Bayaan Club-2022

BAYAAN, established on October 22’20, Cambridge School Noida’s first student-founded and student-led club, aims to provide a safe and secure platform for students to have open and honest conversations on a variety of topics, especially those which are often not talked about.

It aims to make the school a place for authentic self-expression and normalize conversations on subjects that are considered to be tabooed by the society, by providing an open judgement-free environment where Cambridgites can speak up for themselves and for others and where they can connect with each other in a meaningful way while learning the art of respecting one another. It provides a space for intellectual growth, emotional well-being, and voicing out the societal issues which are an integral part of our lives. 

This club has conducted various sessions on a plethora of topics, some of which include: 

Mental Health – Be kind to your mind, 

Digital Minimalism, Menstruation – The classic case of ovary acting, 

The Importance of Sex Education and Gender Inequality and Stereotyping.

In addition to this, BAYAAN has initiated a number of projects like:

Project Muskaan – which helped students to deliver a personalized message as a gift to the ones who showed light at the end of the tunnel in these tough times and 

Project Covid Sahay– a BAYAAN offshoot, started to offer support in these times of need. It successfully provided a one-stop service for verifying and organizing COVID-19 resources for patients and their families.

In the future, BAYAAN plans to expand its reach by taking up more and more epoch-making initiatives, and informative workshops while always continuing to provide a safe, secure and non-judgmental platform for Cambridgites.



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