Book Reading Programme


A book discussion was held by Ms. Kiran Sibal on July 2nd, 2021, which was attended by more than 40 teachers from Cambridge Schools and honourable Mr. Vikram Roy from our management. The  Book discussed was a medical thriller,” How We Live”, by Sherwin B. Nuland, a best-selling author of  National  Award winning Books. This wonderful, lucid book explores the body’s mysterious capacities to marshall disparate organs and processes in the interest of survival illustrated with gripping medical case histories. The presentation was well appreciated by the attendees.


BOOK DISCUSSION ON “The One World School House”

A book reading programme for teachers of Cambridge group of Schools was held online on 29th June 2021. Ms. Preeti Sangwan, Principal, Cambridge School, Noida presented the book The One World School House by the American author Salman Khan, founder of The Khan Academy. Her meticulous research and methodical presentation which included the nuances of the education system being followed and the
futuristic approach was indeed a holistic description of the book. A vibrant exchange of views by many teachers proved that the presentation evoked divergent views on the subject. Mr. Vikram Roy expressed his opinion and made a mention that there is no alternative to ‘brick and mortar’ schools. The programme was graced by Dr. Kalyani Roy, Secretary SAE, members of the Managing Committee, Principals, Vice
Principals and the teaching faculty of Cambridge group of schools. The programme was very educative and thought provoking.


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