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3-D Innovate, 3-D printer and 3-D Printing – an ATL Activity

Cambridge School, Noida organized an online webinar on 3-D printers and printing as an Atal Tinkering Lab activity on Wednesday, September 09, 2020. The ATL in-charge, Dr Hemant Kumar Singh, welcomed the participants and conveyed a combined message of Atal Innovation Mission, NITI Aayog, Government of India, Honourable Manager of the School, Dr Kalyani Roy and Honourable Principal Mrs Preeti Sangwan which reflected as “ Identifying and Connecting Young Minds” who have the scientific temperament, scientific skills and interest in the field of science and technology  About 70 participants attended the session. The participants were told that NITI Aayog has granted Rs twenty lacs to set-up the ATL and in addition to that management of the school has also spent a lot to set up the lab which is now fully equipped with microelectronic, electronic, electrical equipment and mechanical tools. The lab is fully functional and operational and now waiting for the children not only from our school but also from different schools in the society to be associated with it.

Mr Anurag Tripathi, an associate of RoboSpecies Pvt. Ltd. conducted the session and explained about 3-D printers and their working. Participants interacted in between the session raised their queries and Mr Tripathi resolved their problems successfully.

The session was concluded with a note – come and join the lab for better understanding and be a member of ATL at Cambridge School, Noida.


Atal Tinkering Lab at Cambridge School, Sector 27, Noida, was inaugurated by Dr Narendra Arya, Director, Directorate of Public Interface, DRDO, on August 24, 2020. The program began with the lamp lighting ceremony accompanied by Shri Ganesh Vandana. This was followed by a short cultural program through video clips, including some videos of enthusiastic students of Cambridge School, Noida, who have been excitedly waiting for this day. Old videos containing the messages of honourable mission director, AIM, Shri Ramanan Ramanathan and honourable prime minister Shri Narendra Modi were also played which helped in understanding the vision of the government of India for promoting Atal Tinkering Labs at the school level. Mrs Preeti Sangwan, Principal of the school, rightly said that the school aims to integrate innovation with entrepreneurship and develop job creators with high-level problem-solving skills. With this project, Cambridge School, Noida aims at encouraging creativity and innovation in young learners. The lab has been fully equipped and functional and will be open to the children of the school and to all other schools in the neighbourhood whenever the school will be reopening for students according to the CBSE guidelines. Dr Kalyani Roy, Secretary of Advancement of education emphasized the school’s vision to promote scientific temper and foster imagination among young learners who would then create innovations beneficial to the society at large.

The ATL at Cambridge School, Noida, is well equipped with a variety of equipment for robotics like 3 D printing station, mechanical construction kit, drilling station, fabrication station, soldering station, tool section and the smart agriculture kit etc. The learners will experience the Internet of Things using these resources and develop 21st-century skills, so essential for a self-reliant India. Kindly find the glimpses of the inaugural ceremony.

ATL Exhibition by Geography Department

Geography department of Cambridge School, Noida organized an exhibition on various topics related to geography in the Atal Tinkering Lab on 17th May, 2019.

Dr. Kalyani Roy and members of the management came and appreciated the efforts of the students and also encouraged them. Various students of sister schools along with their teachers visited the exhibition.

The students talent and their creativity were portrayed through the medium of the models they prepared. The objective of the exhibition was to make learning fun, interesting and interactive because as Confucius says “I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand.” The students exuded confidence while explaining to the visitors the various projects and activities that were on display. The exhibition was a great success.

Event– Inauguration of Robotics program under the aegis of ATL

Robotics program was inaugurated in CSN on Wednesday, 8th May 2019 at 12:00 noon in Atal Tinkering Laboratories or ATL

ATL is an initiative supported by Niti Aayog, Government of India with the objective of fostering curiosity, creativity and imagination amongst students. A total of 23 students of class VI to IX have enrolled for the same. The Robotics program was inaugurated by Dr Kalyani Roy, Manager, Cambridge School, NOIDA.  The occasion was also graced by Ms Madhu Mehra, Col D Chaudhry and Mr Soumen Chakraborty Principal CSN.

Day & DateWednesday, 13th March 2019

With a vision to ‘Cultivate one Million children in India as Neoteric Innovators’, Atal Innovation Mission has established Atal Tinkering Laboratories (ATLs) in schools across India.

Cambridge School NOIDA has been granted the opportunity to be a part of this initiative by the Government of India recently.

Keeping in view the objective of this scheme- to foster curiosity, creativity and imagination in students; and inculcate skills such as design mindset, computational thinking, adaptive learning, and physical computing etc. the science teachers of CSN have mentored the students from classes VI to XI and have encouraged them to perform many innovative activities since December 2018.

The projects and activities on diverse concepts of science were showcased on 13th March 2019 in the ATL in the school.

The students not only performed the activities thereby exhibiting an understanding of the concepts but also prepared a detailed report of the same.

This has given an opportunity to the students to go beyond their textbooks and explore the fascinating world of science.

This initiative will be carried forward in the new session too with great enthusiasm as this platform has inspired and motivated the young minds of Cambridge School, NOIDA.



Robotics classes for students of VI-VIII are being held in the Atal Tinkering Laboratory in the Senior Wing of Cambridge School Noida. The classes began in the month of November 2018 and will continue till February 2019.

The students have learned about the concepts of friction, speed, acceleration and have applied their knowledge effectively in making innovative robots like vertical soccer, bull-dozer robot, gripper robot, high torque crane etc and have also done group activity to design an amusement park ride.

Day & Date-Thursday, 6th December 2018
Group– Physics

Name of Students
Tanishq Varshney(Class VIII)
Tiya Vinay(Class VIII)
Swati  Madhusudan (Class VIII)
Ishi (Class VIII)

Activity Conducted: 
Students worked to make a Tesla Coil. They learned to identify resistors by the colour and bands on them. They learned the difference between welding and soldering,   and using a soldering iron soldered many electric components to make the circuit.


Day & DateTuesday, 4th December 2018
Class- VIII
Activities performed by the students-

  • Making an electroscope.
  • Electrolysis of water.
  • A group of students opened a speaker to study its parts and to understand its working.
  • Another group worked on the design to make a Hydraulic pump.
  • A group of students worked on the design of a working model of the Solar System.


All the students thoroughly enjoyed working on their projects and activities.


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