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The aim of education is the knowledge, not of facts, but of values.

William S. Burroughs

We in Cambridge School, Noida firmly uphold this belief that education without values cannot be emancipating and cannot be the foundation upon which we can build our future because ‘education comes from within. One gets it by struggle and effort and thought.’

The profound motto of the school, ‘We learn to serve’ is in consonance with this beautiful philosophy. Children are perhaps the most precious of all creations. They are a bundle of joy, a treasure house of possibilities, a rainbow of dreams, an everlasting and unlimited source of hope and harbingers of a better world.

That is the reason they are nurtured with utmost care and relentless effort in the school so that they tap their potential, hone their talent each day and become agents of change for a better tomorrow.

To make their journey in school most rewarding and fulfilling, the school presents innumerable opportunities both in scholastic & co-scholastic areas. They experience the fact that learning is about exploration & experiment. The vision is to ensure ‘education is the movement from darkness to light’ so that each child is empowered with requisite skills, values & attitudes to face the challenges of life, build a resilient self and contribute to society in a meaningful way.

Today’s generation is perhaps more anxious than any generation ever before. The world of today is full of information but what is missing is the wisdom of life and the real connection that we need to forge. There is a crazy drive to look for everything new, new information and new insight. Technology boosts this yearning even more so the real challenge for schools is to help children grow as responsible and aware individuals who have learnt the value of caring & sharing with compassion as the driving force.

Parents are very important stakeholders along with teachers in this invaluable journey so let’s walk it together to shape beautiful lives for our precious children. We at Cambridge School are committed to giving our children the happiest years of their life.