Atal Tinkering Laboratory

Day & Date-Thursday, 6th December 2018
Group– Physics

Name of Students
Tanishq Varshney(Class VIII)
Tiya Vinay(Class VIII)
Swati  Madhusudan (Class VIII)
Ishi (Class VIII)

Activity Conducted: 
Students worked to make a Tesla Coil. They learned to identify resistors by the colour and bands on them. They learned the difference between welding and soldering,   and using a soldering iron soldered many electric components to make the circuit.


Day & DateTuesday, 4th December 2018
Class- VIII
Activities performed by the students-

  • Making an electroscope.
  • Electrolysis of water.
  • A group of students opened a speaker to study its parts and to understand its working.
  • Another group worked on the design to make a Hydraulic pump.
  • A group of students worked on the design of a working model of the Solar System.


All the students thoroughly enjoyed working on their projects and activities.