clubs

  • ENVIRONMENT CLUB: Environment plays a pivotal role every individual’s life. The Environment club through the multifarious activities of gardening, noise pollution control in the school environment, composting, quizzing and seminars try to promote a green school in a clean environment. The green warriors also try to work on paper and waste management within the school premises.
  • NEEDLE WORK CLUB: In ancient India it was said that no girl is qualified till she has mastered sixty-four arts of various skills as a homemaker and one such art was needle work. Today, not only girls but boys too need to learn the art of needle work for their mere sustenance. Regular classes in the different forms of stitching and embroidery help students to gradually opt for Fashion Studies in the senior secondary level, opening vistas of creative professions for the students.
  • ROBOTICS CLUB: Learning artificial intelligence and Science to innovate to create newer machines through the Robotics classes the students are exposed at a very young age to experiment with the various laws of Physics and Math and create objects of their bidding. The robotics Club tries to imbibe the spirit of enquiry and innovation in the young students ‘minds to create machines and tools in their experiments.
  • SPACE/ASTRONOMY CLUB: In collaboration with the Space Centre form New Delhi, every Saturday the Seminar room doubles up as a Space Club where a plethora of activities and learnings take place under the tutelage of experts from the Centre. Students view educational film, make hands on projects like the active volcano, comets and launching of spaceships made from plastic bottles. The astronomy classes coupled with night sky gazing gives the students an experience which is out of the world and fun filled. This encourages many of the youngsters to opt for Science in the higher classes
  • PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB: Photography classes are held at the NOIDA campus by the oldest photographers called Mahattas. Children not only learn to take pictures, but also expand their creative horizons and perspective.
  • INTERACT CLUB: Service before self and the joy of giving is characterized through the school’s motto of “ we learn to serve” finds its fruition in the various social service activities that are joyfully undertaken by the students through the Interact Club with full support from the District’s Rotary Club members. From time to time students visit various orphanages, old homes and share their time and also donate clothes, food, grains, toys and toiletries to the inmates of these institutions.

Meal Planning Room

The well-equipped Home Science lab is a bright airy room that provides the perfect ambience to learn the art and science of Home Management. During the work experience students from various classes try their hand in making simple dishes and snacks. Learn the importance of a balanced diet and the calories required for every age groups. On PTM days, students also do a fund raising for the marginalized people of the society making them sensitive to the needs of the society.

Toy Room

In addition to the above, the Junior School also has a fully equipped Toy Room engaging the students in fun and frolic.

Career Choices & Guidance

By the time children reach their final years of schooling, they are at the crossroads of their career and are dreaming of a bright future. To help them identify their strengths, weaknesses, aptitude, interests, etc, a host of career counseling sessions, competency tests, career fairs are conducted stream wise and class wise by experts in the field.

The students get a lot of exposure through these activities about the wide bouquet of careers and courses available as it gives them enough knowledge about the different options, vital data on the courses of different universities, both national, private and international, provides solution to their recurrent career queries and broadens their occupational horizons.

The career counseling sessions serve as an eye opener into the world of higher education and career opportunities and helps our students to take well informed career decision.

Medical Room / Clinic

Young India – Fit India is the health motto of the students of Cambridge School, Noida. As an integral part of the curriculum First Aid classes are conducted regularly for students. Eminent doctors from the community are invited to address and educate students on health issues. The school clinic is well equipped to take care of minor exigencies. The trained Staff not provide first aid for students and teachers but also are attached with good hospitals in the vicinity to provide complete medical assistance.


The school has an efficient network of 29 routes of contract buses to transport students to various sectors of Noida, East Delhi and Indirapuram to school and back. After the school dispersal, students gather for their attendance in their respective rooms/areas allotted for the various bus routes. They are then escorted by teachers to board their buses. An attendant/guard/ teacher usually accompanies the students till the last stop to ensure their safety.

Book Shop & Uniform Shop

The students have the facility to purchase their prescribed books and stationery from the bookshop and purchase their prescribed uniforms from the uniform shop, which is located in the school premises.


The refreshment centre provided in the school premises enables students to use tuck shop during the break. Snacks and healthy drinks are catered for the students and teachers alike. The food prepared in the canteen is made keeping the health and nutritional value of the students well being.

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